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  1. Dear Cecil, In evaluating the luck of a Period 8 house during Period 9, you mentioned that "The worst would be the WS#9 falls into the centre palace. Here, this apartment would suddenly have little or no luck in Period 9!" Is it also really bad luck if the MS#9 falls in the center box, such as in a P8 SE2 house below? (Should we avoid P8 houses in P9 only if the WS#9 is in the center, or also those where the MS#9 is in the center?) (Facing) - QIAN house E SE2/3 S 2 9 1 8 5 3 6 7 3 NE 6 4 9 7 3 1 SW 2 8 5 4 2 8 6 7 5 4 9 1 N NW2 W (Sitting) Thank you for your help! Sincerely, Gwen
  2. Appended by Cecil: Yes, you are correct. What I wrote should be P8 E2 and E3 where double 8's are at the West side. Dear Cecil, You mentioned that "P8 E1 has a double #8's at the West or the "back-side". If the front is East the back is West." I am confused about this.I thought the following is the Flying Star Chart for a P8 E1 house, where the double 8 is at the front (east side)? (Facing) - DUI house NE E1 SE 4 3 8 8 9 7 2 6 7 N 6 1 1 6 5 2 S 4 8 3 2 5 3 4 7 9 9 1 5 NW W1 SW (Sitting) Your help is greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Gwen
  3. Dear Cecil, Thank you so much for your reply! We are looking at lots and thus have flexibility in choosing the direction and house plan. The neighborhood we are looking has lots of mountains and small hills, but is quite dry with desert landscaping. We are a little confused on where our house should be in relation to mountains and have the following questions: 1) There are E1 facing lots with a flat (retangular shape) mountain behind it. There are also other E1 lots in the next block with no mountain in the backyard, but have some view of smaller hills in the front. I read that it is lucky to have a mountain behind the house. But for E1 Period 8 houses (with double 8 stars in the front), it is supposed to be lucky with water and distant mountain in the front. Thus for E1 Period 8 houses, is it luckier, bad luck, or neutral to have mountain right behind the house? 2) There are some E1 lots that are higher in the back, and have 2 distinct elevations in the same lot. These lots are also higher on the right (S side). Lastly, there is a small power box in between every 4th lot. Is it lucky, bad luck or neutral to have 2 different elevations in the lot? Also, is it okay to have a higher and bigger house on our right (since we are supposed to have a smaller tiger on the right and the taller dragon on the left). Lastly, is it okay to have a lot with a power box on the side? 3) There are some N1 lots that have mountain facing. I read that it is lucky if you face a distant mountain.How far does the mountain have to be away from our house i.e. in the next city? Some of these lots are on some higher landforms, where there is a big drop of elevation behind the lot. Is it bad luck to be on a higher lot if there is a dip behind the house? (After the dip is another higher landform with other houses there.) 4) To determine the facing direction of the lot/house, can we use the direction on a map? Is it true that there is a difference in N direction on the map vs. the N on a magnetic compass. If so, which should we use? 5) Regarding my previous question, if we have a N1, E1 or SE2/3 Period 8 house (with the best house plan for that type of house), which of these Period 8 houses would continue to be lucky in Period 9? I read that all Period 7 houses are unlucky in Period 8, but don't know if any Period 8 houses will continue to be lucky in Period 9. 6) If we ignore Ba Zua, are SE2/3 Period 8 houses generally more lucky than E1 Period 8 houses, whichare luckier than N1 Period 8 houses? Thank you so much for your help! Gwen
  4. Dear Cecil, Hope you are doing well today! We are looking to move and need to determine which is the most auspicious direction housefor us. We got a detailed flying star report ("Report")for period 8 houses for my husband (born in 1969), and have the following questions: 1) In the Final Analysis section of the Report, itstates that the SE2 and SE3 (XUN)facing houses are "Average" but it gave it 4 stars; and in the Executive Summary these are listedas Excellent House. Do you think there was a computer error - is it supposed to be Average or Excellent? (The breadwinner's suitability for SE is Excellent.) 2) In the Final Analysis section of the Report, it says that E1 (DUI)facing house is an "Extremely Excellent" house for my husband, which is a highest ratingthan allthe other directions. (The breadwinner's suitability for E is Longevity.)However, I read somewhere that the E1 house is good for money but not so good for health and relationships (a Double Facing house). On the other hand, the SE2/SE3 houses are 'Properous Mountain, Prosperous Water" houses which are good for money, health and relationships. Can you please help us determine whether E1 isthe most auspicious direction, or if SE2/SE3 are better formy husbandduring Period 8. Also, which would be better for us during Period 9? Thank you so much for your help! Gwen
  5. Dear Cecil, We looking at a Period 8 - DUI (E1) house, which is the best house direction for our breadwinner (according to the Good House Hunting report). There are a few things about this house whichconcern us, and we are wondering if these are major or minor problems. Please see aerial view of house per link below, and diagram of house attached. http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/?getParcel=13736615047 1) This house is on the edge ofa gated community, thus there is a wall on the other side of the street (facing the front door). The street is on lower land than the house, thus the entrance leading into the main door is sloping up into the house. 2. The house has a 2-story covered (roofed) walkway leading into a 2-story casita. The lower level of the casita is accessed by going outside the back door, while the 2nd story is accessed by a door on the 2nd story of the house (near the bedrooms). Would this be considered a L-shape house (if excluding the walkway and casita) or a U-shape house (if including the walkwayor casita)? Also, if it can be considered an L-shape house, then can this still be a favorable house? Thank youso muchfor your help and for having this forum! Sincerely, Gwen
