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  1. myfs_161605

    Parc Life Ec

    For ba zi report - offsite can be done? from Bazi can know the kitchen is it in NW? pls advise ling
  2. myfs_161605

    Parc Life Ec

    Hi master , can quote me a price to check on my floor plan , NW kitchen? And I intend to hack the center wall to combine room 2 and 3 into one, is it ok? and is floorplan good or not? Ling
  3. myfs_161605

    Parc Life Ec

    So wat the price for the floor plan ?
  4. myfs_161605

    Parc Life Ec

    Hi master can help me see below. It stack 38 , the balcony is south facing and mine is mirror opposite floor plan. Which mean entrance door is west. I not sure how to read the compass, is the kitchen stove facing NW as you mention? if so how to cure it? Or need to hack the stove and change to the opposite side? And bedroom 3 for study is it good? dining table change to opposite side is it good or stick to floor plan design? pls help ling
  5. myfs_161605

    Parc Life Ec

    Dear Master Thank you for the reply. As you mentioned that , If the kitchen at #38 or #39 is at NW then this is bad for the male breadwinner's career and affect "luck from heaven" which simply means poor luck for the male breadwinner. If the breadwinner is a female, kitchen #38 at NW or with NW will it be bad for Female breadwinner ? Pls advise Thank you Ling
  6. myfs_161605

    Parc Life Ec

    Dear Master Regarding the Parc Life Executive Condo (EC) & Block 39, you have stated in Mar 2016 that :- (Block 39 stacks 36 & 37 are N2 facing whilestacks 38 & 39 are S2 facing Under Flying stars; there is a difference between a N2 facing vs a S2 facing chart. Here, under N2 facing; the combined auspicious wealth stars are wasted at the rear of the home. Here, "rear" often means wasted at the kitchen / yard area in stead of at the frontage like that of an S2 chart) I would like to ask for stack 38 - S2 facing - you have say that S2 facing the frontage is rear meaning wasted . Is it mean that stack 38& 39 frontage is waste - not good , andthe kitchen area is have auspicious wealth stars. I need clarification and understand more? So stack 38 & 39 good or not good Thank you Ling
  7. myfs_161605


    Hi sirs, I am considering two EC 1) Parc Life - 3 room Viva 2) Wandervale - 3room ?type A1 (89sqm) Pls help to advise on which floor plan is better ? And help to advise which ec is better? thank you