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  1. Dear Master Lee, I have stayed in Nw1 house ( main door angled) on a Nw2 lot. (Following the conservatives before i saw your very informative website) I need your advise for the following : 1) I would like to change the Main door Angle in Period 9, does this affect the water exit? ( since i followed the Nw1 water exit) Or should I also change the water exit when i change my door angle to Nw2 ? ( wc is the facing property of the Lot) My water exit plumbing is under ground unseen. Except for one street drain on the right side of the house. Though I still followed it dueing house construction a decade ago 2) I wanted Nw2 because of the Sum of Ten in Period 9, am i correct that this is a good direction for period 9? 3) I am a Metal Dog 1970 wife breadwinner Looking forward to your valuable advise. Respectfully Madz 168
  2. Noted on this valuable advise Master. I am considering renovations on 2024... changing roof, tiling floor, and changing the door. Is this enough for house rebirth? I would like to obtain the sum of 10 in NW2. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Hello Master this is very interesting to note but confusing since i am a female breadwinner and a metal dog (1970) Nw1 sector. May i know if this is also applicable to the house i am staying in with facing direction Nw2 ? Open space concept in my house. This is a period 8 house chart, why is the wealth 9? I thought it is still 8 wealth star. Please enlighten me further , together with steps i can take to lessen impact you mentioned thank you!
  4. Hello Master my door is angled Northwest 1 and my lot facing the road is sitting on Northwest 2... is my house considered Nw 1 or Nw 2 ? Thank you for your reply!
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