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  1. Hi Everyone, Firstly, like to wish you and your loved ones, Health, Wealth & Happiness! As most our major sections of the site have been upgraded with the latest versions of the software technology and hardware, which now allow us to support more mobile friendly layout, we can now focus on improving some of older sections of our site which were still based on older standard html/table based site layout and design. Hence, as of 7 Jan 2023, I am happy to announced that I have updated our popular Comprehensive Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Forecast. This will be our 3rd major revision of the layout which was last updated on 22 Jan 2017 which was focus more on making the forecast more viewable on mobile devices. Here is our new Rabbit - 2023 Chinese Horoscope & Yearly Forecast:- https://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/yearly-forecast/rabbit-2023-chinese-horoscope-feng-shui-yearly-forecast Here is the 2024-2035 Chinese Horoscope & Yearly Forecast:- https://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/yearly-forecast/ Here are the key features our updated forecast:- 1. This update focus on taking advantage of many new mobile friendly framework (uikit) which I previously identified and have been utilizing for the main www.geomancy.net for sometime now. However, I didn't rush to convert the entire site to support it, as I wanted to make sure that it is a framework that I can use for many years to come. Now I am certain it is, I am now going to update it to our report sections to re-vamp our report sections as well. So our Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Forecast will be one the first section for us to apply this update. 2. Hence, I have re-vamp our yearly forecast, so that it is easier to read. You will be able to tell which are the favourable horoscope, which are the elements within that horoscope that are the best for this year etc with a new grid-like layout. 3. You will be able to see any special influence such as Earned Wealth, Unexpected Wealth, Friendship, Relationship, Nobleman or whatever that is prominent for the year. Even any negative influence Wealth Loss, Health, Accidents, Friendship Quarrels, Romance Breakup, Stress etc. Everything is displayed in a very easy grid-like layout. 4. We are also now officially introducing our 奇门遁甲 (Qi Men Dun Jia) Divinity Year Chart as part of the yearly forecast, as this can give additional insights into the year as well. So we can not only check the year with chinese horoscope, ba zi, flying star and soon with Qi Men Dun Jia Divinity Forecast as well. This will allow us to test the layout formatting for our new upcoming Divinity forecast chart which can add additional perspective to the yearly forecast. While we are not yet including any interpretation yet, as we are want to test to make sure that the chart and layout is okay before we add in the explanation. As this is a rather complicated report, trying to make it easy to understand and how best to present the interpretation can be rather challenging. So we are not rushing to release it until it is ready. For now, we are introducing it publicly, so that you get familiar with the new Qi Men Dun Jia Chart that will play an important part in future divinity forecast reports that we will be launching. Given that each sector is colour-coded, in 2023 for example, the North-East sector have all 4 sectors (Deity/Heaven/Earth/Human) in blue, which in the most basic interpretation would be good year for Agent / Photographing / Marriage / Banquet events. That is just one of the many interpretation possible. This chart can be used to forecast many many things, hence comes the complexity of how to present the analysis. Anyway, this chart is still a usable chart info, just like the yearly flying star chart that is also included in our forecast. Hence, it is going be an integral part of our future forecast update as well. 5. 2023 Monthly Forecast and 12 Horoscope Signs summary have options to filter the Good / Average / Bad Months/Horoscope, so that you can make it easier to see which months or horoscope are good or bad. We will start to include such user friendly interface in our future reports as well where it is useful. 6. Just as with our last ba zi report update, we now removed many of the technical ba zi details info which may appear a bit overwhelming for most average users. So the forecast looks more simple, yet still easy to understand. 7. Hence, we have our new and improved Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Forecast layout. So we have updated this latest format to all our older forecast (2005-2030). Plus, we added the upcoming forecast for 2031-2035 as well. So that you can have a seek preview into what's coming for at least the upcoming 10 years! We know our forecast are incredibly useful, so we are proud to be the first to release it early in advance for users to preview it. It is also also continually improve it so that it gets better and better, hence we made at least 10 years of forecast available for users to be able to access it! https://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/yearly-forecast/ Hope you enjoy the updates! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  2. 1. Frankly, I didn't analyse your charts in detail at all. All I did was just to quick check to see what at least one of the binding element maybe and for whether there are any major/minor clashes, for answering your questions. Frankly, our forum policy is by right, we shouldn't be having to do any calculation from date and time of birth info provided when answering any post. It should be simple advise based on issues or information you provided only. However, I needed to check just to give you an example of what is the binding element needed. 2. So I was more or less answering your question about whether it is possible improve an incompatible chart. And I said that even with the use of binding element, it may not 100% help a chart that is extremely incompatible. I didn't say that your chart was extremely incompatible. So I have to clarify that. 3. As for binding element, there can be a few different binding element depending on what elements the two of you ba zi. In your case, water was one of the recommended binding element. This means either common bedroom decor scheme for example, ideally having water element colours (blue/black/gray). Or even if you have a family member (ie your children), being say a weak/Strong Water etc. Or any other binding elements that can help to balance the elements. 4. But do be careful, that when you apply any colour scheme, you also need to make sure that it doesn't affect any inauspicious Earth Luck (flying stars feng shui) etc. This is why we don't like to make detailed recommendations on what do as solution. As there are other things to consider. Some colours can activate the inauspicious illness/misfortune stars or in terms of something that can affect relationship would be the romance/quarrel stars. If there are any such inauspicious stars present, they also need to be properly neutralised or select another more neutral binding element colour. Otherwise, they will trigger more issues. So it is best that you get someone to help you professionally. 