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  1. Hi Sifu Robert, Thank you again for yet another comprehensive response! This was very helpful and timely for me as I make my decision in the next few weeks. Especially knowing that my chart is less suited for being an entrepreneur. No worries - it doesn't demotivate me at all, and in fact makes my decision clearer/easier. Is it correct to assume that the same advice applies to how I manage my wealth/savings? It's probably better for me to keep my savings in FDs, blue-chips and property, since I don't have extreme good luck. And in years like 2021, maybe speculate a little bit. Also, can I apply favorable elements to the type of companies I buy? E.g., I should invest in Banking (Metal) and REITs (Earth) since they are favorable for me. Not sure if Bazi was meant to be used this way. Best, Adrian PS: I really like the latest version of the premium report, it's even more comprehensive and useful now. Keep up the great work!
  2. Hi Sifu Robert, Thanks again for taking the time to write a comprehensive response to my question. It makes sense to me, and a good example of where a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous when we don't understand the full picture. My situation may provide one such scenario. It seems that for "Follow-Wealth" charts, since the Day-Master is overly feeble, the recommendation is to overwhelm it with more Wealth elements (in my case, Wood). While this may help me end up with lots of potential wealth, it may cause a lot of imbalances in other parts of my life (spirituality, decision-making, etc.). Even if I could obtain the wealth, I may not necessarily be able to enjoy it since my Self is so weak. Would that be the right understanding? I have another follow-up from my previous ask about future jobs/careers. Since my decade pillar changed, I've been feeling increasingly demotivated at my current job, and wanting to switch. I'm curious if you can tell from my chart what would be the next best course of action given my luck pillars. Would appreciate any words of advice from you. Remain at current company, start a side-hustle Join another large stable company, start a side-hustle Join as an early employee in a startup with high potential (likely no side-hustle since it'll be busy) Don't work for a company, start my own business or free-lancing work Best, Adrian
  3. Hi Sifu Robert, Thank you again for your really detailed explanation previously. Since learning more about Bazi, I've come across the terms "trend following formation (从势格)" and "abandoned life follower (弃命相从格)". I'm curious if you practice this, and if so, how does this potentially apply or not apply to my chart (e.g., since I have 0 earth, and minimal metal in my natal chart)? Best Wishes, Adrian
  4. Hi Sifu Robert, Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to reply so quickly! I was very pleasantly surprised especially because today is Sunday. I reread your response several times as it was so comprehensive. Tried to think of follow-up questions but really couldn't because you've covered everything in detail. Additionally, it's helped me understand my elements much better. Thanks to you, I'm feeling more confident and able to prepare for this coming period. Will read up more of your materials and hopefully contribute in the future also. Have a great weekend and a prosperous year ahead! Best Wishes, Adrian
  5. Hi Sifu, Firstly, Happy CNY! I am excited and happy to be part of this community. Just went through my full Bazi report and thought it was very comprehensive. Thank you for doing this for us. To follow-up, I have three questions I'd like to clarify. For your reference, my birthday is Feb 10 1987 10:51pm. 1) Favorable elements. My report tells me that they are Earth and Metal, which makes sense since I'm weak Metal. However, there are some that say since my Metal is extremely weak, my favorable elements are actually Wood and Water. Why is that, and how should I resolve this? 2) Career. My report says that this decade I'll have more Earth but I'm not sure if it's enough for me to focus on Wood and Fire careers (Wealth/Power). I'm currently working as management in software (Fire?) and was a strategy consultant (Wood?) but thinking of working for a real-estate software company (Earth/Fire?) and becoming a part-time loan signing agent (Metal?). What do you think? 3) Name tweak. Currently my chinese name is 林文汉 (Wood Water Water) but I'm thinking of tweaking it to 林珳汉 (Wood Metal Water). That way I'll add some Metal/Earth without having to change my name's pronunciation. Would you recommend against doing this? Thanks again for all the time that you put into what you do, and I hope to hear from you soon.
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