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  1. Updated initial post with an updated version of the demo report, based on v16.8:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/qmdj_with_bazi_divinity_chart_v16.8.html This version includes:- improved background/text colours, to make the information more readable. Added Yin & Yang at the bottom left of each compass so that, can see the yin & yang interaction of the 4 compasses. More interpretation analysis added and coded into the system. This QMDJ version is now incorporated seamlessly into our Ba Zi Premium v16.8 report. Seasonal Calendar difference is also now shown if there is a difference between the Lunar Calendar vs Season Month (which usually affects the Month/Year Pillar). Seasonal calendar is used where necessary. Pretty much, the QMDJ basic chart is now ready for us to focus on the more complex interpretation analysis modules and to enhance some of our existing reports such as the Yearly, Daily Forecast analysis. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  2. Hi Everyone, 1. I am pleased to announce that our End-User version of our Geomancy.Net's version of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Divinity Chart or QMDJ Divinity Chart for short that was announced on earlier this month is almost ready. You can read more from our initial post:- 2. Given this report is meant for our end-user usage. The goal was to make the report as easy to understand, despite having a complex number of indicators comprising of Heaven Compass (天盘), Earth Compass (地盘), Human Compass (人盘), Deity Compass (神盘) and the Heavenly Warriors (天盘奇子) and Earthly Warriors (地盘奇子) comprising of (3 Advisers/Strategist and 6 Warrior Divisions). Together, they can form complex analysis and interpretations that can related to space & time dimensions to look into past, current or future events. 3. I can now share with you what our final QMDJ chart will eventually look like upon release. Of course, I may still tweak or add a few more useful indicators or colour tweaking but the fundamental breakdown of the layout should remain the same. Hence, this is a good time to explain a bit so that users can better understand our QMDJ chart once it is released:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/qmdj_with_bazi_divinity_chart_v16.8.html (Updated link with the latest version of v16.8 which improves the background/text colour for better readability) 4. Our layout of each 9 sector is completely different from any textbook style layout, which usually looks like or something of that nature:- 值符 ------> (Deity) (Heaven Warriors) <------ 戊 - 伤门 ------> (Human) (Earth Warriors) <--------- 庚 - 天辅 ------> (Heaven) 5. Our version of Qi Men Dun Jia Chart sector is instead layout as follows, this is exclusive and unique to Geomancy.Net since it is Master Robert Lee's own re-interpretation/re-organization of the information in a more informative and intuitive way based on his deep understanding of all the fundamental concepts as well as his experience in optimizing database information in away that looks good and easy to present in programming/design report layout:- 5.1. We re-organize the information into 4 main Compass layout in a square for easy cross-referencing (Heaven-Earth-Human-Deity), since most basic interactions revolves around this 4 compass. Deity and Heaven on the left, Human and Earth on the right side. When you read, it starts from bottom left Heaven->Earth->Human->Deity and back to Heaven Compass again. So they relate very well together in this cycle. We put the Heaven Compass and Earth Compass at the bottom, so that it can link to the corresponding Heaven Warriors and Earth Warriors. 5.2. The Heaven Warriors which comprises of 3 Advisers & 6 Warrior Divisions (天盘奇子) and Earth Warriors also comprises of 3 Advisers & 6 Warrior Divisions (地盘奇子) are located each under the corresponding Heaven Compass and Earth Compass. Heaven on the left side, Earth on the right side. 5.3. Even the Sector direction (also related to Earth Compass) has been layout meaningfully, as the two horoscope signs each represents the S1 and S3 (locations of the 24 compass sectors under the Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空风水). S2 is left out as it is always a duplicate of either S1 or S3 so there is no need to show it:- 6. The S1 and S3 are important, as they also represents the Month sector, Hour Sector, Season sector etc. So at a glance, we can associate which sector or season is related to this sector. 6.1. Rat (Zi) can represent the flying star 24 direction, seasonal influence, month, or hour. 6.2. For example, if checking for hour influence. Rat (Zi) represents 11pm-11.59pm (night) or 12am-12.59am (midnight). 6.3. For example, if checking for month influence. Rat (Zi) represents (Lunar 12th month) or Winter season. 6.4. Hence, the interpretation of the his sector can be used to assess the hour/month time period. 6.5. Most of all, this chart just like all our Geomancy.Net tools, re-orientates the traditional South-North chart which follows the Luopan (罗盘) back into the more commonly used North-South layout of an ordinary compass. So it is easy to apply the chart using just any ordinary compass. Especially, when this chart is integrated to the Eight House (八宅) or Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) chart. 