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  1. Morning mr cecil, tks for the enlightment. With regards to house move in ritual, it is mentioned we need to prepare huat quay, where shd we put the huat quay? Do we need to put anything on the stove? Tks.
  2. Good day master cecil, I followed the instructions that you had kindly posted for conductiong initial house opening. Now we had completed our renovation and we are ready to move in on this Wednesday. I also saw the house move in ritual that u posted. Wondering whether do we need to put 5type of fruits in the living room? How to offer praying for du ti gong? (we do not have any praying table). Where to put the huat quay? And lastly how to clean the house from unwanted spirits? (I carried out salt rice cleansing in jan 2011 and from then till today, the house is renovated). Tks. Hope to see your
  3. Dear Mr Lee, i have one burning question on the color for the main gate and main wooden door. My main door is facing south. I read thru some note that it is impt to paint the door according to facing direction to enhance flow of chi into the house. However, south is a bad direction for kua no 7(male), by painting the door according to south direction, will it encourage flow of negative chi to our house? As south is a bad direction for both Me and fiance. Tks So much.. Hope to get it reply. Tks.
  4. Dear master lee, tks so much for ur pragmatic advices. After discussion with my partner, we decide to opt for position 2 (legs point to window) and we will keep the curtain down while sleeping. Tks for ur recommendation. Btw, as u pointed out correctly, there will be a corner with stagnant qi. We are thinking to put side table and permanent light on tat corner. Is it sufficient to mitigate the stagnant qi effect? Look forward for ur advice. Tks.
  5. Dear master lee, tks so much for ur review. Actually we did consider position 3 but the position 3 will have our head pointing to east which is bad direction for Kua 8. Position 2 also bad (south) but it is minor bad for kua 8. Position 1 is our best direction (west)... Tat's why I was in dilema. Need ur enlightenment... Tks..
  6. Hi Master Lee, Here is the layout of my bedroom. Bed 1 is located directly infront of door, bed position #2 will have legs pointed to window. fyi, my hdb is EM and outside the window is a empty field (no adjacent block). Appreciate your advice. tks!
  7. Hi master lee, tks for ur point. Further question with regards to sleeping position, which is the better sleeping position, sleeping at in front of bedroom door (bed is perpendicular to the entrance) or sleeping with legs pointed to the window? If u are in my position, what will u do? Believe both can be corrected by some means. And I guess for bed located in front of door, ppl usually put partition board to block the direct view of bed. Tks...
  8. Hi master lee, would need ur advice whether sleeping with legs pointed to a window require any fengshui correction? Thanks.
  9. Dear Mr Lee, Thanks for the encouragement.. Btw.. I am waiting for your 2nd part of messages. Tks!
  10. Good day mr lee, I read through the article u posted on location to bury the heaven coin is best to be at center of the main door. Am I right? And actually I bought total 10coins from bugis for 3.50. Can pls advise where else it it's best to place the remaining 7 cOins? Is it corner of kitchen? Dining? Living? Or bedroom? Or my weakest direction? Thanks so much for ur valuable advise.
  11. Dear mr lee, thanks so much for ur prompt reply. I will take note on the offering items. And also thanks for advice when to carry out the salt thingy. I will follow per ur guide and carry it out after the spreading rice. And my existing flooring is made of tile and furthermore we are hacking and changing the entire house flooring. Btw, does salt event signify cleansing of the house? And when carrying out the salt spreading, is there any wording that we need to say? Thanks so much. Have a nice day.
  12. Dear mr lee, thanks so much for the comprehensive intial house opening ceremony guides. It helps me a lot. I am intended to carry out the ceremony tomorrow and the renovation will start on wed. But I still have doubt: 1. After how many days can we remove the offering items (fruits, angpaw, etc), can we discard the offerings to bin? 2. Is salt cleansing necessary since my flat is old flat and the previous owner had occupied for 24yrs? 3) if I am intended to carry out salt ceremony, what is the step of doing it? Is it done prior to spreading the rice? Thanks so much for ur kind advice. Regards,
  13. Dear master lee, another enquiry from me, is it ok From fengshui point of view, for stove to be located behind the kitchen entrance wall (meaning to say, the stove share the same wall as the kitchen door) ? I am intended to put my stove just behind the kicthen entrance wall..thanks so much..
  14. Dear master lee, first of all, wish u happy new year.. I have one doubt on placing of our master bed. According to our Kua of 8, the recommended position of sleeping position is w, Nw, ne, and sw. Unfortunately, to have the bed to face the recomended position, we will not be able to have view of bedroom door. I read thru couple of fengshui book but didn't clear mention which is the preferred way: facing sheng qi direction (with no view of door) or face bad direction but with clear view of door? Would appreciate ur kind advice on this. And also my master bedroom door is facing the guest bedroom
  15. Dear Mr Lee, We recently bought an executive mainsionette at Bukit Batok area. We just realised that our main door, stove location and bed clash with our personal kua. My fiance and myself are under kua '8' born on 1983 and 1984 - SE, N, E and NE is our inauspicious direction. Main door facing is SE (151deg) - taken from I was standinginside the house (after the door)facing out the main door. Stove location (stove knob) is either at north (so that the cook can see other person entering the kitchen) or east (the cook's back will face kitchen door). Bed location (bed head board) faces east.
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