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  1. Hi Master Lee Appreciate if you can advise on the following: The DB cabinet is placed in a way that cuts into the walk way from the main entrance as seen in the picture below and this DB cabinet cannot be moved. Is there any concern with this? Will it help if a curved cabinet is placed next to the DB cabinet to lessen the appearance of a sharp edge? Thank you!
  2. Hi Master Lee, When drawing the lines to find the centre of the house, should the balcony be included? If the balcony is not included, the house looks almost like a rectangle with no missing corners. But once the balcony is included, it looks like there is a missing corner. Thank you for your advice.
  3. Hi Master, I have recently moved into a new office building 4 months ago. On the first day of move, many people fell sick. I was promoted 2 months ago while working in the new building. I am going to move into my new house that was bought back in 2012. This house is facing 337.5 degrees, bed in master bedroom facing 67.5 degrees. Fengshui Void lines! And to my surprise my new office building is also sitting on void lines with entrance facing 337.5 degrees. I also found out my current bed is facing 67.5 degrees too. My bazi day master is Jia Yin and I understand 67.5 degrees is transitioning f
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