5. Anyway the key point is that bedroom decor or common area decor colours, people around you generally some of the easiest and best way to add water element etc. 6. Beyond that, as mentioned it would depend on the human luck effort. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  3. 1. From the heaven luck compatibility, it really depends on how incompatible the charts are. There are 3 main indicators, the ba zi element compatibility, ba zi chart clashes/harms compatibility and horoscope compatibility in general. 2. In most cases, a common binding element can help to smoothen and improve the relationship. However, if all 3 major indicator are incompatible and especially there are multiple major/minor clash/harm. Then it maybe a little harder to fix, as even the use of a common binding element, as there will still be some degree of conflicts that you can't truly get rid off completely. Especially, if this compatibility triggers a lot of frequent arugments. All these frequent arguments if unable to minimize/reduce, often will lead up to a 'pent up' major argument. Which once that explodes out, it is very difficult to resolve until the point that it leads to a potential break up. Which is why sometimes especially for a very badly incompatibility couple, more often than not, this often leads to a potential ends up in a break-up eventually. 3. So from the ba zi, the only thing you can do is to have more of the binding element in common areas around the two of you. Like in the ba zi of that two person you provided. This couple will need lots of water element to help smoothen and improve the relationship. If there are sufficient binding elements, then it should help minimise this from happening. 4. Beyond the ba zi compatibility. As a person generally has 3 form of luck affecting them:- 4.1. Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have based on your ba zi. 4.2. Earth Luck - Luck from your Home/Office and surrounding office. 4.3. Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. So each affects 33.3% of your overall luck. When it comes to relationship the two areas that affects the relationship are the Heaven and Human luck in particular. 5. So from the human luck factor, spending lots of time with each other, having a bit of tolerance and understanding about each other, can all help contribute to build a strong and lasting relationship. As if you are build a loving and strong relationship, this can sometimes overcome some of the incompatibility and reduce the possible conflicts that arises from the ba zi chart. Although it will probably still be a little challenging for an extremely incompatible chart, but it should help in some way. 6. From what you have written, it seems that the couple does seem to get along well. So this is a good sign that the human luck effort there is pretty good. So if there is sufficient common binding element. The relationship may still work out. Although, both of you will still have to put in sufficient effort to make sure it stays that way. From what I can see the girl side, as there seems to be frequent arguments with the mom, this may potentially cause a spill over effect, affecting the relationship in the long run if this does not get resolved. So she will definitely, need to look into improve her relationship with her mum. 7. In any case, generally a very incompatible chart, will mean that a lot more effort needed in order to maintain the relationship, as any small issue if not handled well, can often blow out of control if left uncontrolled. So the common binding element will be essential to minimize it along with good human luck effort.
  4. No problem. Actually, I was still drafting and editing the reply. It takes a little time to format the text and add in the appropriate screen capture and so forth, in order to make it easier to understand. Although we have this auspicious date report for a long time now, we haven't yet created a guide on it. So I figured I created it while replying to your question. Anyway, I have just finished revising the reply. It should be a lot easier to understand now. Yes, depending on date range and urgency, you often have to pick the best possible choice available. Either way, any dates which is Very Auspicious/Auspicious/Average would already be the better dates with least possible conflict available. Hence, that would give you the best overall luck.
  5. 1. Our auspicious dates does many calculations such as:- checking whether the day suits the ba zi checking the ba zi of the individual to the day for any clash/harms/punishments etc. checking for the day vs the year having any many issues. as well as some key important Tung Shu/Chinese Alamac general dates assessment. So these are very personalised to the individual and you can use the rating in general to determine which dates are best. The other additional information such as clashes/harms are also provided, so that you can compare between two dates to see which is better. Usually, the dates with the least overall possible clash/harm found would be the most ideal. Our personalised auspicious dates generally superceeds any general Tung Shu / Chinese Alamac, as those are based on generalised dates which doesn't yet personalise to the individual. Often, you still need to check all these such as whether there are any clashes the day and your ba zi, whether the elements is suitable to you or not. Our auspicious dates does all these for users, so you don't need to do any further calculation except to select the best overall dates for your important events. 2. So select the date by the last Rating column, such as 8 Sep 2022 (Thu) which is Auspicious, followed by either 3 Sep / 6 Sep being the average dates. Generally, the order would be:- Very Auspicious - Most suitable Auspicious - Next most suitable Average - Next next most suitable Mixed Blessing - Not the most ideal but better than Inauspicious / Very Inauspicious Inauspicious - Least inauspicious Very Inauspicious - Most inauspicious As this will consider whether the day is most suitable to the ba zi elements and whether whether are any major clash/harms with the day itself, then rank it accordingly. 3. For clashes/harms, the most important major clashes/harms or any incompatibilities will be shown on the 2nd column just under the date column in red text. Such 2nd Sep 2022 where there is a HS Bad Element, Self Punishment etc. Or like 10 Sep where there is a HS Clash etc. These will indicate either the day itself having some major conflict with the year or individually whether there are some major clash/harm or incompatible elements found. Often, dates with these red warning text will usually be Inauspicious in some way or other. All these will already be considered in the rating. 