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  1. The animal sign is usually your Year of birth. Which in your case is the Ox. The yearly animal sign also have an element which in your case 1997 is a Fire Ox year. So you are born in the Fire Ox year. However, depending on which day you are born, even for all the people born in a Fire Ox year, there can be a weak water/strong water, weak wood/strong wood, weak fire/strong fire, weak earth/strong earth & weak metal/strong metal (10 different combinations of element signs). So the most accurate classification for a person is always to use the day pillar. Hence, you are a weak Metal element born in the year of the Fire Ox. Or in short, weak Metal Ox, since the day influence takes precedence to the year element as it is the element most strongest to you based on that day that you are born in. Otherwise, everyone born in the 1997 is a Fire Ox, which is a little too general as it doesn't represent your daily influence which changes depending on which day you are born in. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  2. Hi Joshua, Sure, you can consider our Ba Zi Life Reading Services. URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/3-ba-zi-life-reading-services/ If you want the luck forecast, and also have additional personalised review and/or specific area of focus (ie in mids of changing career and need advise), you can consider our Ba Zi with Expert Review:- If you don't need the expert review advise, you can get the self-help package but just want the report for some self-help assessment you can consider our Ba Zi Self-Help Bundles:- Hope that helps!
  3. Hi Joshua, You can make use of our free ba zi report to get your favourable and unfavourable elements:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/find-your-chinese-horoscope-sign-personal-ba-zi-element In your case, it should be a weak Metal Ox. So earth and metal elements would be your favourable elements while your unfavourable elements would be fire and water elements as per this link:- URL: https://online.geomancy.net/public/code/html-fs-self-free?pay=0&tpl=chart_true_element&username=&gender=1&day=8&month=06&year=1997&hour=0 Please check that the dob information is correct. Hope that helps.
  4. I just want a specific advice from you. Can you help me?

    Is this what you are looking for? If no, please contact us for a quick quote.
  5. Useful sildes showing the significance of various information in your ba zi reports: 1. Look at your day of birth: Heavenly stem. Your element is based on this. 1.1 Thus for this person, she is considered as a weak wood. As the day she was born is a wood element day:- 2. Chinese geomancers use this information to determine one's Mandarin name:- 3. Each element represents a certain body function:- 4. Shapes and Colour associations with the Five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth
  6. Hi Michael, Thank you for your interest in our services. Our e-books are available on our online store. So you can purchase it online at this link and download them in the Manage Purchases after the payment is successful. Our site accepts credit card (paypal.com/smoovpay.com) and in USD/SGD currency. Alternative payments options such as Cheque (for Singapore clients) or Bank Draft/Money order (for international clients) is also available:- URL: URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/1-geomancynet-e-books/ Feel free to contact me should you have any further clarifications.
  7. Thank you for all your help, we really love the name!
  8. Thank you very much for the update & detail information for our Caesarian Date Service.
  9. I always use your reading as our reference for important decision and it highly reliable.
  10. Sample Reports: Ba Zi Premium with Monthly/Daily and Expert Review Concise Ba Zi Expert Review Reports bazi_premium_expert_review_report.pdf bazi_premium_yearly_forecast.pdf Ba Zi Premium at Online.Geomancy.Net bazi_premium_overall_report.pdf bazi_premium_part1_report.pdf bazi_premium_part2_report.pdf bazi_premium_part3_report.pdf bazi_forecast.pdf bazi_forecast_10-year.pdf bazi_forecast_year.pdf bazi_personal_element.pdf bazi_suitable_career.pdf
  11. About Chinese Name Stroke Analysis

    1. Chinese Name Analysis is based on Chinese Numerology of the Chinese Character strokes 1.1. It's based on the Traditional Brush Stroke count, which generally we use the Kang Xi Dictionary as a guide for the stroke count. 1.2. Depending on your Surname Character + Middle Character + Last Character will produce different name stroke luck breakdown:- 1.3. Each name stroke group analysis will have the Five Elements breakdown, the Name Harmony, 天地人 (Tian/Di/Ren) luck factor, and a Name Stroke Luck breakdown just like the above. Which helps us to assess how good the overall name suits the person such as below:- 2. Chinese Name is most effective when chosen for a Newborn Baby since the name will be with him / her for the rest of the life. 2.1. In our Ba Zi Blog post, I have mentioned that a person's luck is influence by 3 forms of luck:- Reference: Learn more about Ba Zi at our Ba Zi Life Reading Blog a) Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have from your given Ba Zi Heaven Luck. b) Earth Luck - Luck from the Feng Shui of your home and surrounding. c) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. 2.1. Each Heaven, Earth, Human luck affects about 33.3% of your overall luck. 2.2. Name luck accounts for about 15% of your Human luck, aside from the Colors/Shapes/Career/Directions etc. Hence, this is one and only few ways to help improve your Heaven Luck. As it will attempt to add the missing elements to your ba zi, through the Chinese name you use. As your name is being used throughout your life, so it will indirectly help add the necessary missing elements to the ba zi chart on a semi-permanent level. 2.3. Chinese Name for a baby is most effective, since the time he / she will use the name the most is when they attend school. They will write and use the name almost daily. Hence, the luck is being called and used. 3. Is there a need to Change my Name if it's not suitable? 3.1. I personally will only recommend a name change if for newborn baby or when he / she is still young (ie not yet an adult). 3.2. I won't recommend a name change for an adult unless it's absolutely necessary or if the Job requires it. For example, a name change for a person who is planning to be an Actor/Actress is still good as he/she depends on her name for recognition. 3.3. Otherwise, a name change at too late in life won't really be effective, as the most effective period where everyone is calling and using your name is when you are in school. After that, you are not likely to use it as much especially if you have a western name. So there is very little point in a name change at that point in time. 4. Related Topics Our various Chinese Name Services More topics on will be posted into this blog later on.
