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  1. Cecil, thank you for taking the time to explain this. Your pictures on the carabelle condo clubhouse certaintly puts things in clearer perspective!
  2. Under the shapes and forms, would you consider the pool design of this development "damaging" to stack 7,2 and 11? Are stack 10 and 12 better stacks since they are away from the sharp angles of the pool and have lesser missing corners? If not, which stacks has the least sha-qi? This period 8 development is built on elevated ground facing SE, are there any generalfengshui advantages to this? This development is built in-between 2 temples, apart from the regular chantings and road/noise congestion on the 1st & 15th of the lunar month, are there any disadvantages where fengshui is concerned?
  3. The building is lying on uneven ground as it's built along the gradient of a slope. The building facing ofthis apartment directly faces aroad that slopes downwards. (see picture attachment) In Fengshui sense, does thathave anyimplicationsthatwealth is draining away? Any difference inimpact to those living on the top floors as compared to those at the 1st and 2nd levels?
  4. Hello Cecil, We are a couple in the midst of purchasing a home. My wife is a east group while I belong to the west group, this results in alot of conflicts and difficulties when shortlisting a suitable home. In today's society, both of us are breadwinners so it becomes hard to decide whose ba-zi should take priority where home selection is concerned. How would you normally approach such scenarios?
  5. Hi Master Lee, Need some advise on evaluating the external fengshui of Mirage Towers at kim seng road. Bearing in mind that it's best to avoid buying a property with water behind the house while the best place is in front of the house, is this determined by the facing of Mirage tower or the apartment itself? If you refer to the map link below, it appears that the Singapore river meaders alongs the property, so I'm confused if this is a good or bad element. Lastly, isthe externalenvironment surrounding this property ideal? Please advise. Thank you. View : http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_5775/travel_site_23297/
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