7. Most of the interpretations based around these 4 sectors, which arranged as Heaven->Earth->Human->Deity, of which Heaven/Human/Deity/Heaven & Earth Warriors often revolve around the Earth Compass. Hence, the Earth Compass remains the center-right sector in each of the 9 sectors:- Deity Compass Human Compass Money / Nobleman / Minister / Elderly Very Good Zhi Fu 1 值符 土 Injury Bad Shang Men 3 伤门 木 Heaven Compass Earth Compass Tian Fu Good Tian Fu 4 天辅星 木 Heaven Good Qian 6 乾 金 7.1. Each sector is colour coded (ie Very Good - Light Blue, Good - Blue, Average - Green, Bad - Red, Very Bad Light Red) for the basic sector's auspicious/inauspicious influence. So at a glance, we can see 3 auspicious sector (Heaven/Earth/Deity) and one inauspicious sector (Human sector). 7.2. Each sector has the element located at the bottom right corner represented by Chinese Element (金木水火土). I decided to use the Chinese character, since it is smaller and takes up less space in the chart, than if we were to use the English description (Metal/Wood/Water/Fire/Earth). 7.3. Also, this Chinese Element (金木水火土) is one of the basic character that almost everyone should be able to recognize by now. Anyway, we also specially colour coded the element colour accordingly. This allows you to tell if any element helps or destroy the other sector, which also influence the final interpretations. It is less important so no need too much focus, just the colour and character is enough for it to have a meaningful purpose. 7.4. In each sector, the less important technical details such as Name of Stars (ie 天辅星, 乾,伤门,值辅) are located at the bottom of the sector, which we also included the pinyin (含义拼音) for our non-Chinese clients. While the more important representation/interpretations is located at the top (ie Money/Nobleman, Injury etc). 7.5. So at a glance, you can see that there maybe injury related to money/nobleman which means potential money loss or even offending your nobleman (gui ren). 8. Besides these 4 main compasses, the 2 additional Heaven and Earth Advisers and Warrior Division which help represent the many human relationship aspects is layout as follows:- 9 - 甲子六仪 Jia-Zi Division 天门 / Capital / Money / Wealth 7 - 甲申六仪 Jia-Shen Division Husband / Enemy / Bitch / Police Bad Interpretation: 戊 庚 - 值符飞宫 - Auspicious matters becomes Inauspicious. Inauspicious matters becomes worst. Not Auspicious to seek wealth. If seeking cause of illness, also becomes Inauspicious. 天盘值符 - TianPan ZhiFu 8.1. Or in another sector where it shows one of the 3 advisers/strategist (三奇) has a yellow banner instead of black banner for the 6 Warrior Divisions (六仪):- 1 - 日奇 - Sun Strategist Doctor / Woman / Wife 6 - 甲午六仪 Jia-Wu Division Criminal / Past Mistakes Bad Interpretation: 乙 辛 - 青龙逃走 - will likely have death or loss of wealth, slave abduction, forced labour, even animals will be injured. If person seeking is a married woman, will mean that that woman is escaping from some man. 8.2. The 3 Mystical Advisers/Strategist (1 日奇 - Sun Strategist, 2 月奇 - Moon Marshall and 3 星奇 - Star Quartermaster) are represented in Gold/Yellow banner, given they are 3 special and important influence which often will bring about positive influence if found in that sector. Hence, they deserve some special mention and needed to be highlighted, to make it easy to identify at a glance. 8.3. The remaining 6 Warrior Division (六仪), are like the 6 army divisions each lead by a warrior, which hides away the hidden leader/general (甲) which is why the title 遁甲 comes about because it is hidden and protected by the 6 army divisions. This is so that the enemy will not know where the leader/general is actually hidden. In order for the enemy to find out, they will have to defeat the 6 army division and 3 advisers/strategist who protects the leader/general. 8.4. Each character is represented by our Geomancy.Net's Ba Zi Ten Heavenly Stem image:- 8.4.1. Which on it's own already tells you the yin & yang, the element of the character. So that one character itself is highly informative. As such, we decided not to add anymore text details. Also, in Sector Gua 2, it also needs to house the 9th star (found in the center sector), into that sector. So there is very little space left if too much text details was added. 8.5. Each of these Heaven Warriors and Earth Warriors can represent a person or characteristics. Yi (乙) represents Doctor/Woman/Wife. In looking at health / illness issues, Yi is the doctor that is much needed in curing the illness. And if the doctor is not favourable to the illness sector, then it means the illness won't be able to be cured. So this useful information is layout at the bottom of each of the character image. 8.6. Each of these Heaven Warriors and Earth Warriors, while they represent a human representation (doctor/woman etc), they can also represents such additional interpretations (wealth/grave etc). So again, they are used together to provide a broader picture and interpretations. 