4. For the 4th column the Clash/Harm/Punishment/Self Punishment, these shows all the minor clash/harm/punishment/self that may occurs in all your ba zi pillars vs the day. Since your ba zi contains many pillars year/month/day/hour plus 2 additional pillars. There will certainly be some clashes/harms/punishment/self punishment that occurs between your pillars (such as between the day vs the hour pillar), especially when so many pillars are checked. Often, many of these are less important, but it is important to be able to see this in the report, so as to be able to make a better decision between two dates of similar ranking which is better. Usually, when there are clashes/harm/punishment/self punishment in this column they are listed under 4 lines, 1st line (red text) are clashes, 2nd line (red text) are harms, 3rd line (black text) punishment and 4th line (black text) are self punishment (specially single character like Hai). All these are shown, in case there is a need to check what is in conflict etc. 5. In any case, what is important is between two dates say both are ranked Auspicious, but one has more minor clash/harms found in the 4th column, than the other Auspicious date which has no clash/harms, then the date with least clashes or least red clash/harms lines would be deemed better. Generally, the one rated Very Auspicious/Auspicious would be better than the Average ones since that indicates that the elements and day are suitable to the person which can boost their luck. Such as follows:- Based on your screen capture example, 8 Sep would be the best since that is Auspicious ranking. There is nothing to compare with, so that is the best available. Of course, if there is another Very Auspicious date ranking, than that would be better than this. Otherwise, at this date range, 8 Sep is the best at the moment. 3 Sep and 6 Sep are similar since they are average, with similar punishment (Wei-Shu) since that is the 3rd line in black text. Difference between 3 and 6 Sep is that 3 Sep is Ji-Wei (Earth-Earth) day, while 6 Sep is Ren-Shu (Water-Earth). Of which both still has strongest Earth influence of the day represented by the 3rd Personal element column. This Personal element column, considers any combinations which may occur between your pillar and day, which sometimes can change the elements to a new element. So it represents the element your chart views it, when it encounters it. Depending on your ba zi, if you do lack more Water element, then 6 Sep maybe better as the day itself contains some additional Water element. While if you lack more Earth elements, then 3 Sep is better since it is made up of 2 earth elements. So this is how you can also use the elements you lack to further fine tune which day is better between the two. 6. So with our report, all these info will be available to help clients make a better report. Hence, to summarize, all you need to do is zoom into the dates which are Very Auspicious, or Auspicious or at least Average, then check the 4th column for which dates having the least minor clash/harm/punishment/self punishment that occurs to decide which of the dates is usually the best. Last is to check the elements of the day to determine which elements that you lack in your ba zi, to further determine which dates is even more suitable. 7. The goal is to find a date that is most suitable, and with least conflict with your ba zi, as well as no major conflict between the day vs the year. In any case, the report is already simplified so all you need to do is to zoom in by the ranking column on the right. With that you can already tell which are the better dates. The rest is just for further fine-tuning to better maximise the auspicious date report. Most may not really need to know about those in details, unless you want to fine-tune to pick the best possible dates available. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Deborah, Based on your chart as follows:- https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=22&month=11&year=1971&hour=9 1. I don't think it is entirely the most unlucky chart. Although, the current 10-year luck period (2016-2025) is not the luckiest of luck period. Honestly, I have seen a lot worst than that such as many who only have 3 big luck of which they come in during the old age. So comparatively, you do have at least some big luck with you most of the time. However, what makes your luck not less desirable is that almost all your big luck will have some major clash/harms/punishment which indicates lots of challenges/obstacles to overcome despite having luck on your side. Hence, definitely, not as great as other similar charts with big luck with them but with few or minimal major clashes/harms. 2. Anyway, a person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck:- Heaven luck - Luck that you are born with and supposed to have. Earth Luck - Luck from your Home / Office and surrounding environment. Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. 3. Each affects 33.3% of your overall luck. So in essence your ba zi Heaven Luck only affects 33.3% of your overall luck. Often, depending on your Earth luck (Feng Shui of your Home / Office), that can still affect how your luck will be. Often people who have very good Heaven Luck, but have a bad Feng Shui home Earth Luck can also affect their luck adversely. Same goes for the reverse, a person who have an average or bad heaven luck, but have a good Feng Shui from their Home / Office Earth Luck, can significantly improve their luck. This is because Heaven+Earth together affects 66.6% of your overall luck already. Then the rest depends on their Human luck factor which affects another 33.3% of their luck. 4. So even for those with poor Heaven Luck, they can still improve their overall luck with the a good Earth Luck (Feng Shui for Home / Office) and through their Human Luck (their hard work and good relationship with others). Of course, while overall luck will be better, but it probably won't be as great as those with very good Heaven Luck to complement their Earth+Human luck. Remember that Earth+Human luck itself affects 66.6% of their overall luck. 5. So yes while some may not have the best ba zi luck, if you can balance your ba zi properly and maximise it by knowing when are the good and bad periods. Then work on finding a good home / office which can affect the other 33.3% of your overall luck. Then the rest depends on your human luck effort (your relationship with other people and own hard work). So honestly, it is not all doom and gloom. Coz, your heaven luck only represents a portion of your overall luck. 6. So honestly, while your chart isn't the best, I also don't think it is worst type of ba zi chart based on experience. You are probably not balancing your existing ba zi heaven luck properly to maximise it. As well as, there might be other issues such as bad feng shui from the earth luck etc.
