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  1. Hey there. My name is Runa, and I know a little bit about western astrology. At a young age I was very spiritual, very close to nature, mixing herbs, plants, using them to create art and symbols. I was at peace, I was mostly a loner, and it feels like I am constantly living in different planes. I have intense imaginations. I can live in a world I create. Vivid details. Many ongoing stories in many timelines. To not kill myself.. I had to pretend to be someone else. Now I don't know what my purpose is. In western astrology, I have:Moon and chiron in 12h (h of collective unconcious and karma) in Leo [fire] Mercury and mars in 9h (h of philosophy, truth) in aries [fire] Sun and venus 10h (h of achievement, career) in taurus [earth] Retrograde pluto in 4h (early conditioning) in scorpio [water] Retrograde uranus and neptune in 6h ( daily ritual, mundane reality) in capricon [earth] True node in capricorn at 1 degree western astrology gave me insight into rediscovering my spirituality but is failing to really give me an idea of what to do. i already help people by showing them astrology basics, by learning tarot and giving readings to the best of my ability. i am also studying medicinal properties of herbs/plants... after i realized i was deeply connected to spirituality, there was an explosion of interests and i am just reading and reading.... but i don't know what i am supposed to do.... any in insight? father half vietnamese, half unknown. mother full vietnamese runa tresnomay 8 199212:11 pmfort lauderdale, floridaHoly cross hospitaltransgender female blood type b rhd positive
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