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  1. i know that in one of your posts you mentioned not to post too many thank you messages as many people subscribe or receive updates by mail but i just had to! For ALL these years i've been trying to learn Feng Shui no one and no book has ever been able to settle this point for me and clarify the differenceuntil today!I amSO SO HAPPY!it answers so many of the other smaller questionsand incongruencies that have hinged themselves on thisONE but most IMPORTANT point!!! i am besides myself! everything is soo clear now, like a fog has lifted! THANK YOU SO MUCH! iLOVE this forum! PEACE+LOVE+LIGHT -Sherwin P.S. I'm now FACING my favorable direction as i type this!!!
  2. Is it true that even if an OX person belongs to the east group he/she can still sit facing a NE1 direction or live in a NE1 house without worry because this is the ?OX direction? and that he/she would still be protected? And what about the opposite of a West Group Ox person facing a N2, ?RAT direction? is he/she also protected because the RAT and OX together forms an auspicious combination?
  3. Like in period 8, I often read that #3 star is useable... does that mean you can tap into it safely without its malevolent repercussions? Be GivenAs You Have Given PEACE+LOVE+LIGHT
  4. If for example where a mountain star #8 is located inside the house, the land corresponding to that sector outside slopes away downwards. Is planting several big trees enough to ?activate/support? the mountain star? And what about curing the slope by dumping soil in that area to reverse the slope, but it will go only as far as your lot, pass your lot of course the ground still slopes downwards.
  5. sorry, i forgot to mention that i'm not asking for counsel. all i'm asking if it is true that such a configuration exist and whether my chart is considered as such. the birthday i provided is merely for reference. thanks again. PEACE+LOVE+LIGHT
  6. Masters, I read somewhere that my BAZI Chart was a special formation and that it shouldn't be appreoached/treated like a regular BaZi. My chart has absolutely no Destroying Elements whatsoever... I am a very strong Yang Wood (Dog Day)person born in the month of the Fire Tiger and my chart has absolutely NO METAL whatsoever, there is only very little in the Dog but it is buried, right? according to what i read when a chart has no destructive element, and ever more so if the element is born into its season,it is deemed a special configuration where instead of adding metal to reduce the wood you should instead support the chart even more. is it true? does that mean i should/can add more water and wood into my life? for reference, my DOB: Feb. 10, 1984, 8:04AM Year: Wood Rat Month: Fire Tiger Day: Wood Dog Hour: Earth Dragon
  7. I've been browsing through the forums very carefully so that i won't inadvertently ask the same question that's been asked before but i just can't find an explanation to my question... 1. I gather from the response that you've given to most is that the way to harvest the influence of your auspicious direction is to sit FACING these directions meaning if i am aWEST GROUP person i shouldFACEWEST, SOUTHWEST, NORTHWEST, and NORTHEAST and thusly live in"WEST" houses meaning houses that also face these directions. How is it then that most books i've read and most research that i've done says that you shouldSIT WITH YOUR BACK POINTING/SPINEIS TOWARDSyour auspicious direction and that "WEST" houses also have their BACKS/YIN Side towardsthe westerndirection so that they will get support from that direction? why is their such big discrepancies? 2. just for the sake of simple analysis,Let's assume i had a house that comprised of only ONE PERFECTLY SQUARE ROOM. theBACK of this structure is a solid wall and this is on the EAST SIDE. thus theFRONT, where the main door is, FACES WEST. if we are to assume that one must sleep with the crown ofhis head pointing towards hisgood direction, wouldn't that mean that one had to position his headboard along the same wall as the FRONT DOOR (WEST) in order to tap his auspicious direction?meaning they would not have a clear view of the door when someone enters the room which is a clear violation of the basic and most important tenets of Feng Shui which is that a door should never be anywhereon anyside behind you, not when you are awake or alert and can easily notice people coming up behind you, let alone when you are sleeping!DOESN'T that seem rather counter intuitive? Lets further assume that wemay tilt the bedin order to pointthe headboard towards the other remaining western direction,2 (NW,SW)out of the3 left would still be aligned to/touching the front wall where the front door is. Again very counter intuitive. had there been any reason for the northeast direction to be unuseable that would by default make it impossible to harness good Feng Shui Lastly let us assume that thissame room/structure/housealso serves as an office, where does the desk go? if we must aslo situate ourselves in the westernly sectors, had there been any reason for the northeastsector to be deemed unuseable one would have to situate his desk towards either side of the front sector of the room, assuming the door is smack dab in the center. Guest coming in would then have to sit behind him or besides him so as not to make his back vulnerable? I sincerely hope that you can clarify this for me, if not for everyone once and for all. it is soo frustrating. i hope i do not seem skeptical or disrespectful because in all honestyi don'tmean to be. i am just soo confused with all the different information that i'm getting and it's hard to tell which is which. thank you gain in advance for understanding.
  8. Thank you very much for the clarification. I really appreciate it. Peace, Love, Prosperity
  9. Anonymous wrote: 1. The Mountain Star is untimely or not in Period 8. The untimely stars in Period 8 are stars 2, 4, 5 and 7. I have a SW1 facing house with a sum of ten configuration, does that mean that because the front of the house has a mountain star #5 I cannot activatethe waterstar#8with yang water? I was planning to put a koi pond just outside the front door? How come some say that if you put a yang water feature where a bad mountain star this will effectively ?drown? and inactivate the bad mountain star?
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