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  1. Of course getting the right person to do the job will maximize the potential of each property. However, I find that we must still learn some basics on fengshui before we can 1. Ascertain whether the 'Master' is a REAL Master. There are those who advocate placing certain symbols to improve fengshui. Some said symbols totally no use. There are those who believe that East, South or North East facing house sure good irregardless of what group you belong and your Bazi etc. I have consulted many such different masters and some of them are not cheap. I won't say all of them are no good or are fake but I haven't gotten very better off. In fact, out of negligence of some of these masters, I had to move house cuz I get new health issues almost every year I stayed in that house which was so call fengshui audited. Hopefully having some knowledge of fengshui, A least I find a master that gives practical, sensible and non superstitious advice. 2. Short list a few reasonably ok fengshui properties before hiring the master to view and thus help determine the right property. Having some basic knowledge is particularly useful especially if you are at a hot property launch and you want to get a good unit and you can't locate a master in short time frame. Thats why all those questions...I do still believe that if budget allows, getting a master to audit a property is still essential On 10/9/2013 6:44:50 PM, Cecil Lee wrote:
  2. Take stack 9 for example. This is one of the stacks purchased by the Sim Lian Directors. Notice that the stove is facing the WC of the common toilet. Any bad implication ? Also, Stack 9 is SW facing. I am an East Group person, Is it ok to sleep with head facing or pointing to northwest as it seems it is most natural to place the bed against the wall pointing to NW in the master br. Northwest is unfavorable dir for East gp people.... appreciate your advise. thanks On 10/9/2013 1:23:37 AM, Cecil Lee wrote:
  3. Hi Master, You mentioned that for period 8, best facing houses are 1. SW/NE 2. South even for east or west group people are all suitable. Need it be specific to SW1 or SW2/3 and S1 or S2/3? if so which is better. Read in an article that one of the SW directions is forward looking chart which means good for relationship, healthy and wealth. But S facing is Double sitting chart which means occupants will have good health and relationship but still have money problem. How is it that it is a good facing in period 8? (Sorry, need to clarify...am confused) In the case of an apartment or condo, Building can be facing southwest but main door facing Southeast for eg...Does door facing matters whether you are east or west group people? A fengshui master whom I once consulted, did specify that I should find a house with door facing certain direction. Then I read some where that it is the sector that you locate the door that matters? Then there are even some who say that main door facing south and east sure good no matter what period the house belong to. I am confused. So many kind of advices and most of these are paid advices, which is more true and accurate? Understand that there is eight mansion and flying star also...which is better? appreciate your help here... thanks
  4. Wow! Shifu, just what I wanted to know...thanks. would TROPICA be slightly better than Waterview? So for Waterview, block 91, 93 and 95 and for TROPICA, the red colored portion is best spot to receive the qi, yes? On 10/8/2013 4:56:56 PM, Cecil Lee wrote:
  5. Hi Master, notice there is this condo that is just next to the Tampines Quarry Park and think part of Bedok reservoir, such property with water almost around it...is it excessive water? thanks regards
  6. On 10/4/2013 6:11:15 PM, Cecil Lee wrote: I totally agree with you. so been eyeing on kovan melody and kovan residences. Kovan residences is quite expensive wor. Now it almost 1300 psf. Must wait a while to break even... last weekend drove pass kovan residences, it seems to be sitting in a 'basin'...so should quite a good fengshui Plc. just wondering property near mrt or on top of mrt stn, do thay have bad qi and therefore affect fengshui?