  7. 1. Generally, as a weak Fire, your favourable elements would likely be wood or fire. While unfavourable elements will be water, earth and metal element. 2. Exactly which elements you need more or less, depends on your ba zi five element percentage breakdown which is only known if you do a detailed ba zi review. For example, if your weak Fire is weak because you lack more wood (0%) than fire (5%), then wood is considered your most favourable, followed fire which is your next most favourable element. Same goes for the unfavourable element, the unfavourable element that you have the most, will be the most unfavourable followed by the least least unfavourable elements. 3. From just the basic "weak Fire" info, we won't know exactly how much of the water element percentage you have in your charts. So can't tell whether it is the most unfavourable or least unfavourable element for fine tuning. 4. However, there is a presence of Wood element, so Wood element in the healthcare job industry. The presence of a favourable element first helps to make your fire stronger. This way your weak fire will be strengthen already. 5. So the presence of the Water element should then allow wood to convert some of the water into making wood stronger. This way it will reduce the impact of the Water being able to destroy the Fire element which weakens it. 6. So in that way it should reduce some of the unfavourable impact of the water element. However, since we do not know whether your water element is the most unfavourable or least unfavourable. We won't know if this is the most suitable element to have. If your water element for example if 50%, then that makes it likely a more unfavourable element, which you have too much already, so not the most suitable career job scope. However, if your water element is 5%, then that will make it a less unsuitable since the ideal is to have 20% of each element. Hence, having water jobs scope together with the Wood, will make it sutiable for you in order to balance your five elements. 7. So essentially, it is all about knowing what you need most. Ideally, without the five element percentage info, then the better type of job scope/job industry ideally would be more of Wood+Fire element, will be better. If you do know your actual five element percentage, then it will help you better fine tune what elements you need more or less. 8. So back to your question. In this case, as there is the presence of Wood element (one of your favourable element), the impact of the water being able to weaken your fire will be reduced, while the presence of water will enhance the water element. So in general, that should still be considered okay. If there is no wood element present, then just adding water alone will be bad for you. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  8. 1. Such as in common bedroom or rooms that both person share/use, choose Metal colour scheme/patterns (ie white/gold or circle pattern). That would help add metal into the relationship. 2. No, doesn't mean that the weak person will be more tired easily. Just a lot weaker. The goal of ba zi is for weak person to get stronger, and for strong person to be weaker (ie not too overly strong). Attaining ideal the perfect balance, ie 20% of each element. Which is hard to achieve since not everything around can be quantify as a percentage value. But generally the more of your favourable elements, the better your relationship. 3. Yes, then this means compatibility is less ideal. However, 1 major clash or 3 minor clash/harm is the threshold. Once you start to reach this, the chart will start to become more and more incompatible, indicating possibly more disputes and quarrels. Especially, if the five element compatibility or horoscope compatible are also incompatible, then more likely that the couple will have more relationship issues. I mean I have seen as bad as 3-4 major clashes/harms, or 5-6 minor clashes/harms. So 3 minor clashes/harms while bad, still not as bad as those with 5-6 minor clashes for example. 4. Like in your case, your five element compatibility is both not mutually beneficial, and there are 3 minor clash/harm. This would make 2/3 compatibility factors as incompatible. If the horoscope compatibility also belongs to the clash/harm then that would be worst. So far I don't see any clash between the year to year, so unlikely to be a direct clash/harm between the horoscope. 5. In any case, 2/3 not auspicious, will bring down the compatibility analysis closer to below average or poor already. So all the more will need more of the binding element to smoothen the relationship.
  9. 1. weak water vs strong wood - weak water makes strong wood even stronger, while strong wood will exhaust weak water making it weaker. Definitely not as mutually beneficial as Strong Water and weak Wood. So you need Metal which strengthens the weak water and destroy the excess Wood. 2. As for the clashes, so far based on that info. Those are consider 2 x minor clashes. Generally, it is quite common for most charts to have 1-2 minor clashes/harms. However if it is 3 or more minor clash, then that would be as bad as 1 major clash or considered multiple clashes indicating, lots of conflicts between the charts. The presences of clash/harms, normally means from time to time there may still be some quarrels or conflicts and arguments. So while that is not the most ideal, compared to having 0 clashes/harms but it is still acceptable since it is below the threshold.
