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  1. Thanks Mr Cecil I suppose you mean the kitchen must not be in NW sector right? I'll definitely need to employ your expertise when we get our flat. I managed to get a qeue for the current flat selection drive, but have yet to select a flat, and I'm considering a 4-room flat. The 4-room flat layout is attached here for your reference. Base on this flat layout, seems like there are parts of 2 major sectors missing, since the kitchen is protuding out & the household shelter is just next to the main door. Is there a cure for the such missing sectors base on the flat layout? (1) Assuming this sector which holds the shelter & main door is in a good sector, good door facing direction for me, this good sector will be affected by the shelter right? (a) I suppose sleeping facing a good direction or a bedroom in a good sector will help? (b) If we're at a higher floor, say 10th floor, we'll be looking at where the sunlight is strongest in the living room & if the source comes from the living room windows then that will be the facing direction of the house right? (2) In the layout, It also seems like the toilet is quite near to the center of the house, is it ok? Mr Cecil, base on this flat layout, do you think I should give up this selection? I'm at a lost right now whether to proceed with this flat selection.Your advise is very much appreciated. Thanks. Tan boon Beng
  2. Dear Mr Cecil Please advise us which flat to chose. I'm thinking of those blocks near to the reservoir but it seems like the back of those blocks is facing the reservoir. Which do you think will be ideal for us, may I know what's your suggestion? I've attached the flat layout & area selection for your reference. Here's our details: Mine: July 1974 (Strong Wood Tiger), Kua 8, Excellent location: NE, Prosperity: SW My wife's: March 1985 (Weak Metal Ox), Kua 9, Excellent location: S, Prosperity: E We're running a small business together. With reference to " Flat Selection.jpg" , those yellow-coloured blocks has the same flat layout as "flat layout.jpg" attached here for your reference. In this flat layout, the household shelter is just next to the main door, the toilet door is directly facing the middle room. Please advise. Your advice is very much appreciated. Thanks very much. Tan Boon Beng
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