  6. Dear Cecil, I just purchased the Good House Hunting report and it shows our favorable houses (for East group person)with Main Door Facing the favorable directions (N, S, SE, E). ButI thoughtwe're looking for houses sitting in these favorable directions -yetthe Good House Hunting report shows these as unfavorable houses. Can you please explain? Thank you, Gwen
  7. Dear Cecil, Thank you so much for your reply! Can you please confirm if my new understanding (below) is correct or not? This is regarding a landed propertyfor a east group person, whose favorable directions are N, S, E and SE. 1. For the Eight House system, the reason we try to find out the facing of the main door is to determine the facing of the house (since they're usually the same). We should find a house with a sitting direction (opposite the facing direction) that is favorable (N, S, E and SE). Thusam I wrong to think that we are looking for houses with main doors facing the favorable directions (N, S, E and SE)? Or is the ideal situation where both the sitting of the house and the facing of the main door are favorable directions? Also, under the Eight House system, the facing of the main door is taken while standing in the middle of the door looking out. It doesn't matter where the door is located in relation to the center of the house. 2. For the Flying Star system,the directionof the main door is based on drawing a line from the center of the house to the door.It doesn't matter what direction the door is facing/tiled. Under theFlying Star system, it is good tohave the main door in a favorable section of the house. Thank you for your help! Gwen
  8. Dear Cecil, My husband (the breadwinner) is a East group person with Kua number 4. We are looking at a W2 (DUI)sitting house. This house has a garage up frontnext to a small gate (both the garage door and small gate have E facing). The gateopens into along courtyard before reaching the front door. Can you please help us with the following questions: 1) We read that a house sitting W isnot goodfor an East Group Person. However, under the Eight Mansions system, it is good if we have amain door facing E. If ourmain door is at the house facing direction (which is opposite the sitting), which is more important - should wechoose a favorable house sitting direction or favorable main door facing direction? Or should we find a more house where both the house facing and main door facing directions are favorable? 2) Can you please confirm how to determine the direction of the main door? We will use the garage doors most, so I'm guessing those would be considered the main doors. The firstgarage door isparallel to the facingof the house, which is E. However, it is in thefront left side of the houseand thus if you draw a line from the center of the house to the door, it would be facing NE. The second garage is in the front middle of the house (so a line from the center of the house to the door would be E). But this garage door is facing/tilted N. 3) We are also planning to use the front door, though not as much as the garage doors, so need help in determining the direction of this door. The front door is facing/tilted E. If we include the courtyard as part of the house, then a line from the center of the house to the door would be S. But if we exclude the courtyard as part of the house, then the direction from this center of the house would be SE. Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely, Gwen
  9. Dear Cecil, Thank you for having this free advice forum! We had good financial luck when we first moved into our house in 2002, but have had a lot of financial losses in the last few years. We recently got a Flying Star chart which shows we have a Period 7 -LI house (Sitting S2, Facing N2), with 7 7 in the front door. We heard that the 7 7 combination was auspicious during Period 7 but unlucky in Period 8. Can you please advise what we can do to help cure this? (Can we use a yin water cure, and if so, how do we do this?) Also, we saw a Flying Star Analysis for 2011 which states the following paragraph. What should we do if a watercure is needed,if it seems that we need to avoid the water element this year? "Quarrel Star #3 is wood element and being in the North sector of Water element, it will create more problems in terms of argument. To control this situation, you can utilize RED (Fire element) will put the Star #3 in place. A simple use of RED color items in the North sector helps to control the influence of the Star #3. Another thing that you have to bear in mind that you must avoid Water element here as it will activate and magnify the effect of Quarrel Star #3. This effect must not be taken lightly as it can raise to fierce arguments and disagreement among family members, friends and colleagues. No water feature to be placed here. Best of all, do not disturb this area leaving it as quiet as possible. " Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely, Gwen
  10. Thank you! This is not a real fireplace that uses wood, but one that you turn on with a light switch. All of the walls in this room are problematic for placing beds: walls 1) across from door2) against windows (where desk is) 3) above fireplace and 4) cannot see door (where TV is). Which is the least inauspicious?
  11. Dear Cecil, Thank you so much for having this forum! We are adding a bedroom to our house and have the following concerns. I read another forum posting that if we need to place the bed on the same wall as the fireplace, just place it 3 cm from the wall. But what should we do if we not only share the wall but are directly on top of the fireplace (because the bedroom is on the 2nd floor, right above the family room with fireplace)? Second, is it okay to have the closet so close to (in the direct path of) the door upon entering the room? Attached is a layout of the room: Thank you very much! Gwen
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