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  1. It's a bit late. I've installed convex mirror since you advised me that I shouldn't suck wealth so I concluded that I rather bought convex. I just realized upon reading 'types of ba gua mirror ' that installing convex I lose some good chi too. Is it major kinda lose or what since my financial is experiencing uncertainity this year? Installing convex will I even get worse financially later on? Frankly, I guess my neighbour mirror is convex as objects will look smaller through it. It's size Even doubled than mine but half of its size is covered by the door as the mirror located behind the door.
  2. Dear Master Cecil, I apologise if it is doubled. There is trouble in opening my post. But I have to repeat all over again. 1. My main door is facing directly with my neighbour. Somehow we do not have good relation each other. Should I put convex or concave mirror? The plus point is my neighbour in slightly better financially compare with me. The minus point are some poisons arrows too from other houses and this direct neighbour also has large convex mirror just right behind the main door but outsider can see clearly, worse they open the door most of the time.
  3. Dear Master, I would like to start my question in this forum with a simple question. I have a house with the main door facing directly with neighbour's main door. In front of neighbour's main door, there are some medium size tress yet we still can see each other through. This kind of situation is not auspicious, worse still our relation is not good with each other. Might be because of the main door. There are some poison arrows too from other houses. I have placed windchimes but it is less effect though. I would like to place mirror. My questions are: 1. Is it better
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