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  1. Hi FS master, I am new to FS and was reading some of the discussion thread and get confused. In some of the posting, there is mentioning of West Side of the house is White Tiger and East Side of the house is Green Dragon. However, I also read somewhere that there is a common phase "Left Green Dragon, Right White Tiger". Assuming a North facing house, the left side ( or West of the house ), should it be White Tiger or Green Dragon ? I findthis confusion ? Pls advice.
  2. Thanks for your advise. Based on your advise on "Under Shapes and Forms FengShui", west side is "white tiger". Appreciate if you can advise what is best to deploy at that west sector? Cheers
  3. I rent a house which is North facing orientation. However on the West sector of the house, there is a section which is open to sky as shown in the diagram below. Is it a good fengshui to place a pond / waterfall there ? Need advise. Thanks in advance. ^^ N |--------------------------------------------- Main Door -| | | | | | | | | | | |--------------------| | | |
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