  7. Wah, thank you very much. Really set us thinking... but new development don't have 1 to 1.2m pricing. Buy resale? We need at least 1200 sq ft hse. Still have profit margin for old house especially when come 2016, when there is oversupply, old house may not be as attractive as the newer ones...what's your opinion on this? On 10/3/2013 8:48:38 AM, Cecil Lee wrote:
  8. Hi Master, A friend just bought a landed house with main dr facing SW. He said his master said this facing is good for both period 8 and 9. Read somewhere that SW1 facing is best facing house in period 8. Is it true? Is there really such house that is good both in period 8 and 9? For period 7 house, what would be good facing house that is relavant in period 8? thanks regards
  9. Understand. Thanks very much. You have been great help.
  10. Hi there, your reply is great help! Really grateful. My husband and my Kua no is 4. South facing main door in this case, stack 52, ok right? where else in northeast can we find freehold top soon and 1.7 to 1.8m? Saw one in east coast, top next year, $2m and unit is smaller in size. How is fengshui of tembusu? Better than Seletar Park Residences? On 10/1/2013 8:38:32 PM, Cecil Lee wrote:
  11. Did you mean that future MRT will be built in Seletar or Katong? I went to see Seletar Park Residence cuz of quietness and to hopefully tap on the landed property qi there. I am looking ?t stack 52. Either 2nd or 3rd flr depending on availability. I totally agree with you that at 1.7 to 1.8m can get a freehold ?omewhere. That is reason why I have been hesitating so long. I kept asking, can I breakeven? But I Need a house soon lor as on rental now.... So I wonder...is this place and this unit is good fengshui or not. If so, maybe still worth buying? ...Headache. What wld you advise.
  12. Hi Master, if the double 8 sits on a kitchen and a study room, does it make it less inauspicious cuz we may still be able to activate the 8 is study room? Thanks
  13. Hi Master, Saw in your earlier postings mentioning that Seletar is a good place...about basin collecting wealth... What do you think about Seletar Park Residences? (Cant afford the landed properties there...yet haha) so thought maybe can get a condo near those landed properties...to get the 'rich air'...Seletar Park Residence is the first that came to mind. Came across the floorplan of a 4 br unit and it is first floorplan of a condo that I have seen that is so squarish. Very little missing corner. can you advise which is best block to buy if this is a good project? Thank you very much.
  14. Dear Master, Am looking for a condo for own stay in Northeast side of Singapore. Kovan Melody, The Florida and Rio Vista are projects that I am looking into. My husband and I are both Kua 4, East Group. A fortune teller told us long ago that we should find a house with door facing south or southeast. Am in dilemma which project to focus on. Which of these projects will be a good buy? Kovan Melody We started looking at Kovan Melody after seeing one of your postings on Kovan Melody. Viewed the North-South facing stack ie Stack 38 and 39, the stack that you termed best stack in the project. Stack 38, ie the unit on the left of the stack will see the corner of the stack/block directly opposite it. Would this be a poison arrow ? Heard a master say that if unit sitting Double 8, effect of double 8 is reduced to half. Stack 38 and 39 sit south and face north (N2) plus the kitchen is located in south (Double 8). Is there any remedy or is there a need to remedy? The Florida The sitting room and the bedrooms are very good size. Can't get such size and layout in the newer projects. Stepping into the house you feel you can breath! haha... Saw a unit in the main block next to guard house. All the windows (Facing of the building) faces North and have a bit of a pool view. Main door face East (looking out). Master bedroom is in the west sector of the house with a bit of west sun coming in at the corner of the room. From the corner of the master bedroom, I can see a church although the main entrance doesn't face the condo. based on info above and that Floridais a period 7 project. Can still buy? Can period 7 house still enjoy good fengshui in period 8? Rio Vista There are many units with door facing Southeast looking out. Should be suitable for us but there is a big Missing corner in SW. Any remedy to that? Am also quite concerned over the presence of the 'River' beside it. Looks more like a canal. What is your view on that. Master, which of these projects will be a good project to stay for good health and wealth? I also notice that all 3 projects have toilets in the middle of the house. If the most part of toilet is in the middle sector but toilet bowl is not in the middle sector, is it less bad? thank you very much Would be grateful if you can provide some advice...
  15. Dear Master, read some where that water and mountain star 8,8 in kitchen is 'burning wealth' away, is it true? Thanks
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