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  1. My respect to you. I am at lost on where to place my Kuan Im. I sold my house and will be moving to a rented house which is very small. All my belonging in my current house will be stored at a storage centre. I ask around temples whether they could accept to pay my Kuam Im for time being until I move to my new house but non able to accept. Can I wrap up the Kuan Im in red cloth as respect and put it into a box and store it at the storage centre for time being. I will ask Kuan Im for forgiveness for such an arrangement. Otherwise please advise what other alternative.
  2. Hi Cecil Merry Christmas to you. I need your advise. I need to move into my son house temporary with the ancestral tablet before I move into my own new house. It is ok.
  3. Dear Cecil On the 49 days, can the monk chant Di Zhang Huang Pusa mantra at the ancestral tablet at home.
  4. Thank you so much for the advise. Really appreciate your kind response.
  5. Hi Thank you for the advise. Should the altar be on the left or right side of Guan Im table ie if I am standing same side with the Guan Im.
  6. Hi Cecil I have to install an ancestor altar table but I realise those ready made are higher than my existing table. I saw the fengshui ruler for yin. My current Guan Yin table height is 126cm with side wings but actual height is 115cm. I need to custom made a table lower than 117cm. Is 112cm ideal for ancestor table or should be be same height as 117cm. Appreciate your advise. Thank you.
  7. Hi Sifu Its inspiring reading your articles and advise. I have an old 3 legged frog suppose to be blessed which I paid for many many years ago. Iam decluttering my house due to space constraint. May I know how do I dispose the 3 legged frog.
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