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  1. Thank you Master Lee, After reading your reply, I started reading and searching for more info. 1- My BOD 30 March 1963 - 6.40pm - Male 2- My House No - 5 3- My Birth Element - weak yang Water Rabbit 4- My Eight House Direction - North 5- My Gua (Kua) Number - 1 6- My Element -Water Element 7- I belong to - East Group Gua I dun know what is my Flying Star Since both my Wet and Dry kitchen located in the West and North West "Fire at Heaven Gate" I change the dry kitchen into Pantry without stove or Oven. I relocate the stove at the North area but next to the Fridge. I turn part of the kitchen i
  2. Hi Master. I'm new here and appreciate any help. I attached file of a New 2-story link house No 5 with myPersonal House Chartwith compass. According to the Eight House Theory reportI'm an North person, Kua Type 1(kan). Ground floor dining hall and 1st floor Family Hall fall under the bothW and SW are my worst location (disaster and death). Is there anything to avoid this? My dry and wet kitchen fall under theNW and W are my Disaster and Irritation Also notforgetting at the 1st floor my kids room are facing theNW and W. Based on the Floor Plan and my Personal Chart what can Master advice me.
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