  10. 1. Unfortunately, there are many different theories and concepts in Feng Shui. Hence, I am not surprised at all that even if you get 5 different masters, you may end up getting 5 completely different reviews. Ultimately, it is how experience that master is and how complete or comprehensive was the analysis based on, that will determine how good he/her assessment will be. So to an average person this can be very confusing. So best advice I can offer is to find one reliable one and then at least get to know what fundamental concepts he/she is uses. It must at least make sense and use as many concepts together since the many concepts each is for a different purpose. But when you combine the results of the various analysis, normally there will be 2 or more concepts which will re-enforce the previous assessment. 2. This issue is exactly the problem that was highlighted in the earlier link I provided regarding Location factor. The use of the Lunar/Seasonal calendar differences. URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/10229-understand-the-chinese-lunar-and-xia-calendar-in-ba-zi-four-pillars-used-by-various-masters-and-why-not-to-totally-depend-on-just-the-xia-hsia-seasonal-solar-calendar-alone/?do=findComment&comment=20838 3. The issue here is that many analysis still primarily based on Lunar Calendar, that's why you see that we celebrate the new year based on 1st day of Lunar Calendar and not the 1st day of the Seasonal Calendar. So your ba zi chart is one of the those that happen to fall in between the crossing of two years. So your Seasonal Month and Seasonal Year pillar by right will be a litte different. Lunar calendar will show you are a Rat while Seasonal calendar is Ox. Since I don't know your gender (male/female). But the chart won't look too different:- URL (Male): https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=5&month=02&year=1985&hour=8 URL (Female): https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=5&month=02&year=1985&hour=8 4. Given that most Chinese Horoscope still based on Lunar Calendar, hence we should still continue to follow the Lunar Calendar horoscope to avoid future confusion. This Seasonal Calendar is primarily used in this ba zi only for it's seasonal influence. Hence, all our tools at Geomancy.Net is all standardize to use Lunar Calendar. In the ba zi, the seasonal influence is calculated where necessary. This is better, otherwise, you get confusion of whether you are an Rat/Ox. As you cannot be two completely different horoscope at the same time. Otherwise, your how to check your compatibility as the compatibility between Rat and Ox will be different. 5. This also probably explains why maybe your luck forecast is different, as depending on whether the person who analyse your report use full seasonal calendar your month and year pillar or both will be different. This would result in different five element percentage. Which will affect whether you are weak or strong. 6. In our case, our ba zi determine you as a weak Wood because:- Total Favourable Elements (that make you strong) Wood (13.3%) + Water (13.3%) + Fire (30.0%) 56.7% < Total Unfavourable Elements (that make you weak) Metal (26.7%) + Earth (16.7%) + Fire (30.0%) 73.3% = Therefore, you are a Weak Wood NOTE: Fire element both helps you and weakens you, so eventually it cancel itself out in the equation. But based on the above, it is clear that sine you total favourable element that make you strong is less than total favourable element that makes you weak, therefore you are a weak wood. 7. Anyway, unfortunately, it will be confusing for you as an end user. But that's where it is important that you seek a master you trust and so best to know a bit of what concept the master uses and why. As that can really affect the analysis and advise given. 8. Seeking free advise from all over the place will end up getting you a messed up advise as there may be varying concepts being applied. So if they do not work well together, you will end up with all sorts of wrong advise or solutions which end up doesn't help you at all. 9. As far as our site is concerned, all our tools are designed to work well with one another as well as they are based on years of experience and research based on millions of clients we have done the review for. So we are able to see which concepts work well together and how to prioritize the assessment. So all our tools are tweaked from our years of experience and from what works best for most people most of the time. Not to mentioned, by knowing all the various conception and difference, we are able to know why we chose a certain concept over many others. As these are important, you can probably tell that the issue you faced is one of the reason why adopt the Lunar Calendar Ba Zi with application of Seasonal Calendar where necessary to avoid this Rat-Ox issue.
  11. You may want to read this post on the section "Applying Location Factor into the Ba Zi":-
  12. Yes, possible, because some days (all hours, with only a few hours will be completely opposite luck). So if a person is born on that date and timing, then most of big luck will not with him. However, in 120 year big luck cycle, there will usually be 3 big luck with them no matter how unlucky. Just whether these 3 big luck comes in early or late. Of which the 1st 80 years would be generally of bigger interest, since most average life span is around there. If happen, it comes in early, ie 1st 3 big luck, then the rest usually 6 or 9 periods will be inauspicious. The better ones is where at least these 3 big auspicious luck comes in during age 20-50 where it is consider your prime working age. Then, even though the big luck is not with them, it is still not so bad. . There will be varying types of luck period within a year, so it will cycle between very good to very bad. So if happen to be born on those days that happen to be very bad, then your overall luck will be not so good. Hence, besides balancing your five elements, you then have to depend a lot on your Earth and Human luck factor. Unfortunately, that's just life. Not everyone is always fortunate to be so call "born with a silver spoon". However, in most cases given there is Earth and Luck which still affects 66.6% of your overall luck, so it is also not completely all doom and gloomy. But those without much fortunate big luck, will have to put in double/triple or even quadruple the effort. So it's still possible to succeed, but you will have to put in even more effort than usual. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  13. Frankly, I have no idea what your chart looks like since I haven't done a review on it. I was replying based on what you asked about the inauspicious big luck info. So based on that info, it does mean that you do not have much big luck on your side. So compared to say another person who has big luck with them in the same date range, yours will pale in comparison. However, there will still be some luck that is auspicious for you, and/or some luck with medium+small luck which will still bring you luck. As far as what you said, the difference in big luck may likely be due to your birth element. Depending on how accurate the analysis is done to determine if you are weak or strong, that may result in your chart being weak or strong. There will be difference in luck forecast based on what that final element is determined to be. I really don't know how detailed they do their analysis, but as far as our site is considered, we consider many aspects including the additional House of Life and House of Conception which I know many do not know calculate. Plus, the many clashes/combinations that take place, which can results in the possible changes in your five element to finally determine whether you are weak or strong based on