8.7. Last but not least, the Interpretations at the bottom of the these two Heaven and Earth Warriors represents the 81 unique interpretations of the warriors when found interacting together. Again, you can see at a glance if the interaction brings about auspicious or inauspicious relationship. Each also is represented by a 4 character Chinese Couplet (such as 青龙逃走 - ie Green Dragon Escaping). Given it is just too complicated to literally translate the titles (some often don't have an easy English term for it), I decided to leave that detail in Chinese. Anyway, it is just one of the names given to each of when each of the the two symbols are together. 乙 辛 - 青龙逃走 - will likely have death or loss of wealth, slave abduction, forced labour, even animals will be injured. If person seeking is a married woman, will mean that that woman is escaping from some man. 9. There are still many other indicators or factors, but it would be too complicated to include them all in the basic Qi Men Dun Jia Chart. Some are needed only during the interpretation so I don't think I want to show every detail as it will make the chart too complicated. So these are basic information that is often needed to allow a professional to interpret the relationships to focus on the interpreting the signs. 10. As you can see, I have careful thought out the best way to re-design this QMDJ layout for our end user's usage. It has undergone several revisions and fine tuning to finally decide on this layout design. 11. With so many indicators, there can be many interpretations depending on what is the area of focus, and how the other indicators relate to it. Hence, while we are aware of some books or chart available on this. Often that not, you will find that they are confusing or not easy to understand or interpret. 12. Most of the time, they are based on depending on each of the unique possible chart such as the 540 yin and 540 yang dun charts. Thus, often requiring a reference book to understand what each chart mean. Rather than understanding the fundamental concepts of each indicator, and then interpreting it as they present itself. So that you can interpret it in any situation, place or time. 13. This is why we decided not to rush to release our QMDJ report, even though we do use it in our back-end analysis. We rather wait until all our older tools like our Ba Zi report is upgraded, before getting our Qi Men Dun Jia Divinity Chart available for our end users. 14. As you can tell, it is worth the wait. We put all our years of experience into making our Qi Men Dun Jia Divinity Chart a very easy to understand and comprehensive and power divinity tool. Finally, users will soon gain access to the most powerful divinity tool that can help you make better strategic decisions by finding the right time and moment to do certain things. Meanwhile, while waiting for our QMDJ Chart, check out our newly revamp Ba Zi Premium report as well! Hope you are as excited about our upcoming Geomancy.Net's Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Divinity Chart as we are! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  3. Hi Everyone, 1. With the successful revamp of our Ba Zi Premium Reports v16.x, which we have received many wonderful feedback! 2. Easier to read, lots more information is revealed allowing for better assessment of your wealth, luck, career, career change and lots more. 3. Coming Soon! Our popular Ba Zi reports will be expanded with the advanced Divinity Tool called Qi Men Du Jia (奇门遁甲) Divinity Charts. 3.1. Just as the QMDJ can also expand the Flying Star (玄空风水 - Xuan Kong Feng Shui) analysis. 3.2. If you noticed for example, ba zi is great for 10-yearly/5-yearly/yearly/6-monthly forecast, but it becomes less accurate when you go into daily/hourly forecast. 3.3. This is because there isn't enough indicators for a proper assessment, given it's primary focus is mainly heavenly given luck. Same goes for Flying Star (玄空风水 - Xuan Kong Feng Shui), which also focus a lot on 20-year & yearly assessments. Hence, this QMDJ is just the right tools to fill in this gap, as it excels at daily/hourly interactions. 3.4. Hence, we are soon going to launch our end user version of the Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Divinity Charts. 3.5. We have been using this tool exclusively for our back-end analysis reports, but soon it will be time to make this available for our end users. 4. Learn More About What Is 奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia? 4.1. 奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ)- literally translated into English as: "Mystical Doorway protecting/hiding the Leader/King/Emperor's secrets with a Mystical Armour." 4.2 It is one of the three most powerful divinity tool available. 4.3. Since it encompasses all the important concepts (yin & yang, five elements, eight house, ba zi, flying star, astrological stars) all into one space and time dimensional chart. 4.4. Allowing you to be able to use it to find out whether it is a good time to do something or not. 4.5. This is because it uses 4 concepts of Heaven Compass (天盘 Tian Pan), Earth Compass (地盘 Di Pan), Human Compass (人盘 Ren Pan) & Deity Compass (神盘 Shen Pan), along with 3 Mystical Strategist/Adviser (奇子 Qi Zi) and 6 Mystical Warriors (六仪 Liu Yi) together, it allows a complex interaction of influences from various concepts that was even used Kings and Strategist in Art of War to win battles or finding the right time to do certain things. 