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  1. Yes, that's correct. That is one of the conditions, as a Earth or Fire will make a Strong Earth even stronger. So it won't be as good as a Metal or Water or even Wood element day. Of course, the auspicious date analysis will consider many other factors as well, but that is certainly one of the factor that will impact whether a day is suitable to you or not.
  2. Although, I don't have your exact date and time of birth. It should be due to this blind / grey period reason that we use Chinese Lunar Calendar while considering the Seasonal Calendar when necessary. Which you can read in more details why we do so from this link:- If you use our free report, you should be able to see that month appearing on the Seasonal Calendar:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/find-your-chinese-horoscope-sign-personal-ba-zi-element Which should show up something like that:- In your
  3. Hi Danny, Yes, that would be considered a water element job scope, so it should be suitable for you. It is hard to quantify how things around you would translate into actual percentage value. But as long as you have as many areas in your favourable elements, then you should be okay. As each area such as colours, shapes, career, favourable direction, people around you, each will affect a portion of the luck around you. Where pretty much you can divide into 5 key areas:- - From birth your Chinese Name for example affect a little of your luck (so a good name etc f
  4. Hi Danny, 1. Due to the a total of 3 clashes/harm (2 clashes and 1 harm) in 2020, it would be a very challenging year for you. Also, usually the impact may spill over to the following year. The way to improve is to keep your five elements as well balanced as possible. Looking at your five elements in the 10-yearly big luck. You are a weak Water person, and so your favourable elements are Water (3.3%) and Metal (20%). Of which, you lack more Water element than Metal element. So all the more you need to have more water element in as many areas of your life. Your unfavoura
  5. Hi Everyone, 1. The migration and upgrading process has been successfully completed. 2. We are now fine-tuning and tweak the site performance. As well as checking for any unexpected issues (if any). Feel free to contact us: support@geomancy.net if you hit an unexpected issue. 3. I will also continue to improve upon the secondary backup server, so that it can be activated should our main primary server goes down for extended periods of time. 4. Once again Thank all users for your patience and understanding. 5. Most Importantly you and your family Stay Safe as alw
  6. Hi Sophie, Honestly, to review a chart in detail takes a lot of time and effort. A technical chart detail like what you provided, is hard to understand unless you take time to analyse it. Frankly, if you just checked our free report, which provides you more meaningful and useful information about the big luck cycle. You will also be able to see his type of luck cycle. https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=29&month=08&year=2017&hour=5&from=main Just take a look at his
  7. Hi Susa, Assuming that your dob details is Female, 16 Sep 1966 as per this free report link:- URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=2&day=16&month=09&year=1966&hour=0&from=main Then, based on my quick check on your ba zi chart, your five elements is quite okay, a bit lacking in wood percentage. Element Strength
  8. Hi Everyone, 1. First of all, I hope you, your family and loved ones are staying safe during this turbulent time. Better days ahead! 2. This month we will be upgrading server hardware + the latest server OS to incorporate both latest security features & updated web technology. 3. We will activate and mirror to our secondary server in another continent. To add a more robust back-up for our ever growing web site. 4. This migration process is in Three Steps and will be
  9. Hi Sofie, The last I checked, there isn't anything incompatible. So yes, in such cases you can attempt to draw on each other luck especially the one who has the better luck when doing something important. That will help to complement and draw on each others luck especially the one with the better luck for that period. Just follow the free report to boost as many of your favourable elements from colours/shapes/direction etc. URL: URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day
  10. Generally, those with problems are the hardest to troubleshoot and most time-consuming cases to review. Unless you really do an in-depth detailed analysis, without looking into your ba zi details (your heaven luck), and/or your house (your earth luck) etc, you won't know what exactly is causing the issues. Anyway, I have briefly looked into both your ba zi charts. Your husband chart does have almost fairly well balanced ten deities so should generally be a good well rounder, lacking in only few areas. But just like your chart, he's ba zi chart is also a little unbalanced with t
  11. As Cecil as mentioned, any of our full ba zi reports will give you the details of actual ba zi precentage breakdowns for you to fine-tune which element you need more of:- https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/3-ba-zi-life-reading-services/ 1) Ba Zi Full Reference (for all packages including the self-help packages), you can find that details in the "Summary of your Five Elements" section under the full ba zi report report:- https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/bazi_demo_bazi_full_reference.html 2) For the Ba Zi with Expert Review, you ca
  12. Hi Georgered, I checked your dob based on the info you gave, which is as follows:- URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free.php?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=13&month=09&year=1991&hour=11&from=main If that info is correct (Male - 13 Sep 1991), then the report also shows you are a weak fire ram, which means wood and fire is your favourable elements. So I am not sure where you are getting the info that shows differently. Mostly, you may have enter the info wrongly somewhere, thus getting the wrong rep
  13. Updated initial post with an updated version of the demo report, based on v16.8:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/qmdj_with_bazi_divinity_chart_v16.8.html This version includes:- improved background/text colours, to make the information more readable. Added Yin & Yang at the bottom left of each compass so that, can see the yin & yang interaction of the 4 compasses. More interpretation analysis added and coded into the system. This QMDJ version is now incorporated seamlessly into our Ba Zi Premium v16.8 report. Seasonal C
  14. Hi Everyone, 1. I am pleased to announce that our End-User version of our Geomancy.Net's version of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Divinity Chart or QMDJ Divinity Chart for short that was announced on earlier this month is almost ready. You can read more from our initial post:- 2. Given this report is meant for our end-user usage. The goal was to make the report as easy to understand, despite having a complex number of indicators comprising of Heaven Compass (天盘), Earth Compass (地盘), Human Compass (人盘), Deity Compass (神盘) and the Heavenly Warriors (天盘奇子) and Earthly Warriors (地盘奇子) comprisin
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