breaking it down into percentage value. Which makes it clear to tell if you are a weak or strong person. This portion is important as that determines how your overall luck will be, what elements you lack and need more than others etc. So far as our site and our free report is concerned, all these are considered and thus the free report will be exactly the same final results as the paid report. As all the details are considered. Only that in the free report we may not show all the details and/or explanations. So as long as your date of birth info is correct, the final analysis will be exactly the same. As our free report is meant for many of our site users to use in troubleshooting issues and/or to make use of many of our free reports like daily forecast which you will need to know whether you are a weak or strong element. So there is no reason for us to cripple the reports. We have done so many research and several millions of analysis today. And till, sometimes I am quite amazed at how a lot of indicators often matches what most of the clients are facing or had faced before when they ask us to review it. Only time it doesn't match is usually because there is some additional issues which is based on the Earth Luck (home/office feng shui etc), which can adversely impact it. And that's how often we can trouble issues depending on whether it comes from the Heaven or Earth luck. Thus, all our free tools are provided for everyone to freely make use. Even in the free ba zi, we do provide the yearly forecast for the current big luck just for users to see their luck flow in the past few years. That is generally will help them see if there were issues due to their luck or possibly other factors, as well as how their current luck flow is heading, upwards or downwards. Anyway, big luck is just one factor, even if you don't have the big luck with you, as long as you don't have other factors like low wealth luck and/or luck period with lots of major clash/harms, then your overall luck may not be as bad. But for sure, when you compare to someone which has better big luck, then probably yours will pale in comparison. So you still need to look at the overall luck and all the other factors. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  14. Unfortunately, this is quite common there are many people with such types of chart. This just means they don't have much big luck with them throughout their life. They will still have some 5-yearly medium and yearly small luck from time to time, and/or major/minor wealth/unexpected wealth luck etc. However, generally without big luck means their overall luck score won't be as great probably would be around probably around 10%-40% range compared to a person who has big luck with them where their highest luck score close to 90%. Those with big luck with them generally whatever things they do, things will likely go in their favour even if they don't put in as much effort. Those without, means that they have no luck on their side, so they have to work even harder on their own to succeed. Otherwise, in most cases, they will need to work even harder to succeed. You see a person's luck is made up of 3 forms of luck:- 1) Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have. 2) Earth Luck - Luck from your Home/Office and surrounding environment. 3) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and your own hard work. Each luck is about 33.3%. So in your case your heaven luck would probably only be around 5-10%. There will still be your Earth Luck (33.3%) and Human Luck (33.3%) which will make up your overall luck. That's why a good home with good feng shui can significantly affect your luck as that makes up 33.3% of your luck. Then the rest depends on your human luck effort. So in your case, you have to depend more on the Earth and Human Luck to compensate the Heaven Luck. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  15. 1. Since the year of birth info was incorrect. Then your favourable and unfavourable elements would be based on this links:- 1.1. Western Calendar:Male - 22 Sep 1988 at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. Lunar Calendar: (1988, 8th month, 12 day) at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=22&month=09&year=1988&hour=9 1.2. Western Calendar: Female - 22 Sep 1998 at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. Lunar Calendar: (1988, 8th month, 12 day) at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=22&month=09&year=1988&hour=9 2. In your case, our system determined you to be a Strong Metal. Total Favourable Elements (that make you strong) = Metal + Earth + Water = 88.9% Total Unfavourable Elements (that make you weak) = Fre + Wood + Water = 55.6% Since your total favourable 88.9% > total unfavourable 55.6% = Strong Water NOTE: Water element cancel itself out in the equation since it helps and also weakens your default Metal element. Hence, your favourable elements would be Water / Wood / Fire Earth element, while your unfvourable element is Metal / Earth. 3. Honestly, I didn't review your ba zi in detail, so unable to answer your question on your single/marriage. My focus, was to help you answer your initial question what is your true element and thus your favourable/unfavourable elements, and why there can be different analysis. I won't really know much about your details unless I do a full review of your ba zi.
  16. 1. Honestly, I don't know who you did your reading with. So I cannot comment much on how others does their analysis or how detail it is. 2. All I can say is if your info below is correct (depending on whether your gender is male/female as you didn't provide that detail):- 2.1. Western Calendar: Male - 22 Sep 1998 at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. Lunar Calendar: (1998, 8th month, 2 day) at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=22&month=09&year=1998&hour=9 2.2. Western Calendar: Female - 22 Sep 1998 at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. Lunar Calendar: (1998, 8th month, 2 day) at 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m. URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=22&month=09&year=1998&hour=9 3. As long as your dob information is correct, then that would be your true birth element and thus your favourable/unfavourable element. As we do not cripple our free reports in any way. The report will be the same as our comprehensive ba zi report, except not all the details and analysis are provided in the free report:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/product/21-personalized-ba-zi-life-reading-premium-with-monthlydaily-forecast-and-expert-review/ 4. The reason why there can be so many different analysis is that depending on how they analysis the ba zi details and what type of calendar format was used (ie lunar calendar vs chinese solar calendar etc). So it is understandable that many people may get confused. 4.1. There are some who just do a very basic element based on your year of birth. This is of course, less accurate than if you consider the day of birth element, since they will take the year element. 4.2. Even if they do the full details with day, month, year and hour of birth. Not many ba zi calculates the 2 additional pillars House of Life and House of Conception which can also affect the analysis. 4.3. Also, there are combinations and clashes which occurs in the report which can change an original element ie wood to fire element. If they do not consider this properly, very often, you can get inaccurate assessment of your true birth elements. 