4.6. Here is how one of the variation of the basic Geomancy.Net's version of QMDJ chart for forecasting daily/hour chart influence will look like: URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/qmdj_with_bazi_divinity_chart.html 4.7. What makes our QMDJ report special and different from others is that we are able to effectively let you see at a glance, the interaction various Heaven, Earth, Human, Deity in a chart that is easy to view and make lots of logical interaction at glance. It is also layout differently from the typical textbook chart format so that is more readable in a report format. 4.8. Is it a good time for marriage or a banquet? 4.8.1. In this sample illustration (below), if we check the hour related to that chart when forecasting. 4.8.2. The answer would be No, because the Human Luck is Death - Earth Element, which is inauspicious and further destroyed by the Tian Fu Star (天辅星) which is Wood element. Deity Human 4 - Liu He 六合 Agent / Photographing / Marriage / Banquet 2 - Death Si 死门 EARTH Heaven Earth 4 - Tian Fu 天辅星 yang WOOD 9 - Li - 离 Sun 5 All our reports are colour coded for ease of reference. For example: RED is inauspicious. 5.1. With our 奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ), most of your concerns or likely events can be looked into. 5.2. That's why it is one of the most powerful yet complex analysis tool to date. 5.3. Like we have always mentioned, we need to assess all concepts from as many tools as possible in order to give you the most accurate assessment which is why we used this mainly as our back-end tool. 5.4. The reason, we didn't rush to release this tool, is there is no point in just coming out with a calculator without making it easy for you to understand the interpretations. Also, not everyone needs to plan changes on a daily/hourly basis. 5.5. Plus, we needed to upgrade all our older reports so that the analysis can be cross-link to this QMDJ assessment seamlessly when needed. 5.6. This tool excels mainly in divinity, but it still needs the other Ba Zi, Eight House, Flying Star assessment as well. Also, the complexity in simplifying this assessment and making it easy for end user usage is not easy. 5.7. Anyway, now that the Ba Zi forecast has been revamp, this tool will be perfect to help fill in the inadequacy of the Ba Zi forecast especially when it goes into daily/hourly forecast for example. 5.8. QMDJ will also enhance the Flying Star Chart, with additional assessment of Space Time Dimension (particularly the interaction influence of the Sun/Moon/Stars). Look out for it soon! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  4. Yes, from the info you provided, while there are no major clash/harm, there are 5 minor clashes, 1 minor harm. In general, 3 or more minor clashes is as good as 1 major clash, so that is almost like 2 major clashes. In general, it is fine to have 1 or 2 minor clashes, but too many is not really good. As that means there are many internal conflicts between the two ba zi charts. Which usually means, there maybe lots of conflict between the two charts. So from the ba zi chart compatibility, the compatibility is not that great. Ultimately, whether or not it is good or not, also depends on the five element compatibility and horoscope compatibility. So when you assessed all areas then you will be able to determine an overall compatibility. Such as Strong Wood and weak Fire is a good pairing, so that would help improve the compatibility. Tiger and Pig is average compatibility, may need some tolerance and understanding. So overall, not the best compatibility but not the worst compatibility. So I would probably rank it as below average compatibility. But expect some conflicts from time to time, hence need lots of tolerance and understanding.
  5. 1) If you haven't taken up our services, there is no better time to enjoy our comprehensive ba zi review services. 2) If you are our existing clients, and since 2020 is almost here. This is the best time to do a new Annual Personalized Ba Zi Expert Review to update your reports for the coming luck period.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am pleased to inform you that all our Ba Zi reports have been fully migrated over to the new system with the completion of the Forecast module. So all the Ba Zi reports from our legacy system (v12.x) is no longer active. This allowed me to completely clean up and revamp the Ba Zi Reports templates. 