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  1. Dear master We Would like to design a brochure advertising about our store she is a weak yin Wood Horse (14 Jan 1955 . 7am) Need your adv or recommendation on best color or shape. thank you
  2. Dear Master From Birth Element Comparison report mum and daughter (Apr 3 1982) never get along each other. VS The binding elements to get the two parties to be compatible or reduce conflict is Water. Need your help to be more specific . Do we need to paint her room in blue (water) or please adv. Appreciate you help
  3. Dear Master I have a few extra shoe that I do not want to keep anymore. Is it 'pantang' to give an old shoe (but still wearable) to someone. will he (the recipient) have a good luck or bad luck. thanks fr yr adv
  4. Dear master Cecil L. wrote: 3. Traditionally, for the Chinese it is used under two main reasons : Cecil L. wrote: 3.1. Ba Gua mirrors with the 8 trigram markings on the outside with or without mirror is meant to scare away "evil spirits". There are many variants including those with the twin door gods, and all types of mirror or non-mirror in the middle of this ba gua. Cecil L. wrote: 3.2. To deflect sha qi or poison arrow. And the concave one is to "replace" the missing corner. thanks for clarification.
  5. Dear Master, thanks for reply. in front of the shop there is a land slide, or I should say the main street is higher level than the shop building, and those like a big mountain blocking. Use Pa kua to attract good Qi to come to the shop. Position inside corner of the shop (behind Glass Window) with mirror facing outward. because do not want neighbor to see. regards
  6. Dear Master One of the bedroom is located below first level, and there is a small toilet room located in the corner, just before heading to downstairs. How to block the bad Qi that comes from the toilet room, so whoever sleep in the bedroom downstairs will not suffer from inauspicious position. appreciate your help
  7. Dear Master, Its believe is a powerful fengshui antidote and should not be put inside the house or office. However since the shop doors and windows all are made from glasses window and we do not want it to be noticeable from the neighbors. Would it be alright to place Pa Kua inside the shop and facing to main street. ? Appreciate your adv
  8. Dear Master , Hi I am jon, trying to check the "Gua" number as to find out the sleep direction and working direction . however I am a bit confuse from what I read the book (author by Lilian Too), the calculation of Gua number is to add 5 to the last digit number. example; 1955 = 5+5 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 , 1 + 5 = 6 and sengchi direction for this is West. When I try to generate "Free Fengshui Tools" it came out different Gua number. I was wondering which one is correct. The Birth Date I want to analyze is "14 Jan 1955, 7am" The Gua Number from Free PFS-POD, Personal Ba Zi & Feng Shui Element Report Generated wizard is "8" (Earth) And for the same Birth Date The Gua Number from "Free Gua (Kua) Number Report" is "5" Appreciate your adv.
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