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  1. Dear Cecil My neighbour in the floor below mine had installed water and electric pipes across the floors during renovation and after that my mother has been detected with urinary bladder cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy,the bed cannot be relocated ,my house has maindoor in southwest with 210 degree and period 6,fengshui cures of metal are in west,north and southeast,my house is on x junction and there are stairs just 4ft opposite the main door,shd bagua mirror be installed outside main door and also outside the window at the x junction,pls guide any other cures so she is completely h
  2. Dear Cecil Ever since I have shifted to room where a column is just 1 foot away I am facing severe issues including health ,can cure of 6 round silver cuttings applicable for column too ?,pls suggest,thank you
  3. Respected Mr Cecil My apartment as main door in sw and fs 210 degrees,all 2 brothers and 1 sister are unmarried,there is huge loss of money,1st room has 2 doors once of which is in line with 2 more doors opening into balcony,can this door be converted to window or will the illeffect of doors in line still be the problem,rthe floor in the southwest area is 3inches higher than rest of floor area and that in west area is also 6inches high,shd the floor in kitchen and dinning area be raised also 3inches ,also shd there be semicircular design above main door to counter the staircase a
  4. Dear Sir, Please reply to my query ,my business has suffered huge losses making me bankrupt,main door is E2,period 8 the west area has MS 8 WS8 BS1, the furnace is located here, wall has yellow paint below waist level,toilet also is here,since it is confectionery manufacturing unit west area also has water storage,there is lot of wastage of raw material & finished products,please advice a cure & help me come out of grave situation,also how to combat the annual 7star Thank you very much
  5. Dear Sir, I have confusion regarding NE as devil's gate & Sw as back of devil's gate.I had read in this forum that one should be careful in using windchimes in these areas,should one also take care in using chiming clocks in these areas considering the similar sound it creates like windchimes,please clarify Thank you
  6. Dear Sir, Gratitude for such a wonderful forum. Please reply to my query If the SW area has 6MS ,9WS 3BS & yellow colour laminated main door is located here ,does the use of metal items to neutralise yearly 2 or fact that main door is yellow activate the mountain star & can a chiming clock be used here instead thank you
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