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  1. Hi Master Lee, Thanks for the detailed explanation. We have decided to go with the altar position B as A is the only place we have for a dining area. I would ask master's advice on something I read in a few sites implying hat the altar has to have two handles or pillars in this instance of my family going with the B position, on the right side of the altar when I am facing it is a wall while the other side is the entrance and main door of the house. Is there something we could do or need to do do to ensure the altar has two handles or pillars for it. Further to that is there any advise you have as to the water fairy or water spirit direction when it comes to the altar. I am not even sure if it's necessary but I would like to learn more on how to properly position an altar. Thank you master for your reply once again. David King
  2. Hi Master, I would like to seek your advise in the placement for the altar at my new home. The place that I have in mind is right beside the main door however as I was researching the altar placement online I came to understand from a few online articles and web postings that it may not be a good idea. I am envisioning a large altar right beside the door that will be custom made and according to the yin and yang calculations for both the main altar and the di tzhu kong altar below. Is it really a bad Idea to have the altar beside the main door? Look forward to your advice and thank you master. David King
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