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  1. Thank you so much for the logical explanation, this is a big help.
  2. Hi Master Cecil, I plan to lay gravel or pebbles in my backyard, but people told me not to because of bad fengshui.Having gravel or pebbles in backyard will be bring illness to the house, what do you think about this statement. I would appreciate your advice on this.
  3. Dear Master Cecil, Can I place an electric toaster oven next to the sink? The oven is on the floor,not at the same level with the sink. Will it cause a water-fire clash? Thank you so much for your advice.
  4. Hi Master Cecil Lee, I understand that I should avoid fire, red color in sector with 5m 2w 8b flying stars. I have the altar in this sector, with red light bulb, is it OK? Should I either move the altar or replace red light bulbs with clear light bulbs? Thank you so much, your input is very valuable to me.
  5. Thank you so much. Your advice is very precious to us.
  6. I have one more question, I hope you don't mind. When waiting for the landscape, we use windchime. The opposite house was newly built,when that house was still in frame phase, we observed the roof line and know that the line points directly to the window next toour maindoor. The window is also important to us, it's the study room and our children spend 4, 5 hours in that room everyday. Can we place the windchime to protect the window instead of the door? Thank you again, and sorry for so many questions.
  7. Thank you Master, This house is newly built, there is no landscape yet,I will try to make it better. Can I hang a windchime indoor, or do I need to hang it outside the door? Thanks
  8. Dear Master Cecil Lee, I can see the roof line of the opposite house fromour front door, even though we know it does not point directly to the door. Could you see if it's a threat and how do I cure it? Also, if the roof line point to my window next to the door, what should I do to cure the window? Thank you so much for your help, I know that I can always trust your advice.
  9. Dear Master Cecil Lee, My KUA number is 2. If I place the stove facing SW direction, the stove would be next to the sink (only one foot apart). If I place the stovefacing NW direction, the stove would face the kitchen door. I am very frustrated and don't know what to do. Would you please give me some advice? Any helpwould be appericated.
  10. Dear Master Cecil Lee, The opposite house is not complete yet,but the roof line is up and we can see that the roof line does not go straight to our front door, it goes straight to the edge of our garage, about 10 feet away from the door. From our front door,we can still see the opposite roof line. I would appreciate it if you couldcheck to see if it's a real threat? Thanks
  11. Hi Master Cecil, I have more questions: DoA and B lightings need to be aligned with the house edges? Can I place them at the fence? Thanks
  12. Thank you so much, you are really here to help.
  13. Thank you Master Cecil, Attached is the plot plan:
  14. Hi Master Cecil, Our land has 4 sides, almost rectangular because the front side is longer than the back side. We understand that this should be avoid, but we have no other better choice. We would like to know if we can use any cure for this. Is it OK if I place a light at both ends of the back side? Thanks
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