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  1. Hi Master Lee, The Xuankong reports that my eight-one combination has [3] and [4] in my western corner and needs to be neutralized by Fire. However, my western corner is missing too, and I understand I need metal or earth to enhance the metal. Isn't there conflict in this case, because, if Fire is used as in eight-one combination, the missing corner elements metal and earth clash withthis fire?Sohow do onecompromise between these elements, or which element should I use? Regards
  2. Hi Master Lee Need to check with you: Does this mean that nothing can be done for this missing corner? Even though it's less than 33%? Reagrds
  3. Hi Master Lee, I'm concerned about the west side . My main door is facing W1. Q1) The generated Xuan Kongreport says for western side, under "Eight-one combination",it says [4] & [3] - Young women will lose their temper. Result in mental problems. How shouldI avert this? I have two young daughters in primary school, will it affect them? Q2) The file attached shows my aprtment, with the western corner being cut-off. It is less than 33% based on the floor plan, Shouls I be concerned about missing corners here? Reagrds
  4. HI 2 years ago, I rented out my flat and lived with muy in-laws.I was ignorant about the disposal of salt water cure. I pour the water away, but kept the coins and bowl. I brought back the coins back to my in-laws' house and even washed it clean. Now the tenant finshed the rental and my family now moved back. Only today did I stumble upon the correct disposal of the salt water cure in the internet. I intend to dispose tonight the coins and the container. But the two years were terrible luck. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and passed away and there were lots of disputes. 1) Come to think of it, is it because of the coins and the container? I felt terribly guilty about bringing bad luck to my family. How do I reverse the effect? 2) But the coins were "Kai Guang " before, so is it ok to just dispose in the bin outside?
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