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  1. My bed is placed under a sloping ceiling in my bedroom and there is no way to position my bed differently to avoid this. Is there a cure to balance this? I have read if you sleep under a ceiling that slopes towards your head it greatly depresses your chi. I would like any suggestions or possible cures that could help balance this. Thank you, Rochiel
  2. Hi Thanks for your wonder site! I was wondering what sizes and types of crystals(I know rose quartz is good, but would a certain variety be better) are best to put in the SW portion of your bedroom and home to create good love luck. Should you go by your personal love corner(mine is NW) referencing your Kua number or just focus on SW directions in general for a couple. Which would be stronger effecting?Thank you for your help and time! :)
  3. I just read in a feng shui book that it is bad luck for your love life to have flowers in your bedroom. I do not have real flowers, but silk flowers in a vase is this okay? What should I do in my bedroon to create good love luck. I also have TV which I want to keep in my bedroom. Is their anything I can do to deactivate any bad love luck these things might create or things I could do that would enhance love luck? Thank you for you reply :)
  4. Hi, I would like to find out what cure I may use for my front door ( NE facing) which faces dirctly at my back sliding glass door (SW facing) . I have heard this is bad feng shui. I do not enter into my home through my front door ever. I enter into my home via my garage door always(aso NE facing )which does not face the back sliding glass door at all . Is this okay then. Would this keep the chi within the home correctly. Thank you for your help!:)
  5. HI! I would like to know how significant a bathroom is near a front door? What if the front door opens in a way where the bathroom can not be seen when first entering? The bathroom door is left closed or the front door opens in a way that blocks the view of the bathroom when entering? If I have a bathroom near my front door why is it so bad and what should I do? What if I do not have a bathroom near my main entrance door, but I enter through my garage door and there is a bathroom is in front of the garage door entrance? Is this bad as well? Please explain. Thanks for all your help! I am trying to understand why this is so bad and what I can do if I have this present in my home.
  6. I am thinking of purchasing a home with 1382 being the numbers. Does that make 5. Are you just suspose to avoid 4 or if it adds up to 4? How bad is a garage under my bedroom, should I avoid this at all costs. There is a moutain rising in the distance in front of the home...will I get secret arrows from this. Should this also be very much avoided. i have a bathroom to the left of the front door, is this really bad too. Should I even consider buying this home. My birthstar is 2 I am a rooster...What is the most important things for me to be looking out for with purchasing a new home. Thank you for you time.
  7. Please Help! I am getting ready to purchase a home and I want to make the right decision. I have heard you can tell the fortune of your home by the way in which your main door faces. Is the main door the main door or the one I will always enter the home through which would be the garage or is it the garage door itself that I would be driving into. Please help it seems that eveyone says something different? If I habitually enter my home through the garage door into the home is it that my main door or the garage I drive into, or the main door outside the home which I don't use often? My birthstar is 2 I need to know what to be looking for? Can someone help me please! I need to know fast!THANK YOU:)
  8. When I looked up my birth star to see the fortune of my home it says to get the compass direction from my front door. It said the front door is the door I use the most. If I mostly enter through my garage door is that my front door or my garage door itself? Or do I take the compass reading from the main outside house door regardless of how much I use it to see the fortune of my door to my home? I am getting ready to buy a home. Please help. If anyone can answer send me the answer to: Rochiellee318@hotmail.com
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