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  1. Many thanks, Master Robert. I am impressed by your detailed reply. Thumbs up.
  2. Hi Everyone, 1. Online.Geomancy.Net - My Feng Shui Report Management v15.20 is now live and active. 2. Now nearly all the free (public & member area) have been migrated over to the new version with about 80% of the reports migrated over to the new version. 3. Only some of the 20% of paid reports (ie Ba Zi Reports, Flying Star, House Hunting) is still using the old report system. This is to ensure that we do more testing before we completely replace them. 4. There is also integrated links for Admin to cross-check the New and Old Reports so that we can ensure UAT before the new reports are replaced and/or double check the reports. 5. There is also a lot of back-end cleaning up of codings, cleaning up of templates, and removal of old codes/old templates/old url links/old scripts no longer in used. This will improve the coding structure as well as improve performance of report generation and prepare for more improvements in generating more complex reports. Hence, you will noticed the entire member area and report generate a lot faster than before. We are still actively monitoring, tweaking and improving the system. Thank you for your patience as we upgrade the system! Should you encounter any issues, feel free to contact support@geomancy.net
  3. Hi Everyone, 1. Our Existing Online.Geomancy.Net (Report Generation Server) which has been previously coded, tweaked & perfected, have served us well for nearly over 20+ years. 2. Migrating soon to a completely major re-coded version of the Online.Geomancy.Net - My Feng Shui Report Management v15. 3. This was the final core section of the Geomancy.Net due for upgrading. And we want to coincide with our 20th Anniversary next year (2019)! 3.1 This major upgrade is to bring everything up to date with the latest software technology which will provide for faster report generation and also provides more responsive and modern page functionality through the use of newer technology. 3.2 However, this is a very complicated system to replace. Given that in the past, it took us nearly 20+ years of fine-tuning the reports. 3.3 Phase I: Seamless replacement of all the old scripts exact identical to the existing system except that it has been completely re-written and re-coded in the back-end. 3.4 Once everything is completely replaced, we will then proceed with Phase II: Focus to improve the report layout and interface to utilize all the new responsive and modern page functionality. 3.5 User Acceptance Test (UAT): We are doing a detailed UAT to make sure that the new report system works 100%. 3.6 Feel free to feedback to: support@geomancy.net if you like to give any suggestions. Status of the Phase I of the Migration A) Sections that have been successfully migrated I am happy to announce that following sections have been successfully migrated:- 1) Free Public Accessible Reports (no login required, and can be upgraded without affecting the rest of the report sections) 1.1) Ba Zi Element & Luck Forecast URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/find-your-chinese-horoscope-sign-personal-ba-zi-element 1.2) Eight House Chart (4 Good and 4 Bad Direction) URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/eight-house-report 1.3) 30 Days Auspicious Date Reports URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/30-days-auspicious-date-for-one-or-two-persons 2) Popular Reports Sections (Sections of Report Coding that don't relate directly with each other and can function separately from the main report system) 2.1) Daily Forecast Report & Forecast Scripts URL: https://daily.geomancy.net/ 2.2) Auspicious Dates Reports Free & Paid Auspicious Dates links generated for our clients have all been seamlessly migrated over. 2.3) Chinese Name Reports Our private Chinese Name Analysis System that aid in more accurate and faster name analysis. 2.4) Core Report Management (Login & Report Profiles) The core report management that powers the entire login area has been replaced to seamlessly bridge and migrate all the individual reports and sub-sections within the login area. So far the UAT tests are working well B) So what's left for the migration? Once all the individual reports in the Report Management (login area) are fully tested and debugged, I will replace the entire Report System. So meanwhile, the old Report System will continue to function until it is ready to be replaced. Some changes to the URL link have already been made in order to facilitate a smooth and seamless migration. This portion is currently being tested will soon fully replace the old Report Generation Server. No ETA on this, as I would rather make sure everything is 100% perfect before it is ready to be launch. But it won't be too long, as Report System is almost ready. Thank you for your patience and support all these years, as we continue to upgrade the site for your benefit! Warmest Regards Robert Lee Feel free to feedback to: support@geomancy.net if you like to give any suggestions. The World's Oldest [Verifiable] Feng Shui Forum
  4. Hi Paul, Not really. Generally, I would consider 3 factors in order to determine the overall compatibility:- 1) Ba Zi Element Compatibility - ie Strong Wood, Strong Fire = Good for you, as her strong Fire will help to exhaust the excess Wood, but your Strong Wood would make her stronger. So it does help one party but not complementary to both parties. Such as if Strong Wood and Weak Fire, it will be perfect helping each other. Hence, still need some binding element to improve the harmony. But still at least one party is able to directly benefit, so not too bad but not the best compatibility. 2) Horoscope Compatibility - Whether your horoscope signs clashes / harms with each other. If there is no clashes, it will be better, if there are then it will be less compatible. 3) Ba Zi Chart Compatibility - Generally, as you compare two ba zi charts, the changes of some clashes/harms/punishments/self punishment would be common. So we do have to determine whether they are major (ie day vs day, year vs year), or minor (day vs hour, hour vs year etc). So in your case, both clash seems to be minor. In general, >1 or major and/or >3-4 minor would be as bad as 1 major clash. So if there are too many major and minor clashes, then it would indicate a lot of frequent disagreements/conflicts between the chart, but if 1 or 2 minor ones, then it's not so bad. 1 or 2 minor ones would indicate some minor disagreements etc. So only when we consider all three aspects, will we be able to better assess whether the compatibility is good or bad. If all 3 areas all are incompatible, of course the odds would be the compatibility is very bad or incompatible.
