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  1. Dear Master Lee, after reading some threads about flying star and five elements concepts in forum I am trying to find out cure for NW sector in my home (Period 7, direction NE1). According flying star calculator: Base: #8 Mountain: #3 (inauspicious) Water: #2 (inauspicious) Year (2015): #4 Month (january): #7(inauspicious) My analysis: Base vs Year: #8 vs #4 is ok, needless to cure. Mountain vs Water: #3 (strong wood) vs #2 (weak earth) needs cure, because #3 is not fully under control. So I consider following aspects: In productive cycle of 5 elements: fire can exhaust wood, but fire can strengthen earth (#2). Not good! in destructive cycle of 5 elements there are 2 options: 1. wood destroys earth, so earth can exhaust wood. it is not good because we should avoid to add earth because of #2. 2. metal destroys wood. I was very happy and said to myself "Great! That is the cure!" BUT WAIT... there is still monthly inauspicious star #7which is weak metal! If I use metal, it will strengthen #7. It is also not good! *sad* Master Lee, please show me the mistake of my analysis and tell me the cure for the sector. Thank you in advance.
  2. Master Lee, thank you very much for the great explanation included the pic. *bow*
  3. Dear Master Lee, my answer to your question: because Water exhausts Metal and Earth supports/produces/strengthen Metal. If one wants to reduce the energy of inauspicious star #7 (weak metal) it is recommended to use Water. Fire can also destroy Metal, but at the same time Fire produces Earth, which can support Metal. So it is not good way. Is it correct, Master Lee?
  4. Dear Master Lee, I have read the 20-year & yearly flying star report(please click here) on your website. I don't understand some things: 1. why is it recommended to activate Water Star on North sector, although on this sector the water star is the inauspicious star 7? 2. why is it recommended to activate Mountain Star on North-East sector, although (again) the mountain star is (again) the inauspicious star 7 on the sector? 3. why is it recommended to activate both Mountain AND Water Star on South sector? 4. how to determine which flying star is mountain star and which is water star? (why are the mountain star and water star flying star number 6 and 7?). Is it related to Period of House Birth or what? Please enlighten me. Thank you very much in advance.
  5. Dear Master Lee, I am a bit confused about correlation of "Center-Of-Gravity" and "Center of Area" in Flying Star Mapping. Is Center-Of-Gravity a center area? If yes, how big is the area and which form (square or circle)? Thank you in advance. Best regards, ZQ
  6. Dear Master Lee, Since I have a little knowledge and I know well about "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" I would like here to ask carefully to you about your following answer. Cecil L. wrote: 5. Another type of Yin has to do with Flying Star numbers. For example Flying star numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 are yin stars and a high concentration of such stars on it's own is no issue. But if coupled by too yina sector or I have read in some postings about Yin YangNumbers (see below)and I am really confused whether 1, 3, 5, 7 are Yin or Yang. Please give me an explanation. Thank you in advance. --- 10. Under the Yin and Yang concept, anything that is even number e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.. is considered yin. While 1, 3, 5, 7 or any odd number is considered yang. --- It follows the same principles for all even numbers are considered (yin) and all odd numbers are considered (yang). This means that 2, 4, 6, 8 are yin, and 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are yang. This theory is applied to all I-Ching, Flying Star and anything to do with number theory. Warmest Regards Robert Lee ---
  7. Dear Master Lee, this is continuation of postings "Gui Men? Placing Altar?" and "Chinese Temples In Singapore" from "human luck::chinese culture". I put it here now, since my next questions are not directly fit/relevant in "chinese culture" room. Please accept my apology. I have searched and read all your old postings about Devil's gate (NE/SW) and Main Door at NE. But I still have questions about it. 1. In some postings you recommended not to have large plants in NE/SW directions since it can be hiding place for spirits. How large? Did you mean "larger than building, where one lives"? 2. About Main Door at NE: a. if the flying numbers of NE sector of a house (its main door) is too YIN, is it OK to have small plant with SHARP leaves near Main Door (outside), since such plants are considered as YANG? b. Are fir trees / christmas trees considered as YANG plants, because they have leaves like needles? 3. In your old postings I read that Bagua mirror can deflect sha-qi. a. Is the YIN energy from NE/SW considered as SHA-QI as well and can be deflected by Convex Bagua mirror? b. If one lives in an apartment building with building main entrance at NE, is it enough to place Bagua mirror outside on the NE/SW window of apartment instead of main entrance of building? Thank you in advance. Warm regards, ---- Cecil Lee wrote (Gui Men? Placing Altar?) 1. My earlier resources written around 1997 on Devil's gate can be found under this link:- http://www.geomancy.net/resources/art/art-gate.htm 2. Do a SEARCH under this forum for devil's gate or north-east and you will also find many questions and replies on this subject. Gui Men? Placing Altar?
