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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to write such detailed and comprehensive explanation. I understand perfectly and I totally agree. Primary colors (bright red, green, blue and yellow) and pastel colors. If I choose to see bright pink as fire and pale pink as earth, that's my personal decision, but a primary color will always be considered first, acknowledging also BaZi. Yes, many authors and websites make use of people's fears and push "magical" objects to buy from them. "OMG #5 is in this sector this month. Choose to buy from our Feng Shui Supermarket a rotten tomato, an oversized rhynocerous or a frog that talks to exhaust the malicious star and bring you wealth" Never bought and don't plan to do so from these, like you said in another article, Fast Food Feng Shui. Also I wanted to ask about Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), San Sha (Three Killings) and Sui Po. I've read about how every year they sit in different directions and recommendations are given like to sit, not to sit, to face, confront, not to confront, not to disturb, no renovations, ground breaking etc. besides the usual selling technique: "here buy this product to help you neutralize" Are these to be considered when applying Feng Shui (to sit, not to confront, no renovations etc.) or they have no real influence and it is to be considered another scare tactic used to sell products?
  2. Hello master, I wanted to thank you for all the support and help you are giving to people through your forum, becuase all the advice found here is a great resource. I have read a lot of articles here and I come to understand a great deal of things and I found answers to the recent questions I asked. I do have another question related to colors. This might be a very subjective discussion, but nevertheless another opinion is very welcomed. Each element is represented by color and shape. And when resolving a certain sector, depending on the one's interpretation fire can be red, triangle shapes, light, candles etc. I found other authors that include pink and purple as fire, some include purple as wood, others pink as earth etc. For me, because of my profesion (illustrator, drawings), i tend to see and interpret colors different. When I look at colors, For me gray is metal, pale pink is earth (like the quartz crystals extracted from the earth), yellow brown or deep brown is earth, blueish greens, turquoise is water etc. I can't see them in another way, because I see the shades and tones in every color and that to me is associated with a certain element. Is it ok to interpret the elements colors like this, from my own point of view?
  3. Thank you for clearing that out and help me understand this better. I now that depending on what stars are in a sector I need to neutralize/balance by destroing, exhausting, fuel etc. 1. Also Is the sector's element considered when analyzing five elements? South is Fire, Center is Earth, North is water etc.? Or Pa Kua is left out and only flying stars are considered? I think this confused me when wanting to apply cures. 2. Another question about BaZi. I'm a weak metal and my husband is a strong earth. Earth generates and fuels Metal and I think this is good considering that strong supports weak. Using Fire will fuel Earth but will destroy Metal, using more Metal will weaken Earth. In his situation I'm inclined to think that we don't need a binding element, but whenever there is earth it is good for both of us. Is this correct? 2. And I know that depending on how stars combine they have a meaning that could bring wealth, prosperity, possible health issues etc. When analyzing the meaning of the stars combinations, I need to look at mountain+water and annual+monthly. The base star doesn't combine, unless it makes a 10 with another star. Is this accurate? Thank you very much.
  4. Also when doing the house's chart, how do I interpret the stars? Here I'm a bit confused. If you are kind to see which one is correct. 4.1 Do I interpret the starts by their element and see what is their relation to each other (constructive, distructive etc.) and try to reconcile the elements through shapes and color? Example If in E palace I find 7 as the governing, 2 as mountain and 5 as water. 2 and 5 fuel 7, but 7 needs to be exausted, meaning I have to implement water (shapes and colors). But taking into consideration that they sit in E, implementing water will exhaust 7 and will fuel the E and the element from E will control 2 and 5, and avoid as much as possible fire element. 4.2 Interpret the relation of the governing star with the palace and annual and monthly stars. Example In SE I find star 2 as governing and 6 as mountain and 3 as water, 5 as annual and 8 as monthly. In this case is best to avoid SE palace, because of 2 as governing and 5 as annual but that will influence the eldest daugther. If activating mountain that is auspicious, then SE can be used. And SE can be enhanced with wood, thus controling the governing star 2 and annual 5. Or is there a another way to do this?
  5. 1. May I ask when considering different house periods the similarities that I will find are regarded of the interaction of the stars? 2. Ok 3. Thank you for the book. It is very comprehensive, easy to understand and I will try to apply all methods.
  6. Hello master, I'm from Eastern Europe, I am a feng shui enthusiast and amateur and I have studied the art of feng shui for 8-9 years now. I came to understand a lot of things about feng shui, but not all of them, and I can't say that I know everything regarded to it and still trying to understand some aspects, that's why I wanted to ask for help from someone that knows this better, and verify if what I am doing is correct. I’m practicing feng shui only for my family. I don’t do it and don’t talk about it with other people, because our culture is based on christianity and some look at feng shui with doubt, fear or skepticism. I was raised by my parents in a different way and though I am a christian, asian culture always fascinated me and drew me in. I understood it and I believe that feng shui is about balance, energy, life. I would truly appreciate your help and advice. Me and my husband are going to move into our own apartment sometime in July, Till then the house is in renovation. 1. The house period The building was build in 1974, so that makes it a period 6, but since we did renovations inside (breaking down a part of a wall to create a door, taking out flooring, etc.) did that means that we changed the apartment's energy to the period 8? 2. The front/facing of the house Since the apartment belongs to a condominium, the main door of the apartment is in the building’s shared hallway (only one door to enter the house). In front of the door is the staircase going up to the next floor. Besides people going up and down the stairs, not that often, I consider this not to be the front of the house, because of the yin energy. On the other hand I want to consider the front of the house the part that has the most windows, because that is the place where I can let the yang in. People are walking, sitting on benches talking, kinds playing, some cars moving. The apartment has 4 windows on one side (2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen). The other window is from the bathroom and it is on another side, singular, very small and I will disregard that. The side where the 4 windows are it is the front of the building where the main entrance into the building is located. In this situation, is it correct to consider the front/facing of the apartment the one with the 4 windows? 3. Compass reading to determine the facing direction I’m having trouble with this, because when I stay in the center of the house (the living room), pointing the compass at the windows, it shows me different results from 100 to 115 degrees. When I go in the other rooms to the left and right of the living room sometimes it shows me 90 or even 120 degrees. The apartment is at the 2nd floor of a 5 story building and I took the directions inside the apartment. Being that the compass oscilates above and below the line of 112,5 degrees where the line between East and Southeast is, I don’t know if the facing direction is E3 or SE1 and I don’t know how to accurately find the facing direction of the apartment. I want to get this right because I know that the facing direction will influence the flying star chart with the water and mountain stars of the house. In this situation, how can I get a good compass reading? Should I do a measuring standing outside the apartment in front of the building? Thank you very much.
  7. I will do that. I'm so glad that it's that simple. Thank you very much for your answer and help.
  8. Hi there, I received from my mother a pakua mirror that she received from a friend of hers. I don't know the exact source of the mirror and it might be already used. I think I received it last year or maybe 2 years ago, can't remember exactly. The pakua mirror is for the exterior of the home and I never used it. I just wrapped it in paper and placed it in a cabinet and that's where it's been all this time. Now I want to dispose of it, because I'm not sure of its origin and don't want bad luck. What is the best way of disposing it? After disposal, should I do anything else inside the home? We are rental and in about 1 month we will move into our own apartment. Thank you so much.
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