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  1. Hi Master Lee, Great, I will keep in touch with you when nearer the dates getting the keys. P.S. thanks for hiding my file. Thanks much. See you soon!
  2. Hi Master Lee, Thank you for the great reply. 1 last question, I have enclosed my floor plan for your reference there is a need to input the partition. May I know your quote for fengshui house visiting as well when I need to reserve your slot and I will be getting my key on Mar 2016 or earlier. Thank you
  3. Hi Master, Can you enlighted me if the following: 1: Is it necessary to put a partition when entering from the main gate / gate? 2. I will be hacking Bedroom 3 as the blue X then will extend my living room and also a study corner for my 7 years old son. Kindly advise if is good for feng shui 3. Is this unit 1956 a good feng shui house. Need to take note anything or like put feature waterfall to enchance luck, wealth (which place to put this?) P:S we have only a family of 3 (my husband, my son, myself) staying in this unit. I will sleeping main bedroom 1, my son bedroom 2, extra main bedroom 2 is only guest room if any: Thank you for your good advise

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