  8. Dear Master Lee, thank you so much for your answer and the link. They help me a lot! Warm regards,
  9. Hi Master Lee, I have read following: "in Taoism, chinese customs and Geomancy Theory the NE and SW are considered as Gui Men (ghost door / negative direction)." I read also "in Geomancy Theory and chinese customs it is always recommended placing home deities altar facing N or S and never facing NE or SW". Since you are an expert in Geomancy I have 3 questions: 1. are they true or not? (from geomancy's view) 2. can talisman of chinese deity (fu) block the negative energy from those directions entering the house if one places the talisman on the door? Or is there other geomancy/fengshui method? 3. if a house sits in subdirection (e.g. NW thus facing SE), the house will have N or S direction at corner. Is it ok to place home deities altar at corner N or S? Usually the chinese people place their deities altar with a plain wall behind it and not a corner. Thank you in advance. Best regards,
  10. Hi Master Lee, I have also heard that the number 5 mean 5 elements which represent harmony or big luck (). But one thing I can't understand .. why "without milk" both in coffee and tea? Best regards,
  11. Appended by Cecil: Thanks for pointing out.. So sorry.. my fingers were too fast. Whatmissed out the NOT, below:- "2. The other alternative is a water feature (definitely NOT in a bedroom, store, toilet, kitchen etc) " Master Lee, Thx for the very helpful link :-) - I have read somewhere else that putting any water feature in BEDROOM is not good (maybe I misunderstand it because of lack of knowledge). Would you please briefly explain when it is allowed to put small water fountainin bedroom and when not? - Instead of Water Fountain that consists of all 5 elements, is it also allowed to use shape and form to represent 5 elements? e.g. painting the wall with soft blue color (=water), hanging 6 coins (= metal),rectangular poster of green mountain (= wood and earth) and using red/orange bed sheets (= fire). Thx in advance. Warm regards,
  12. Master Lee, I am confused, if in a sector there are M#9 W#5 B#2 Year#3 and Month#7. If I use metal cure against #2 and #5, it would support #7? If I use fire cure against #3, it would fuel #2 and #5? If I use water cure against #7 and #9, it would fuel #3? Please enlighten me. Thank you in advance. Warm regards,
  13. PS. the mentioned main door is in other direction of the house (NE) ...opened on days, while the main door (made by solid wood) is mostly closed. point 3 (typing mistake): From "Shape and Form FS": is that good or bad to TAKE the direction as house facing direction, if point 1 is correct?
  14. Dear Shifu Cecil Lee, I attach here 1 pic and need your opinion. The pic is taken the photographer is facing SW2 225deg from a window of a house. Facing that direction the house has a big glass door and and 2 windows. They are opened on days, while the main door (made by solid wood) is mostly closed. 1. Is that correct that the daylight going thru glass doors/windows into a home can be considered as incoming qi? 2. Do you see any possible sha qi in the scene shown in the pic? If yes, please tell me. 3. From "Shape and Form FS": is that good or bad to the the direction as facing direction, if point 1 is correct? Thank you very much in advance Best regards, ZQ
  15. Dear Shifu, I have got also information about posion arrow in Info section of your forum. I just know that ShaQi can exist not only outdoor but also indoor. For outdoor poison arrow one can use bagua convex mirror to deflect the shaqi as far as I know. My question about indoor posion arrow: What if there is no possibility to avoid sitting/facing in a line of poison arrow (e.g. corner/edge of a wall)? what is the cure? Bagua mirror is not right cure for indoor as far as I know. Thank you in advance. Warm regards, ZQ
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