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  1. Hi Cecil I understand that kuan yin is best placed facing out of the living room windows. Does the direction matter? E.g. right now, our kuan yin is sitting in the east facing out of the living room windows which is in the west. Any issue with that?
  2. Hi Cecil We have a laughing buddha which currently is placedfacing the main entrance. It is placed about 2 to 3 ft away from the television (i.e. both on the same wall side). Is this ideal as I read from some of the websites that buddha should not be placed near any electrical appliances?
  3. Hi Cecil Happy New Year to you! I've heard that it's good to hang a pair of bells and a red string of 3 feng shui coins on the outside and inside of the main entrance door handle respectively, to attract wealth. Does hanging of a string of 8 (instead of 3) feng shui coins inside help as well? Or it must strictly be 3?
  4. Hi Cecil I understand that it's not favourable for a mirror to be placed facing the main entrance of a house. How about a display unit with lower part (strip) made of mirror? Refer attached picture. Does this have great impact on the feng shui aspect?
  5. Hi Cecil, thanks for your advice. At which location of the door is appropriate - right top or left top or?
  6. Hi Cecil My neighbour has placed a cactus plant in their front door entrance which also somehow faces our house. Hope you could advise whether this will affect us. I attach herewith the photos for your reference. Thanks.
  7. Hi Cecil I have attached 2 kinds of indoor water features that I came acrossrecently. Seems thatboth of them have the 5 elements that you are mentioning about. Would appreciate if you could review for us and advise which is more appropriate forplacing in the corner facing the main entrance. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Cecil Thanks for the advice. Able to let us know where we can get such water features in Singapore?
  9. Hi Cecil Just to confirm - the water feature in the attached is indeed suitable for our house? Thanks.
  10. Hi Cecil Thanks so much for the information. Are you able to provide some pictures of rectangular water features with circular object on top so that I can get the correct type?
  11. Hi Cecil I would very much like to place an indoor water feature in our living room facing the main entrance door. Refer attached layout plan. Hope you could advise whether this is appropriate. Thanks.
  12. Hi Cecil Is it alright to place a blue rug at the northwest sector of the house which is also the main entrance?
  13. Hi Cecil Is it alright to place a water feature facing the outside of the main entrance? If so, what kind of water feature is best or appropriate? Thanks.
  14. Hi Is it good to place plants in the northwest sector of the house this year? If so, any particular type of plant that is good? Are red colour objects (e.g. red floor mat)good for this sector this year? Thanks.
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