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  1. So, in that case, how should one deal with trouble neighbour in Fung Sway way?
  2. Love your cartoons! So, you don't suggest hanging bagua mirror on my door. Why do people hang bagua mirror when they have trouble with their neighbours?
  3. Dear Cecil, Can I hand Bagua mirror infront of my main door then? Since the neighbour next door is not so friendly. Regards, Kal
  4. Hi Cecil, That's my 3.5meter long and 2 meter wide window looking out to the driveway just next to my window (nearly attached). The photo was taken from inside. Car coming & going day & night as the car park is at the back of the building. Smoke, noise, exhaust. It feels like living in a driveway. Sure, I don't need any protection? Kind regards, Kal
  5. Hi there, Picture of my driveway is sent to your email address today. Cheers Kal
  6. Hello Cecil & Robert, Is West considered as Children corner in Feng Shui? What can be done and how can one enhance Children Corner? Kind regards, Kal
  7. Hi Celcil & Robert, I think Flat Bagua (Pakua) is safe to hang inside windows facing out. But Is it safe to hang Convex or Concave Bagua mirror to hang inside windows facing out? Thnx.
  8. Thank you for posting reply. Yes I mean to say Later-Heaven. Some people call it After-Heaven, post-heaven etc on the net. I have convex bagua mirror with ZHEN (2 broken and 1 unbroken line) on top part of bagua mirror. Looks like it is Later-Heaven bagua mirror and I should not hang it inside. Since I live in unit, can I hang a yellow CONVEX bagua mirror with QIAN (3 unbroken lines) on top of bagua mirror inside bedroom window facing out? There are lots of car parked on that side. Can I also hang bagua mirror with tassel & coin inside house facing out the window of lounge room as there is driveway? Kindest regards,
  9. Hello Cecil and Robert, I am very proud to join your forum. First of all, a big hello to everyone as this is my first post. I read about After-Heaven Bagua mirror while surfing on net. I wonder, whether it is for specific indoor hanging? Is it safe to use it indoor? What do they look like? I live in a unit and would like to use Bagua mirror to deflect the traffic. But since I live in unit I can't hang it outside so I'd have to hang it inside the window facing outside to deflect bad energies. Do I use After-Heaven Bagua mirror or Before-Heaven Bagua mirror? What do they look like? I also heard I have to be really careful about using After-Heaven Bauga mirror. Kind regards, Kalpana
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