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  1. I just learned that the Cul-de-sac is a court in america. The house in question pictured above is the curve of a street (not dead end like a court/cul-de-sac) after all. Is this location of the home still bad feng shui?
  2. here's another image. thank you!
  3. We want to know if we need any feng shui cures for our new home. See attached image. We are not directly in line to the road, but are slightly to the side of it. Any cures, remedy, or protection advice?
  4. We have a full length mirror and wanted to place it on a side wall near the front door (not in front of door). Is this ok?
  5. Attached is drawing of bedroom. - Left are windows - Right are sliding closet door - In front of bed are the master bathroom door (left), another regular closet door (middle) and entrance to the room is on the right side. Is current configuration ok? Not really a way to move bed under window (perpendicular to the master bath door). Should I hide the middle closet door knob? Note: Beyond this forum
  6. Attached are floor plans on two possible home offices. The two doors in the middle are closets per room. Door entrance at bottom of image, windows at top of image. 1. Should we or should we not face windows? 2. Is it ok to have chair and table at an angle in the room (see white furniture in picture)? I'm KUA #9 supposed to tap into E, SE, S, N directions.
  7. I'm kua #9 east group. Husband is kua #8 west group. Our new home door faces SE. The master bedroom is somewhere in the SW side of the home (heads facing that way is the only option) to put bed. How do we deal with conflicting directions?
  8. Just went to the rental today. The tree is slightly off to the side of the door, kind of between the door and the window of the front of the house. Hopefully it's ok. If not, any cures needed?
  9. There is a tall tree on the street in front of our new rental entrance. It's about 20feet away. Any remedies I need for this or is it far enough away from door?
  10. I just read dried flowers are not good feng shui. We dried our wedding flowers (upside down) - should we toss or is there a safe place to keep it?
  11. Thank you! Yes, I am chinese and husband is non Chinese. I don't think we will move on 1/28 either. Should we avoid the entire 2 weeks after the new years? Can you clarify if "mix blessing" is good or not? The green color makes me think it is ok. Looking at the dates.geomancy.net, not knowing our time of birth we are going to go for one of these, which do you prefer? 1/21 1/23 1/25 1/26 These articles say the opposite of your calendar. Can you help me understand why they're so different? 1/23 and 1/25: chinesefortune 1/31 travelguide 1/22 art of Maybe 1/23 and 1/25 since it's mentioned in multiple places??? THANK YOU!
  12. Im a dragon, husband is a tiger. We are moving into a new rental home the next few week (1/21-2/9). What's the best days to move in? Read conflicting articles that 1/28 (New years), 1/23 (maybe) and 1/31 are good dates.
  13. what does the feng shui guide say about getting married near water features/waterfall?
  14. Appended by Cecil: A photo tells a thousand words. Text and more text... hmmm.. The opening (walking into the cube) is not in direct line of hallway/clear glass conference room. Is the opening we want to refer to in Feng Shui the one we step through into the space? The hall and the clear glass conference room hits the side of my face (partially blocked by cube wall/ computer monitor).
  15. Let's try it again. Hallway --> conference room with clear windows looks strait through --> my cube here My new cubicle will be next to a conference room (on my left side).The concern is that the room is clear glass, so you can see right through the room down the hallway on the other side.Any concerns, remedies, cures for this? heard hallways can be bad feng shui but technically it is blocked by a conference room glass wall.. Thanks!
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