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  1. myfs_163285

    Metal vs Five-Yellow

    It also seems to me that no business is going to want to hang a bunch of wind chimes or clutter up their space with a bunch of tacky little "cures", so there must be a different approach that is equally effective without them, because I know feng shui is used almost universally by businesses in the East. I haven't found any information about such an approach, though.
  2. myfs_163285

    Metal vs Five-Yellow

    Thank you. I much prefer your practical approach, although I did already buy a six hollow rod metal wind chime, just to be safe. But, that is a good point about avoiding noise. Some authors specifically say not to dig in the ground or renovate that part of the house where five-yellow is currently located, but others just say not to create a disturbance. I'm not clear on whether a wind chime is considered a disturbance in such cases, or not. What is your view on this?
  3. myfs_163285

    Metal vs Five-Yellow

    Hello, again Several sources have recommended using metal as a "cure" for having the Five-Yellow at my front door, this year (2018). I have ordered a wind chime to place there, but I'm wondering if the steel security door/screen that is already on the door provides the same protection. Thank you!
  4. myfs_163285

    What good are the 24 mountains?

    Thank you for your patience and generosity in sharing your wisdom.
  5. myfs_163285

    What good are the 24 mountains?

    Thank you. Yes, I am trying to learn Flying Star. I would have posted the question in that forum, but there has been no activity there in over a year. So, they are simply names for segments of the compass. That's fine. I was simply led to believe there was more significance to them. And one "expert" introduced new names for the mountains within the five-yellow star, which made it very confusing. If I may, I have another related question: how does one get an accurate compass reading of a building's facing direction? The instructions I've seen simply say to stand in the doorway, or outside the doorway, facing out of or away from the building, and point the compass in the direction you're facing. But, that's incredibly inaccurate for something so important. I tried on my house, using both a top quality magnetic compass and the compass app on my phone. They didn't agree, or even come close. So, I took readings at found spots with each device, pressing them against the inside of the front door and the wall beside the door, which should give the most accurate readings, I would think. I got 8 different readings. The 4 phone compass readings averaged 339 and the 4 magnetic compass readings averaged 346.5, so I'm calling my house a Jen/Ren/N1 house, based on those. But, 2 of the readings were outside that range, and would have made the house a Hai or NW3 house. Is it always like this?
  6. myfs_163285

    What good are the 24 mountains?

    Hi, I'm trying to get a handle on what the significance is of the 24 mountains. Every book lists them, and gives the compass points they relate to, but that's all I've seen. Are they really just names for the divisions of the compass, like the N1, N2, N3 alternatives, or is there something more to them? The name "24 mountains" makes them sound very important, but I'm not seeing how they have any importance. Am I missing something? Thanks!