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  1. Hi Master Lee How about when faced with Children Playground/ Adult Fitness Station/ Elderly Fitness Station/ Hardcourt? Other than noise, is there other negative impact? Or is sounds of activities a good "chi"? Example Stack 948 and 1035
  2. Hi Master Lee How is the Feng Shui like if a house faces the roof garden on a multi storey car park? Example for Stack 975 and 977 of West Edge Bukit Batok. Need your advise!
  3. Hi Master Lee Thank you for the prompt response. I have two questions. 1) Noted there is a ranking table. Are those rankings ranked in a general sense, or is it calculate according to an individual's background (noted Mr and Mrs were mentioned). 2) Is South facing houses generally better (noted the only two excellent stacks are those facing South) or this observation was also based on individual's calculation? Many thanks!
  4. Hi Master Lee I found an old thread that you mentioned you will be sharing your rankings of HDB West Edge @ Bukit Batok. However, I am unable to find the actual rankings eventually. Appreciate if you can share, as I am interested in their 4 rooms selection. Many thanks!
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