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  1. Hi Cecil, I'll be moving in to a new house in a few months' time. My gua is wood 3-chen. I wonder where is the best location for the altar. I'm a Buddhist and I worship Kuan Yin, also the Earth God. My new house faces West and the Main Door too faces the West. Briefly I describe the layout as follows: - Main Door faces West Immediately entering the Main Door is the foyer, with a wall facing the Main Door, about 10 feet away from the door. My second convenient location for the altar. Behind this wall is the staircase. Immediately on the right is the living area, which is connected to the dining area. I intend to have a divider to separate the two areas. In the middle, between the living and dining areas on the right and the wall and staircase on the left is the aisle, thatleads me to the kitchen Before reaching the kitchen there is a wall (facing the front of the house, not directly at the Main door but a wall next to the Main door and a sliding glass door. This is my first convenient location. However, behind this wall is a powder room (i.e. a guest toilet). You mentioned somewhere in your response to the others that the altar should'nt share the same wall with a toilet. Instead of a handrail, my staircase has a solid wall banister, also possible to serve as a solid backing / wall for the altar. This faces south, the dining area, also a sliding door that opens the dining area to the garden. This is probably the 3rd covenient location. I would be very grateful if you could give me some help here. Thanks. Regards, Choy Kah Yew
  2. Hi Cecil, Question 1 I'm a East Group person, with gua wood 3 chen. I thought I should live in an East Group house, preferably of the same trigram - Chen. I just bought a house built in period 8, facing W2, hence a double facing Chen house. But the house faces West, how is it possible to have my main door to face East? Question 2 The double facing house has both the ruling stars (mountain and water) in the West section. But isn't the West section the "Death" direction to a Chen person? Important sections of the house like living area and master bedroom are usually in the same section as the Main Door? I would be most grateful if you could enlighten me on this matter. Thanks. Regards, Kah Yew
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