  5. Besides Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, Compass School (Eight House and Flying Stars), Water Classics & Ba Zi Feng Shui another major Feng Shui consideration is 阳宅三要 or Yang Zhai San Yao The three major considerations in a home: Main Door / Frontage, the Kitchen & Bedroom.
  6. Hi Carol, Sorry, there is nothing wrong with the report. It's you who don't understand how ba zi is done, to understand how it works. Based on your birth information, and from your name, your date of birth should be based on this link:- URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=31&month=05&year=1961&hour=10 Ba Zi considers the day of birth as the true birth element more important than just the year of birth element (which is a little general for everyone born in that year). You are born in 1961, so if you look at the year pillar it is a Metal Ox. But more importantly, even for a Metal Ox year, depending on which day you are born, you can be a Metal/Water/Wood/Fire/Earth person born in a Metal Ox year. The element of the day determines a person's true birth element. So looking at your Day pillar (ie 31 May, = Jia-Zi /Wood Rat pillar). Hence, you are a Wood element person and the system has determined you are a Strong Wood person. So you are a Strong Wood Ox born in a Metal Ox Year. Since ba zi don't really just take the year of birth element as the main element (which otherwise is too general for everyone born in 1961), Hence, your true element is a Strong Wood Ox which is the more accurate day element to reflect the 10 different element strength of the day which is a person can be (ie weak/strong Metal Ox, weak/strong Water Ox, weak/strong Wood Ox, weak/strong Fire Ox, weak/strong Earth Ox). Under the ba zi, you can use the general element Metal Ox (based on the year), but that's not as accurate as the using the element of the day which in your case is a Strong Wood Ox born in a Metal Ox year. As some people will be born in a year where it favors your Strong Wood, like in your case, Metal year will help control your Strong Wood from being too strong. So the year element is considered complementary to your true birth element. On the other hand, if you are a say a weak Wood Ox, then the Metal year will weaken you, so your luck may not be as good as the Strong Wood Ox born in a Metal Ox year. So all these information, plays an important part in the ba zi review. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  7. Caesarian Date Service - thanks Master for your help
  8. Thank you Robert, we have since decided our baby's name. Appreciate your service, highly recommended
  9. The animal sign is usually your Year of birth. Which in your case is the Ox. The yearly animal sign also have an element which in your case 1997 is a Fire Ox year. So you are born in the Fire Ox year. However, depending on which day you are born, even for all the people born in a Fire Ox year, there can be a weak water/strong water, weak wood/strong wood, weak fire/strong fire, weak earth/strong earth & weak metal/strong metal (10 different combinations of element signs). So the most accurate classification for a person is always to use the day pillar. Hence, you are a weak Metal element born in the year of the Fire Ox. Or in short, weak Metal Ox, since the day influence takes precedence to the year element as it is the element most strongest to you based on that day that you are born in. Otherwise, everyone born in the 1997 is a Fire Ox, which is a little too general as it doesn't represent your daily influence which changes depending on which day you are born in. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  10. Hi Joshua, Sure, you can consider our Ba Zi Life Reading Services. URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/3-ba-zi-life-reading-services/ If you want the luck forecast, and also have additional personalised review and/or specific area of focus (ie in mids of changing career and need advise), you can consider our Ba Zi with Expert Review:- If you don't need the expert review advise, you can get the self-help package but just want the report for some self-help assessment you can consider our Ba Zi Self-Help Bundles:- Hope that helps!
  11. Hi Joshua, You can make use of our free ba zi report to get your favourable and unfavourable elements:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/find-your-chinese-horoscope-sign-personal-ba-zi-element In your case, it should be a weak Metal Ox. So earth and metal elements would be your favourable elements while your unfavourable elements would be fire and water elements as per this link:- URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=8&month=06&year=1997&hour=0 Please check that the dob information is correct. Hope that helps.
  12. Robert Lee

    I just want a specific advice from you. Can you help me?

    Is this what you are looking for? If no, please contact us for a quick quote.
  13. Useful sildes showing the significance of various information in your ba zi reports: 1. Look at your day of birth: Heavenly stem. Your element is based on this. 1.1 Thus for this person, she is considered as a weak wood. As the day she was born is a wood element day:- 2. Chinese geomancers use this information to determine one's Mandarin name:- 3. Each element represents a certain body function:- 4. Shapes and Colour associations with the Five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth
  14. Hi Michael, Thank you for your interest in our services. Our e-books are available on our online store. So you can purchase it online at this link and download them in the Manage Purchases after the payment is successful. Our site accepts credit card (paypal.com/smoovpay.com) and in USD/SGD currency. Alternative payments options such as Cheque (for Singapore clients) or Bank Draft/Money order (for international clients) is also available:- URL: URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/1-geomancynet-e-books/ Feel free to contact me should you have any further clarifications.