  12. 1. Why Ba Zi Life Reading is essential in applying Feng Shui? A person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck:- a) Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have from your given Ba Zi Heaven Luck. b) Earth Luck - Luck from the Feng Shui of your home and surrounding. c) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. Each luck influence about 33.3% of your overall luck. Hence, knowing how you relate to your environment and the changes in the 10-yearly / 5-yearly / yearly / 6-monthly / monthly / daily / hourly luck can allow you to better take advantage of your overall luck. 2. Ba Zi Life Reading helps you determine your True Element (ie weak water/Strong Wood etc) Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/ba_zi_premium/bazi_premium_expert_review_report.pdf In our Ba Zi Life Reading, this is Five Element Breakdown section, is to the most useful and important section in the entire ba zi. Why? 2.1. Your True Element (ie weak Fire/Strong Fire), determines your favourable elements and unfavourable elements. In the above example, this person lacks Fire (9%) and Wood (12%). This person also has way too much Water (46%) and Earth (31%), so you want to avoid more of those since they are your unfavourable elements. Metal element is by default unfavouable to a weak Fire person, but as there is too little at 0%, some Metal when there is enough Fire and Wood is good for overall balance. The goal is to get 20% of each of the five elements. 2.2. Five element can determine your favourable Colors/Shapes/Directions/Career etc. You can refer to this useful Five Element Characteristics Chart:- URL: https://talk.geomancy.net So for example, a weak fire person:- 2.2.1. Improve your overall luck with Colours Would like to have more Fire (red/purple) colors or Wood (green/brown) colors for clothings you wear, colours of personal objects you own, colours of the car you drive, colours of the Home/Office decor should be in such colors. 2.2.1. Improve your career luck by choosing suitable career/business In terms of career, Fire element careers (ie are Sales and Marketing etc), Wood (Distribution, Engineering, Electronics etc) 2.2.2. Improve your luck by choosing a suitable house facing or suitable country of work Fire (South), or Wood (East/South-East) facing house. Or even if you deciding if you should better work in a certain country Wood (East - China / South-East - South-East Asia Country ie Singapore) etc. 2.2.3. Improve your Ba Zi Luck through a suitable Chinese Name Reference: Learn More about Chinese Name at our Chinese Name Blog Especially for newborn child, you can improve the person's ba zi luck by balancing the five elements through picking the most suitable Chinese Name that contains most Fire or Wood elements. This is why people do a comprehensive Ba Zi Life Reading Review, as it helps them plan their career/business path (such as deciding between this career and that new career to see which is most suitable), whether they should work in this country or that country. Especially, for newborn baby, this is essential to picking the most suitable Chinese Name to help balance their five element since a Chinese Name will be with them for the rest of their life. 2.3. Ba Zi chart's out a person's Luck Forecast Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/ba_zi_premium/bazi_premium_part3_report.pdf Luck changes every 10-yearly / 5-yearly / yearly / 6-monthly / monthly / daily / hourly. This is why there are ups and downs in your luck as it keeps changing as you enter different luck periods. So knowing when are the good and bad periods, you can better plan utilise the good and be extra careful of the bad periods. 2.3.1. Knowing when is a good period helps you plan when is the best time to change a career / start a business to maximise your luck. This is essential, especially for example, say you plan to change a career or start a business, you probably want to pick the better luck period where luck is with you to do it. As things are more likely to go in your favour if luck is with you. While, if it's a bad period, then you want to exercise caution by not doing this too aggressively. 2.3.2. Through the luck forecast, it helps you identify potential Health/Money/Finance/Romance/Nobleman luck etc. Years with a Health warning usually indicate either Health issues or possible accidents. Years with Money/Finance indicate years that have potential issues especially relating to career/business etc. Years with Romance indicate when are good/bad periods for romance relation luck etc. Years with Nobleman Luck will help you through the tough time especially if it's a bad year. 3. Avoid using Ba Zi for Fortune Telling aspects 3.1. While ba zi can also be used for Fortune Telling, it's recommended that you avoid it. As fortune telling can sometimes cause Self Fulfilling Prophecy, where you believe in it so much that you yourself make it happen. 