4.4. So the experience and knowledge of that master who calculate the analysis for you also is important. As sometimes even if the chart is the same, but the way the information is interpretated will affect the final analysis as well. 5. So the experience and depth of analysis can greatly affect your analysis. In our case, our report (even the free one), considers all these factors and more into the analysis. So you can safely use the results from our free report as it is meant to complement to many other free tools or daily forecast that we provide for users to make use of. Or even for some D.I.Y. trouble shooting, when they consult us for advise. So there is no reason for us to cripple or give inaccurate analysis. 6. In your case, our system determined you to be a Strong water. Total Favourable Elements (that make you strong) = Water + Metal + Wood = 82.9% Total Unfavourable Elements (that make you weak) = Earth + Fire + Wood = 22.0% Since your total favourable 82.9% > total unfavourable 22.2% = Strong Water NOTE: Wood element cancel itself out in the equation since it helps and also weakens your default water element. Hence, your favourable elements would be Wood / Fire / Earth element, while your unfvourable element is Metal / Water. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  17. 1. Our comprehensive ba zi life reading services is an online service via e-mail, whatsapp or call. We only provide face-to-face for home feng shui consultation services. You can learn more about our comprehensive ba zi services from this link:- 2. There will always be some ups and downs in your luck flow, as your 10-yearly/5-yearly/yearly/6-monthly/monthly luck changes from time to time. So you will need to know your five element percentage, as that helps you better tweak your five elements since there will be some elements you need more and some you need less at any one time. Then together with the luck forecast, you can then be able to know what you need to be extra careful of and which are the good years you can better utilize. This will allow you to better maximize your luck. 3. A person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck:- 3.1. Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have and how you can balance yourself to your surroundings. 3.2. Earth Luck - Luck from your home, office and surroundings. 3.3. Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. 3.4. So each luck affects 33.3% of your overall luck. 4. Ultimately, the ba zi is just a forecast of luck you are supposed to have, and knowing when are your good and bad period, allows you to be careful and be prepared for possible challenges, or knowing when to take advantage of your good period. So the more you can balance your five elements to bring them to your ideal 20% of each element, the better your overall luck. 4.1. After that, it will depend in your home / office feng shui which influence and affect your earth luck which can affect another 33.3% of your overall luck. Hence, a good home /office feng shui can have additional adverse impact on your overall luck. 4.2. The rest depends on your own hard work and your relationship with others from your human luck effort. 5. So knowing how is your luck, what you lack and what you need more, allows you to pick the suitable colours/shapes, career, suitable house and people around you (your friends/colleagues) that will bring you luck in order to improve your overall luck. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  18. 1. I would generally be wary of anyone that use lot negative predictions or negative fortune telling predictions to frighten you into buying one of their products or services. 1.1. I have heard to many such stories from clients who said they saw a geomancer, and the geomancer tell them there is something really bad. Then said that in order to solve it, you must get this or that services or products from them. Just recently, one of my client was telling me she previously consulted someone which told her there is some ghosts and need to do this and that to advert it. So she followed the advise. Then later she recommended two other friends to this consultant, and they were also told the exact same thing. Only then did she realised realised that she was probably being conned. 1.2. Most of these are just trying to play on your fear in order to get you buy something. Which by the way, all these figurines are non true feng shui products or items. True feng shui is nothing but balancing and harmonizing yourself to your environment, usually through colours, shapes, favourable direction house, people around you and suitable career etc. So you really don't need to buy anything if you really apply feng shui correctly. 2. Our free report isn't crippled in anyway, so the analysis results will be exactly the same as our paid report. However, as it is a free report we do not provide the details of all the full analysis including the the House of Life and House of conception details. So that's the reason the free report shows the house of life and conception pillar as empty. We do not provide all the technical details, as many a times, we end up getting postings which cut and paste our free report details and expect us to explain it to them. However, the final results whether you are weak/strong element as well favourable/unfavourable elements, will be exactly the same as full report. Our free report are meant for users to fully use many of our tools on our website with the free ba zi report. So there is no reason for us to cripple it. 3. As you didn't provide your gender, but from your info provided. I am assuming you are a Female, since you mentioned something about the geomancer saying it maybe difficult for you to have children. So your dob information is Female, 4 Feb 1988 at 11.45am, then the following free report is 100% accurate:- URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=4&month=02&year=1988&hour=7 4. As far as I can tell, you are a Strong Earth Rabbit, because your total favourable elements (that make you strong) is greater than total unfavourable elements (that make you weak). Earth + Fire + Metal (93.5%) > Wood + Water + Metal (32.6%) = Strong Earth person. NOTE: Metal element will cancel itself out in the equation, since it Metal both exhaust your earth as well as help your water element. 5. So your favourable elements are Metal/Water/Wood, while your unfavourable elements are Fire/Earth. So as a Strong Earth, you want to control yourself from being too strong. Of which you have a lot of Earth >50%. Of which the ideal percentage is 20%. So if you add more fire element will only make you even more stronger and over balanced. So both Earth and Fire are your unfavourable elements and won't help you at all. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  19. Hi Robert Lee Baby was born on the date u choose 11am to 11.59am. Thank you for your co-operation and helpful heart giving the best time to him. I told most of my friend to visit your geomancy net
  20. Hi Everyone, I have customized a Chinese New Year 2021 Greeting card for Cecil & myself to use this year. If you don't have a CNY greeting image to use, feel free to download and use it. Enjoy! Also, don't forget to check the forecast for 2021 this coming CNY:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/yearly-forecast/ox-2021-chinese-horoscope-feng-shui-yearly-forecast 1) CNY 2021 - Large Size (1900 x 1166) 2) CNY 2021 - Medium Size (1280 x 786) 3) CNY 2021 - Small Size (800 x 491) Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous New Year, may you have Health, Wealth & Happiness in the New Year! 恭喜发财,万事如意,身体健康,财运广进,幸福快乐! Warmest Regards Robert Le
  21. Yes, that's correct. That is one of the conditions, as a Earth or Fire will make a Strong Earth even stronger. So it won't be as good as a Metal or Water or even Wood element day. Of course, the auspicious date analysis will consider many other factors as well, but that is certainly one of the factor that will impact whether a day is suitable to you or not.
