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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Master, I've heard many things around feng shui and flow of energy with trees blocking the main entrance. Would the attached picture be considered a tree blocking the flow of energy? This is the view from the front door. Thank You.
  2. Hi Master Cecil, Happy Lunar New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai! I have a few questions which I hope you can help: I have read from your previous postings and replies that altar dimensions from floor to table top should be between 124.1cm and 128cm, the ideal being 126cm. May I ask if this dimension includes the 'base height' of certain Guan Yin Statuettes? Some statuettes come attached with a base (e.g. a lotus flower base) of about 10cm where Guan Yin sits on, hence, if we add the dimensions of the base, it will be 136cm (if floor to table top is 126cm). On the fengshui ruler, it would not be considered auspicious, is that a concern? Secondly, are there fixed/ auspicious dimensions for the width and depth of the altar that we must take note of? Thirdly, does it matter if the altar is enclosed (with table top to ceiling structures built covering left and right sides of deity) or open (just a table top with no backsplash or wooden/glass walls on either side of deity? Must the internal backsplash be red/pink? Fourthly, ancestral tablet should be on the left of the deity, so does that mean the ancestral tablet can sit on 125cm height from floor to tabletop, while deity sits on 126cm and it will be fine? Can the height difference be as little as 1cm or it must be substantial? Finally, is there a need to have a 'divider' between the deity and ancestral tablet? Wishing you a prosperous new year ahead. Thank you.
  3. Hello! I have recently purchased a Flying Star FengShui report for helping me find a house and understanding the different influences of each sector. Our house is built during the 20-year reigning period 6 (1964-1983) and is facing due North at 360 degrees. According to my BaZhi, this is a house that has ideal frontage for me. But the Flying Stars seem to say differently. My questions: 1. If the North-facing housing is ideal for me, then how this sector be very bad for me, according to the 20-year Flying Star report? Should I not purchase any houses facing North at 360 degrees, which are built between 1964-1983? 2. Our bedroom is in the SOUTHWEST sector of the house, which is considered a DEATH area for me. The Flying Star also considers this sector very bad. But we are unable to change the location of our master bedroom. Are there some other remedies, besides those suggested in the report? 3. Sometimes the cures offered to remedy the Five Element Analysis of the Mountain vs. Water and the 20-year star vs. year star seem to contradict each other, and one cure may negate the other. For example, according to the report, in the SOUTH sector, there is a 6+6 Metal combination which is very lucky, according to the Mountain vs. Water theory. But the 20-year star vs. year star shows there is a STRONG WOOD, which should be weaked with FIRE. But FIRE also weakens the lucky METAL from the Mountain vs. Water analysis. How can I find a balance between the two cures in this case? 4. I understand that the birth year of a house can change, if the house is remodeled in a later year. What would be considered remodeling by feng shui standards? We are going to take out all the floors and put in new floors, as well as half of the windows in the house. Thank you for your assistance! Susan [Removed the Flying Star report for confidentiality.] Appended by Cecil Lee
  4. Dear Master, I would like to start my question in this forum with a simple question. I have a house with the main door facing directly with neighbour's main door. In front of neighbour's main door, there are some medium size tress yet we still can see each other through. This kind of situation is not auspicious, worse still our relation is not good with each other. Might be because of the main door. There are some poison arrows too from other houses. I have placed windchimes but it is less effect though. I would like to place mirror. My questions are: 1. Is it better to place conVEX mirror or concaVE? My front neighbour somehow is better finacially, but considering some poison arrows. 2. After placing the mirror, do I still need to hang the windchimes? Since they are in front of my main door so I am afraid it will slice the main door in the middle. In addition, my neighbour has placed large convex mirror but inside the house, just right behind the main door but I still can see from outside. They always open the main door most of the time. Thank you for your time answering my question, Master Cecil. Warmest regards.
  5. Dear sir, Currently i am having two apartments facing each other but me trying to merge them by installing a common door facing NE1 direction. can you please suggest me will this direction provide me better result as currently with separate doors i am facing legal issues and financial troubles. I have attached image of floor map of my two apartments with flying star chart. My dad DOB 11/12/1954 My DOB 09/04/1992 My Mother DOB 31/10/1960 House was build in period 8
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