3.2. A Ba Zi can chart what kind of luck you are supposed to have, however it's not a chart of what you will encounter. So it's wrong to believe that a Ba Zi Chart's prediction is supposed to match exactly what you have experienced in your past history. As I have indicated above in Para 1, a person's luck is influenced by 3 form of luck Heaven, Earth and Human Luck. 3.3.1. So essentially, ba zi only affects 33.3% of your overall luck. This means that whenever a person's ba zi luck is determined to be very good, if he / she stays in a bad feng shui house, this can have adverse affect to your luck as the earth luck affects 33.3% of your luck as well, which will result in you experiencing a very bad period. 3.3.2. The reverse is also true. A person that is determined to have a bad luck, but if he stays in an excellent feng shui house, it will significantly improve your luck for the period. This is why ba zi forecast can never predict your past history 100%. However, majority of the events should pretty much fall fairly closely the the forecast. Those with deviations, is usually due to other influence like Earth Luck changes etc. 3.3. However, this is important for feng shui assessment as sometimes some problems you encounter may not necessary be due to your ba zi, but your home or office. For example, if your feng shui of the house (ie flying stars have some uncontrolled lawsuit stars), this can explain why you are having some lawsuit issues that period. Or for example, if the house have some uncontrolled misfortune/illness stars, this can explain the many health issues affecting the family. 3.4. Thus, knowing all this information, helps you better troubleshoot problems that is affecting your overall luck. Sometimes, it may be from the Heaven Luck, sometimes it can be from the Earth Luck, or sometimes from all areas, which usually explains any major issues that you are facing. More Related Topics About Ba Zi Life Reading Services FAQ: Ba Zi (Lunar vs Xia), Timezone etc More topics will be covered in future posts on the Ba Zi Life Reading Blog.
  13. Hi Everyone, 1. Single Sign On using Forum Account (or Sign in with Facebook) You now can log into your Report account once you have login to your Forum account. 1.1. If your current Forum and Report account has the same exact e-mail address; the system will automatically detect it. 1.2. Or if you have created a link to the forum account from your Report Account (those with username myfs_?????). 1.3. If not, users just need to create a Report Account with the same e-mail as your Forum account, and subsequently the system will link you in. This means, once you have successfully log in to your forum account, when you click on the Reports / Member Login / or visit short cut url (http://login.geomancy.net), the system will automatically log you in without having to re-enter your member login account. I believe, this will make it easier for users in the long run, to only remember one single login account. If users encounter issues with this, feel free to contact me via: support@geomancy.net to look into it. 2. Existing Forum Login from Report Account Presently, although there was a way to link the Forum account to the Report account. That was how I used to linked the old forum and the report system in the past. However the latest forum management is far more superior than the old forum, and it has excellent user management system which I have plans to make use for some new upcoming site features. Hence, in future, I want to let the new forum handle all the login authentication. I am already looking to implement this into the New Upcoming Report Area which I will be working on in the upcoming months. This Report Area is the last major revamp area that I am planning a massive overhaul. But as lots of re-coding is necessary, this will not be launched so quickly until it's 100% ready to replace it. Meanwhile, the New Report Login from Forum Account bridge (Para 1 above) will improve the overall user experience on the site, while the report area is being updated. This feature will continue to be present until everything is being integrated into a Truly Single Sign On system when the New Upcoming Report Area is ready. 3. Improvements to Geomancy.net's Main Page Layout 3.1. Making the site more user friendly by improving the layout navigation of the Main page. 3.2. Using and maximizing the Flip Box feature. 3.2.1 What is this feature? 3.2.2 When you move over to a box; the description will be shown. 3.2.3 This works very nicely on mobile and even amp pages especially with a rainbow colour tone for each important featured section. 3.4. In addition, every time when there is a new layout change, it takes a bit of time to tweak the performance of the layout so that it will not only look good but also fast loading. I also heavily tested and optimized the layout over the past few days, I am also happy that the latest settings should work very well now. 3.5. With this change, I also be planning to revamp some of the older content pages into new updated sections especially with the many new content management sections (Blog/Gallery etc) added with all the recent upgrades. 4. Fixed some bugs in the system 4.1. Over the past month some links to the fast Google AMP were redirected incorrectly. Now fixed. 4.2. Free Ba Zi Reports and some modules in Report System had some unexpected issues over the past few days (since 3 Sep) when I implemented the initial Report Login from Forum Account modules for testing. Apologise for any inconvenience. This has also been resolved. Hope that you enjoy the changes! Warmest Regards Robert Lee