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  1. Dear Master, Recently i read a phrase on FS that says "Form activates the Stars and the Stars in turn influence the PEOPLE", may i know is this such saying in classical FS? If the above statement is correct, does that mean for each palace/sector u need the appropriate form to activate the facing or sitting stars? Does this also mean that we can use the appropriate form to activate/deactivateour desired/undesired star i.e facing/sitting star for a certain palace? May i know how close should the form be near to the palace? If for an example one is staying on the 15th floor and there is a x-junction downstairs just outside the bedroom, does the x-junction still consider a substainable form to activate the facing star? I also read about facing star is YANG in nature and sitting star YIN. In order to actvate the Facing Star, we need to add activity i.e. water features and vice versafor the sitting star where the activation is done by maintaining inactivity. Is this correct?does the same theory works in the deactivation of undesired star i.e. by introducing activity if the sitting star is e.g. a #2? Sorry for asking so many questions at one shot.Thank in advance. looking forward for your advice.
  2. Dear Master Lee, According to the Bazi calculator in your website, I'm aweak earth person (aka yin earth. Am i correct to say this?) and based on my understanding, it is advisablefor me to have an "EARTH" occupation, wear "EARTH" color, etc. My question isif my bedroom is "governed" bythe "EARTH" star based on Flying Star Chart e.g. Star #2, Star #8 or evenStar #5, is it an enhancement for a weak EARTH person? Orare theytwo totally different system of analysiswhere they cannot be mixed in our analysis? Please advice.
  3. Dear Master Lee, while reading about the various FS cures, i come across a form of metal cure known as "moving metal" aka metal wind chime. May i know in what situation do we use this kind of moving metal as a form of cure and in what situation when normal i-ching coins are sufficient to serve the purpose? Is moving metal a better metal cure among thevarious metal cures.Please kindly advice.
  4. Master Lee, Thank for your prompt reply. Based on your suggestion, you have ignored the contributing factor of the BEDROOM 3 into the determination of the centerpoint. May i know when we should include protrusions and when they should be included in our centrepoint determination? Thank for your advice.
  5. Dear Master Lee, I have attached the floor plan of the apartment that I've shortlisted in my house-hunting. Is this the correct way of identifying the center of the house? I'm very concerned whether my method is correct because the kitchen is at an angle to the main body of the house and there seem to have quite a bit of missing sectors in this house. Another concern is whether the position of the main door and picture window of the living roompose any negative FS effect on the house as they form a straight line in this case which i understand is bad asread inone of your articles. is there a way to cure it? by putting curtains at the windows or keeping the door closed most of the time help in reducing the "sha qi"? Looking forward for your advice.
  6. Dear Master Lee, Recently i've been studying FS and kind of confused by some of the theories inside. Hope that u can enlighten me. Please forgive my ignorance. Trying to master the basics. Thank for your attention. Understand that different combination of stars coexist in any of the 9 palaces will have different effects, either good or bad. Is there any neutral effect?Have been reading some FS table stating what FS combination will have what implications on the homeowners and the combination is often quoted in the fomat of e.g. 1-2 or 1.2. May i know what do the 1st no. and 2nd no. indicate? understand we can study the combination of water&mountain stars, waterstars&time stars, mountain stars & time stars, etc. Does the sequence of the combination matters i.e. themountain star - water star vs water star - mountain star? Understand each trigram will have an effect on certain ppl in the family e.g. "kan" on the middle son. and since star 5 does not have trigram, does this mean it will affect everyone in the family?
  7. Cecil L. wrote: 2. The NW main door facing seems enclosed while the SE overlooks a "clear space".Based on the design of the whole building,can we consider that the unit have a good backing aka mountain? Or does the "mountain" needs to come from another entity e.g. another building? Thank for your attention.
  8. Quote: Cecil L. wrote: 2. Thus the morale of the story " Don't follow blindly especially aspects familiar to only one culture but not to the other culture! Like the "cross" or the "ba gua symbols". Thank for your reply. And so from what i infer from what you have said, ba gua is also a cure that works if u believe in its effectiveness. Am i correct to say so?
  9. Dear Master Lee, not very sure is this a stupid question or not. please forgive my ignorance. Is bagua considered as a tool for symbolic FS (which i get to learn from some FS website where the culture and belief of the ppl in concern matters alot) or is it really used as a cure? If it is really FS cure, how does it realy work in harmonizing/blocking/deflecting the chi in the area that it is being implemented? Looking forward for your enlightenment.
  10. I found this quote from some FS website. May i know how true/accurate is this? Thank for your advice in advance. Quote: Nonetheless, if you are now planning to place bagua in your homes, beware that it should only be placed outdoor because if you will place this indoor it could bring you harm. It must be situated at the areas called the ??points of entry of bad luck??, usually at the external portion of doors and windows of your homes or office.
  11. Thank for your prompt reply. Actually, the bagua that we have at home is not a mirror but a piece of metallic "plaque". I have attached a shot of both the front and rear shots for your review.This is not the actual plaque but the pendant but with the same diagrams on both sides. Thank for your advice in advance.
  12. With all pressure/competitiveness exerted on our younger generation as well as when the external influences are now have more impact than what the parents can influence their children, can we still rely on this luck from the children?From the media, we have learned about all the unpleasantexperiences faced by parents from their unfilial children,this is thus thereason why I raise this doubt.Will like to know your view on this. Quote: Human Luck is one of the factors which can help to improve your Heaven Luck and even Earth Luck. ie. Say you are a weak person and your life is always following your inauspicious path. Does it mean that you will be bound to have very inauspicious life? No. This is because you can actually borrow someone else luck to boost your own luck. In Feng Shui your Children is your greatest Wealth. Many times people nowadays always relates Wealth to physical money. However, in Feng Shui it is your Children which represents wealth. Why? Simply, if you educate and bring up your children, they will in turn look after you when you are old. So, say if you bring up 3 very filial children. One is a doctor, another is a Lawyer, another is a businessman. When you are old, you have them to depend on and they will allow you to leave a comfortable life. Compare it with another person who does not have children but just have physical money. A person can only work upto a certain age say 60. And all his savings depends on how much he has saved during his working days. Say he has saved $100,000. Will that amount be able to sustain him for a long period of time during this old age? So, you see in Feng Shui Human Luck which can be related to many areas such as family relationship particularly your children. Thus, your children's individual luck can be taken advantage of so as to boost your own Heaven Luck.
  13. Recently,i have been studying some classical FS and start to appreciate the science behind it. I learn that there are actually two types of bagua i.e. later bagua (cycle of destruction) and early bagua (cycle of production) It so happens thatmy parents bought a bagua many yrs ago and now facing my main door. Based on the arrangement of the trigrams, the bagua represents that of the earlybagua format. May I know will there be any difference in its effectiveness/functions if the bagua is a later bagua arrangement? Thank for your attention.
  14. I believenowadays ppl do have the mentality of practicising "instant/fast result" FSthat wehave lost the patience to wait the results and assess the process and results. Maybe this is why some FS masters are more popular cos their FS teaching is more easily to graspe i.e. buy this to represent something and buy that to counter certain things.Maybe sometimes pplincluding myself are looking for something more tangible to grasp on. Just my personal pt of view. Still have a lotto learn fromppl likeMaster Lee. Thank again for your attention.
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