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  1. As I have said before,many bazi and fengshuilearnersjump on the bandwagon just to rake it in,and quickly too.Not only new practitioners,but the so-called experienced ones are,well,obsessed with money too.That's why they need to have fengshui "conventions",advertise full-page in the papers, etc,in order to raise their public profiles in the world. Paying close to S$300 just for a bazi reading?For that amount,you can get many good books on bazi and read up yourself,or read the postings on bazi forums. Am rather curious what "secrets"the "experts" will graciously "transmit" to the audienceat the coming Singapore fengshui"convention" at Suntec City.At last year's(2007) "convention",besides the wrong prediction made about the STI and other global affairsby a well known practitioner from Singapore,anotherpractitioner predicted that George W.Bush is likely to have the US army invade Iran before he leaves office this year. Wonder what predictions will Ms Lxxx Txx make about 2009?Listen carefullyto any predictions made by any of the practitioners about 2009,make careful records of them,and find outon the last day of 2009 if they are indeed accurrate.If they are,then they really know their stuff.If they are not.............Or perhaps they need to ask the economists?Or just make some general predictions which my neighbour Ah Huat also knows through reading the papers? I am anxiouslywaiting for predictions about the STI again.....
  2. Edward Li Juming of Hongkong said the Hang Seng Index in 2008 will hit higher and higher points.He also said this year will see dreadful epidermics like Sars.He did notmention a word about the China blizzards at the beginning of 2008,or the Sichuan earthquake.He alsoproclaimed,like a demigod,that the love affair between Tony Leung and Carina Lau was not true,and that they would never marry.He also failed to predict the US financial crisis.......... All these were not insignificant events of 2008.Yet as a professional geomancer,and touted as an accurate auger,he did not manage to see these happening. Many other practitioners don't even dare to predict anything because they know in their hearts of hearts that they do not know what the future holds.Those who doforecast are always necessarilyvague in order to protect their rice bowls.Their astrological forecasts(of animal signs)in the newspapers are even more useless,they being mere tools to raise their profiles and project false images that they are true masters.
  3. I agree with Mr. Lee. These days,unscrupulous people,including fengshui practitioners,want you to believe that certain objects are imbued with mystical powers that can help you get rich.Some even claim that they have empowered them through some rituals. In Buddhism,this is called false words('wang yu'),and do incur karmic consequences.
  4. I am rather suspicious of fengshui practitioners who hawk products. We can use ordinarythings like metal beds or wooden beds,household plantsetc,which are equally effective if used in the correct amounts and placed in theright positions. No need to waste money on attractive but expensive thingslike"100% jadeite" objects that purportedly help todraw in wealth.It seems that "qi" adjustments by the"master" is not enough.You need to further buy their products after paying an arm or a leg for their consultations. These things certainlydo draw in wealth. But only for the "master",and from gullible and superstitious clients.
  5. Just my 2 nickels of thoughts.......... As Mr. Lee has said,the whole chart is needed to find out if the situation could be bad.If water is strong,then it may well be that the "punishment" is not that significant. Bazi's "structural" limitations are such that highly specific events unique to the individual cannot be predicted,only the general"bad"or"good".For instance,if financial loss is hinted at at a certain point in time,it isimpossible to zero in on if it is due to some credit crisis in the country or an unexpectedbreak-in.Too many unkownfactors are at play.Certainly, 2 persons having identical bazi charts will nothave exactlythe same minoreventsof day-to-day livinghappening to them.Compared to "Tie Ban Shen Shu",now lost,bazi cannot revealhighly specific details, such as "what is the colour of the car that has knocked a person down?" My belief(a very personal one,of course)is that"Tie Ban", as shown by Shao Zi in some present-day remnants of his works,could be that unerringlyspot-on in all kinds of predictionsis that it contains more than 4 pillars,possibly more than 10.His ancient text,the original"Huang Ji Shi Yun", is no longer extant,as Providence had decreed that it should not be revealedto earthings,for if this "Tower of Babel"is allowed to be built,all the heavenly secrets will become known to Man.Hence,distortions and errors gradually crept into that text,and now you have a useless text that still manages to fool so many people,including Mr.Edward Lijuming of lijuming.com.Even Mr. Shao Weihua of China,touted to be a descendant of Shao Zi,does not know the original text,or he would have predicted the Sichuan earthquake,since,nothing,great global events or personal trifles of daily life,cannot be predicted by it. What bazi can reveal are general trends in one's life,not specifics,because there are other unkownpillars above the year pillar,and other unkownpillars further down the time pillar.
  6. Many practitioners todaylearndestiny and fengshui analyses in order to cash in and get wealthyvia this ancient Chinese mystical field,not primarily to help others.This is diametically opposite to the ideals of the bazi and fengshuipatriarchs of yore,such as Yang Jiuping,Guo Pu,Li Xuzhong,Xu Ziping,Jiang Dahong and Shen Zhureng.Global fengshui factorshave shifted in suchmanner that today,personal and social moralities have to inexorablygive way to materialism and hedonism in one's personal life.To achieve theseends,one needs toseek ways and means to make as muchmoney as possible,and quickly too,including resorting to ancientesoteric knowledge and practices,even if deep down,onea is not absolutely certain ifone hasprofoundly understood them, and ifthey do indeedwork. Like most ordinarymortals now, most modern practitioners of fate and fengshui analyses are themselves obsessedwith money,they being neither saints nor sages,asmost of the Chinesepatriarchs were.For example,many of the Taiwanese practitioners keep mistresses,their upkeep coming from the moneyhonestly or dishonestly earned by the practitioners in these metaphysical fields.I believe this would be morally wrong in the eyes of,for one,Yang Jiuping. But there is karma too.Practitioners motivated by greed will create their own karma(affecting themselvesAND their descendants),and those who employ the knowledge and expertise passed down from the sagelypartriarchs to geniunely help fellow human beings in this earthly bardo will create a different karma for themselves and their descendants.Motivation iskey here,as our thoughts toohave karmic consequences. Real fengshui was passed down to help mitigate themental and physical sufferings of sentient beings on this earthly plane,not to enable one to become obscenely rich through it.Human greed,whether in the presentUS sub-prime mortgage mess or in mystical fields,ultimately destroys.But unlike the former,none can bail you out if you have committed grave karmic transgressions Unborn
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