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  1. Dear Cecil, A strong storm knocked down 2 trees in my property. One of them still has its trunk in tack, and the other tree is left with half of it vertically. I just happened to read a feng shui book. The author points out that the residents can be affected by how the trees grow and their conditions. What should I do?
  2. As Valentine's day approaches in the corner, I am thinking why placing a heart shaped object in a bedroom is auspicious for romance in Feng Shui? To simplify my point, Feng Shui is about balancing energy, and I believe that it's all related to natural creations. On the other hand, a heart shape, symbolizing love and romance, was created by human imagination. It's not part of nature. For instance, a dragon or tiger object should not be placed in a bedroom because it is "yan" rather than "yin." It makes sense to me because it looks aggressive and powerful in nature (even a 3-year-old child will feel the same). However, if I ask a 3-year-old child, who has never been taught that a heart shape means love, to look at a heart shape and tell me what he/she thinks about it, there will be many possible answers to it, perhaps nothing relating to love. Therefore, why many Feng Shui practitioners believe that a heart shaped object is a good feng shui in a bedroom?
  3. What kinds of plants (or no plants at all?) are good to be placed in a bedroom? leafy, flowery, or plastic??? Thanks
  4. Hi Cecil, Is it good to place a bamboo picture in a bedroom?
  5. Hello, Cecil, The attached pictures are the ones I was talking about in the last question. Are they inauspicious to be placed in a home?
  6. I learned that black color, to Chinese, means death or bad luck. Plus, using a black lamp shade is a no no. How about a throw pillow that only has a half part of black on it? Should we not use black color to decorate at all? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Cecil, What animal symbols should not be placed in a married couple's bedroom? dragon, crane, tiger, lion????? Thank you for your reply.
  8. Hi, Cecil, I was about to design my own bedding with a abstract Chinese character "Shou." Thanks to your adviser web site and the person who asked the question about "Fu Lu Shou." I now understand that not every auspicious symbol is great for every place in a house. My questions are: 1. Since not every auspicious symbol is good to be placed in any room or place, how do I make a decision about where to place the auspicious symbols? 2. Besides water features, "Fu Lu Shou," TV set, and mirror, what are other things and symbols that I should not place in a bedroom? Thank you. Your advice and web site are always give me inspiration and keep me learning.
  9. After I just bought my new headboard, I was told that a pointed headboard is bad for a bedroom. A headboard should be round. Is there a remedy for my pointed headboard?
  10. Hi, Cecil, The auspicious symbols you provide on your web site are interesting. I wonder if these pictures are auspicious in their specific appearances or they are symbolic in a general way. For example, are the frogs shown on the web auspicious exclusively, or all frog images are auspicious? Would any peony flower images be as auspicious as the ones on the web? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I know that it's inauspicious to have a water feature in the back of a house, but the back patio room is the only area I can place the pond for my water turtles to get enough light for their health. Is there any way to alter the bad energy? Place a crystal over it or.... Thank you.
  12. Hi, I have a question on pronunciations of words in different cultures. For example, an English name, whose meaning is good, but has its pronunciation sounding like a bad word in Chinese. Or a Korean word sounds bad when its pronunciation associates with a bad English word, and so on... Except you understand all the languages existed in the world, you would never know that the name you choose for your child may sound bad for a person who comes from a certain country. My questions are: 1. If you do not know that there are bad meanings associated with the sounds of words in other languages, then you are free from being affected on? 2. If you incorporate some auspicious Chinese characters into your home decoration without understanding their meanings, it is useless? Thank you.
  13. Hi, Please forgive my poor comprehension about the ideas of poison arrows. When I look at the inauspicious bedroom setup diagrams on the Geomancy web site. I don't quite get how the positions of the furniture create poison arrows. They don't seem to directly point at the bed from my point of view. What do you consider a position of furniture making a poison arrow? How do you define it? Thanks.
  14. I have a dumb question. I have read that placing a fake toad facing the entrance door brings prosperity. However,it's hard to find a fake toad. Instead, there are so many frogs made of various materials in the market. Can I use a frog instead of a toad, and does it still bring prosperity?
  15. Hi, I am new in learning Feng Shui. What's the difference between facing and sitting of a house? Do they both have something to do with the placement of the entrance door? Thanks in advance for answering my question.
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