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  1. What are some remedies for those who sleep in the unfavorable direction, say, "death" or "irritation." I don't believe in bazi / feng shui. I just found it interesting...no harm done right?
  2. Interesting question. I want to know the answer too. When I was working toward my "excellent" direction, my mangers & supervisors like me, and then I got promoted to a new office (it's a really nice office) where I work toward my "disaster" direction, and guess what? I got laid off. And the job I was performing was in my neutral element. I'm a composite of earth and metal, and my favorable element is fire and water, so I would assume that wood is my netural element...correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sleeping in my "irration"direction now. I wonder what is the meaning of sleeping in the "irration" direction.
  3. According to bazi, I'm a strong yin metal rat. Do you think a career in either accounting, civil engineering, or college professor would be appropriate for me? What would happen if I pursueany of these careers? I know I wouldbe stressed out in civil engineering, but what about a college business professoror accounting?Also, out of these three, which one do you think would be better for me? -------------------Some fire & water careers and how I feel about it----------------- Advertising - Their salary's not that good, but I do like to draw & be creative Arts - See advertising Brewing - No Communications -I don't think that I am a good communicator Computers - I done computer jobs for over 3 years and I love it. Butit wasamateur job. Advance computer job that pays well requires a computer degree and an ability to program, and I have neither Drinks -bartending? Healing - doctor? Pharmacist? Iwould like to bea pharmacist but I don't have a degree for it. Laundry - Done it as a summer job & I love it. Don't see it as a career for now Literature - Business College professor? Manufacturing Media - As long as I'm shooting the camera, directing a movie, or being a model or celebrity Music - I can't sing Therapy - idk
  4. You're so luckyto be from an area thatforce you to learn so many languages. The more languages one knows the better right? I speaks hokkien and English at home. Watch English and mandarin channels in TV, movies, dramas, and etc. Learned to write simplified Chinese with pinying in 1st grade,and then English in 2nd grade onward. Traditional Chinese somewhere in elementary school. Learned a little Spanish in middle and high school...not fluentin spanish at all.So far, I only know 2.5 languages...I want to learn more.I want to learn / be fluent in cantonese, japanese, french, spanish, korean, german, and italian. So much to learn, so little time
  5. Using the traditional writing, my first name consist of 15 strokes, and my last name consist of 10 strokes. Using simply writing, my first name consist of 10 strokes, and my last name consist of 7 strokes. According to Personal Ba Zi / Feng Shui Element Report, I am a "weak wood + water rat" per my lunar birthdate. And "strong metal + water rat" per my western birthdate. Please analysis my name (I reallyd don't know whether we have to use the traditional or simply writing). Also, I don't know whether for the personal report, we need to use either lunar or western birthdate. If the analysis is not as good, what would you do to improve it? Thank you
  6. For the Free Personal Ba Zi / Feng Shui Element Report, should I use my lunar birthdate or western birthdate? I was born in China and live there for7-8 years. I moved to US afterward. My time in US is more than twice the time I spend in China. Using my lunar birthdate, my result is "weak wood + water rat" Using my western birthdate, the result is "strong metal + water rat"
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