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  1. Dear Master, Q1..The bedroom is located in the North sector (House facing SE3). Period 8 base star is 4, water star 2, and mountain 4. From my understanding, I will need METAL element to weaken the earth, yet I heard that some practitioners actually use yin water in this kind of wood and earth clash condition. What should I do? Q2..this is the only bedroom, yet the shape of it is very awkward to place a queen bed here. However the directions or placements I propose are always directly facing the bathroom door and the other door is cut us in half, vice versa, or the corner angle creates sha-qi . Is there a better way to place the bed? Thank you so much.
  2. Hi, Master, I have learned that in Feng Shui theory Natural/external environment is the priority. We go from big to small, and from permeant to temporary. However, I am not sure how to balance between the practicality and the theory. For example, there is a 20-mile-long (measure from it's SW end to NE end) lake sitting the north of the town I am looking for a house to purchase now (please see the picture, the town is marked in red dot). OK, in theory, I should choose a house that faces N, NE, or NW, because water should be in the front of the house. The S of the lake is around 4-5 miles from the town I will be living in. However, putting flying star period 8 and 9 into consideration, I am looking for a house facing SE, S, or SW (not sure if I am right or wrong). Assuming that I am right, then that big of the water source would be in the back of the house!!!!! Q1... Considering there being numerous streams and creeks nearby around the town everywhere, distance-wise, I should tap into the relationship between the house and the creeks but not the big lake??? However, I checked the topo for the direction of water flows. Almost all the creeks and streams move away from the center out; no matter which house it is???? That's not a help! (please see the pic; creeks are very small, so it's hard to see the light blue color) Q2... in this case, shall I go with the landform and forget about the flying stars, or I should not look at Feng Shui in a black-n-white manner? Thanks
  3. chueh

    sunken land in front of the hill

    Thank you Master for looking into it. In the front of the plot is a road. Please see the satellite picture.
  4. This plot of land itself (I call it Land A here. It's the land I am asking for) is flat. The left neighbor Land C is on a slightly higher ground. This qualifies for the green dragon.The right side neighbor, however, is on a slightly lower ground. Thus, there is no protection for the house-to-be-built on its right side.The back neighbor land (Land B ) behind Land A stepped down to a flat land too. Thus, it's lower than the Land A. Then, Behind Land B, there is a hill. 1.. Does this hill at the far rear qualify the black tortoise, despite the fact that Land B is sunken?2..Overall, is this a good landform? Thanks
  5. chueh

    concept only for land shapes???

    Master, I applause your wittiness of and flexibility of resolution. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi, Master, I know that a triangular land is not ideal, especially the sitting/back of the land is smaller than the facing/front. I can understand how the energy flows with difficulty or is interrupted by Sha-Chi, if this triangular land is an island defined by no other lands around it. Most of lands are connected with one another in the USA, and each shape of lands is defined only by county records and surveyors, without physical boundaries. I wonder if the principle of the land shape still effective? Chi/energy/environment/FengShui wouldn't know how an owner's boundary of the land is defined.I am looking at this triangular piece of triangular land (#5181) with the facing embraced by a road. There are no fences and physical boundaries to the land. The yellow defined plats are done by the county records. Thus, does it matter in this case what land shape is? Thanks
  7. chueh

    land with creek behind and next to a lake

    Thank you, Master. It's very helpful
  8. I am considering this empty lot. The house-to-be will face SW, so the creek is right behind, connecting to a lake (Please see the picture creeklake.png). The main yellow shape indicate a potential house. The blue curvy line about 100 feet behind the house is the creek, and the lake between 300-400 feet away. The small yellow shape is a potential hobby house. The topography suggests that land is slightly higher at the front (SW) and slightly sloping towards the back. And the right side of the house is slightly higher than the left. First question: is this a good land to build a house? I am teaching at home, so I would like to use a sector towards the back of the future house. My students will enter the house through the back door, which I will make more like a main entrance door. I hardly ever have personal guests or visitors, so the front entrance door will be rarely used. In order to balance the QI of the front and the back of the house, I will make the back door where my students enter larger and showier than the front door, which will look more plain. Is this a good idea??? Or is the small hobby house more auspicious than the main house, and I should use teach at the hobby house? Thanks