  22. Although, I don't have your exact date and time of birth. It should be due to this blind / grey period reason that we use Chinese Lunar Calendar while considering the Seasonal Calendar when necessary. Which you can read in more details why we do so from this link:- If you use our free report, you should be able to see that month appearing on the Seasonal Calendar:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/find-your-chinese-horoscope-sign-personal-ba-zi-element Which should show up something like that:- In your case, since it is not the near the beginning of the year, then you should see Seasonal Month difference. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  23. Hi Danny, Yes, that would be considered a water element job scope, so it should be suitable for you. It is hard to quantify how things around you would translate into actual percentage value. But as long as you have as many areas in your favourable elements, then you should be okay. As each area such as colours, shapes, career, favourable direction, people around you, each will affect a portion of the luck around you. Where pretty much you can divide into 5 key areas:- - From birth your Chinese Name for example affect a little of your luck (so a good name etc for example helps the child as he/she grows up. However, once you are an adult, it would be too late or less effective to make any changes) - Affects about 10% overall luck - Shapes/Colours from personal objects/room decor/office decor etc. As this helps you as you travel, go to work or do anything - Affects about 20% overall luck - Career (Job Scope & Job Industry) - Since this affects your income, a suitable career ensure things will go smoothly for you. - Affects about 25% overall luck - House Suitability / Country of Work (which affects the direction or whether suitable to work in this country or another country for example) - Affects about 25% overall luck - People around you (your friends, colleagues, boss, business partners etc) - Affects about 20% luck So from Ba Zi heaven luck, all these forms your Heaven Luck influence. So as long as you can get as many areas in your favour, this will significantly improve your luck already. It won't completely remove any clash/harm challenges, but it will help reduce the impact significantly. Basically, the above replies cover all that you can boost from your Heaven Luck. Once you have gotten as many things in your favourable element. Then the only other thing left is to work on your Earth Luck (Feng Shui of your Home/Office), as that affects another 33.3% of your overall luck. So this area have the additional influence to further influence the luck you have. Since 33.3% + 33.3% would affect 66.6% of your luck. So you should make sure there is no other bad stars (illness/misfortune stars ie star 2 / 5) especially in the flying star of your home affecting your frontage, bedroom which you stay or even your office where you work. As this, can further trigger more issues. Once you fixed, any leaks, then you can consider to enhance the good auspicious stars to bring luck. This would help to improve the overall situation. The rest will depend on your human luck factor (ie your relationship with others and own hard work). Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  24. Hi Danny, 1. Due to the a total of 3 clashes/harm (2 clashes and 1 harm) in 2020, it would be a very challenging year for you. Also, usually the impact may spill over to the following year. The way to improve is to keep your five elements as well balanced as possible. Looking at your five elements in the 10-yearly big luck. You are a weak Water person, and so your favourable elements are Water (3.3%) and Metal (20%). Of which, you lack more Water element than Metal element. So all the more you need to have more water element in as many areas of your life. Your unfavourable elements are Earth (41.7%), Wood (35%) and Fire (0%). Particularly, Earth and Wood are too much, so you need to avoid or reduce having them as far as possible. Fire element (0%) while it is your unfavourable element, is 0% and also your wealth element. So once you have sufficient Water and Metal element, you can have some Fire as it helps to exhaust away the Wood, and Produce Earth which in turn will produce Metal element. However, you mustn't just add Fire element without adding Water/Metal first. Otherwise, the Fire element will also destroy your Metal element. So you need Water first as water will help to control the Fire element. 2. From your Ba Zi Heaven Luck, what you can do is to ensure that during these two years, you need as much Water+Metal and then followed by some Fire element for overall balance. You can refer to this chart about Five Element and Characteristics:- URL: https://talk.geomancy.net The easiest is of course colours/shapes which you can for example wear more favourable Water element colours like blue/black/gray, or having your room decor or whatever personal objects you own in such colours. This helps you on a daily basis. The next area of course is a suitable career such as those in the Water element (Advertising, Arts, Communication, Computers etc). Even having people around you which are Strong Water / Strong Metal would be good for you especially if they are your work colleagues. Others that are a little harder to change would be facing direction of your House etc. Since a house is an expensive investment, so you can only do this when you first hunt for your home. So the more you can make sure that as many areas is Water/Metal element first the more balance your five element percentage, the less impact the clash/harm will impact you. 3. Beyond that, the feng shui of your Home (Earth Luck), is the other area that you can boost. This is because a person's luck is influenced by 3 form of luck:- Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have Earth Luck - Luck from your Home and Surrounding Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. So each affects 33.3% of your luck. So by improving what you can on the Heaven Luck you are boosting the 33.3% of your heaven luck. The Earth Luck is the other area which can further boost another 33.3% Together that will affect about 66.6% of your overall luck. The rest will then depend on your human luck factor. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  25. Hi Everyone, 1. The migration and upgrading process has been successfully completed. 2. We are now fine-tuning and tweak the site performance. As well as checking for any unexpected issues (if any). Feel free to contact us: support@geomancy.net if you hit an unexpected issue. 3. I will also continue to improve upon the secondary backup server, so that it can be activated should our main primary server goes down for extended periods of time. 4. Once again Thank all users for your patience and understanding. 5. Most Importantly you and your family Stay Safe as always! Thank you! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
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