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  1. Dear Cecil, Thanks for your analysis.Is the toiletat the centre of the house? My drawing shows that the toilet is near the centre of the house. I read somewhere that by adding the earth element to the toilet (eg. putting a potted plant in the toilet) keeping toilet clutter free, keeping the toilet bowls seats down, closing the toilet doorand meditation (keep energy levels up) will help to solve the problem of toilet being at the centre of the house. Regards, Annie
  2. Hi Cecil, I would like to check where is the centre of the house as the toilet appears located at centre of the house (see my attachment). also would like to check the general feng shui of this development. Thanks & regards, Annie
  3. Hi Cecil, I would like to seek your opinion about the exterior of the mi casa condo at choa chu kang. The exterior is a "C" shape as shown http://www.micasa.com.sg/#/site-plan However, the 2 parallel sides are like staircases as shown http://www.micasa.com.sg/#/home If one choose a unit on either one of the parallel sides, there is this feeling that one is moving downwards like the staircase. If one choose a unit not on the parallel sides, one tend to see the stair case & also give the feeling that one is moving downwards with the staircase. Is there any negativeimplications on feng shui f
  4. Hi Cecil, Thanks for your interesting views. Getting a house suitable for anyone seems to require some affinity & luck.I've heard of the saying "it is not the person that chooses the house, but rather it is the house that chooses the person." So even if the person likes the house, & knows that the house is auspicious,he may not have the chance to get it. The luck & fortune in getting a good house depends on the merits of the person.So perhaps one should not be focusing too much on feng shui, but rather reflect on our inner self to change our fate in the long run. Nowadays, the shapes of house
  5. Hi Cecil, Thanks for your advice. It seems that with the toilet at the centre,such a unitis not really "safe" to live in. I readin your previous post that thesite layoutof LakeHolmzis U shape & is quite a safe layout. Someunits facing the lakeare considered favourable. Correct me if I am wrong.However, with the development of Caspian & the future development of another upcoming condominium by Keppel, the units facing the lakewill beblocked. Are the units in LakeHolmz safe & good for living (at least okay for living) on a longterm basiswith all the blocking from the development of other condom
  6. Hi Cecil, I am interested in purchasing a unit at Caspian. Attached is the layout. Would like to check whether the toilet is at the centre of the house? What negative impact does it have when there are some "missing corners" at the left of dining room & right of living room as shown. Thanks! Annie
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