1) Ba Zi Premium v16.3 Previously, in older versions, we used to breakdown the report into several sections/sub-sections to reduce the server load in generating the reports. However, this is no longer needed as the new system can generate complex reports very quickly. As such, we consolidated all the reports into a single report which makes it easy to save and print. One is the main report, and another is the forecast report to view any year's forecast. Ba Zi Premium Full Reference Report - Demo Demo URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/bazi_demo_bazi_full_reference.html Ba Zi Premium Forecast Report (to view any 10-yearly period and yearly forecast) - Demo Demo URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/bazi_demo_bazi_forecast.html 2) Ba Zi Premium Expert Review Just as our main ba zi premium reports have been revamp, we also improved our layout and formatting for our ba zi expert review reports, particularly with more detailed assessment which most people generally ask when they review the ba zi. Health Issues Accident Issues Wealth (Zheng Cai) Unexpected Wealth (Pian Cai) Inheritance Luck Competitors Business Luck Nobleman (Gui Ren) Luck Relationship Luck Friendship Luck Academic Luck Migration / Change of Location Luck Creative Luck For example:- LOW Probability Major Health Issues 1958-1967 Especially in [1965*] [1966**] [1967**] LOW Probability Minor Health Issues [1975*] [1976*] [1977*] LOW Probability Minor Health Issues (1985) [1986**] [1987*] HIGH Probability Minor Issues with Health [1988*] [1995**] [1996**] (1997) HIGH Probability Major Issues with Health (1998-2007) Especially in [2005] [2006*] [2007**] HIGH Probability Minor Issues with Health [2015**] (2016) [2017] With this, you can see at a glance which are the problematic years such as in 1998-2007 especially in 2007, 2006 & 2005 (in the order of severity). So you can then take extra precaution etc. Ba Zi Premium with Expert Review - Demo Demo URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/bazi_demo_bazi_expert_review.html 3) What's new in the v16.3 reports? Re-organize the different sections so that they are easier to read and view. The more useful analysis is loaded at the top, while the technical reference materials is sorted to the bottom of the report (more for referencing it when needed in order to do some additional personalised review). With the many great feedback on the improved upon the v15.5 Big Luck Forecast layout and format. This is now further improved to add in additional useful indicators such as Friendship / Power and Authority / Wealth / Unexpected Wealth indications which most people often look for. As well as the Heavenly Stem / Earthly Branch Images, as with that image, you can tell which period and what elements is related. This makes this forecast complete without cluttering it with too many unnecessary technical details. Also, some users often find it confusing on telling when a Very Good / Good / Average Year contains a clash/harm is a problem. The idea of the Very Good / Good / Average Year is because depending on whether elements favour you or not, the year can be categorize into Very Good / Good / Average / Bad / Very Bad Year. So we added a new Challenging Year, as the presence of clash/harm indicate a challenging year. So Very Good / Good / Average Years with clashes, will now be shown as Challenging Year, which more clearly separate the Very Good Year (without clashes/harm) vs a Very Good Year (with clashes/harm) at a glance. Also, in the Executive Summary, there is now more details in assessing some of the Major / Minor Opportunities / Luck / Issues. Allowing, you to see at a glance some of the opportunities / issues that are present in each 10-yearly big luck and also in which year. So that you can better take advantage or take extra caution when necessary. We also took the opportunity to clean up a lot of leftover coding/templates while migrating from v12.x reports. This means the report will be much faster to generate as it no longer have to process some of the unnecessary codings/templates. Most of these changes are available for existing Ba Zi Premium users to enjoy when they login to the online.geomancy.net to regenerate the updated report. We are also working on improving some other sections and some other new features which we will announce when they are ready. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the changes! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  7. Actually, there are numerous clashes between the pillars (especially earthly branches). Generally, there is no way to fix it since it is embedded within the individual chart. The only way you can reduce the impact is to ensure that the five element percentage is as balanced as possible (ie 20% of each of the 5 elements). The more balance your five element percentages, the better the auspicious period, and the less the clash/harms will impact your chart. In the case of your husband, his five element percentage is extremely unbalanced, so it will be a little harder to balance his chart. As it will need even more Metal, Water and Wood elements in all areas if his life (ie career, home/office direction, colours/shapes etc). That's the only way unfortunately.
  8. Store: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/8-house-hunting-services/
  9. Hi Ludovico, 1. Ideally, the goal of feng shui is to harmonize yourself to your environment. And given that a person's luck is influenced by three forms of luck:- 1.1. Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have. 1.2. Earth Luck - Luck from your surrounding environment. 1.3. Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. 2. Hence, there are many things around you that influence you. So ideally, you want to try to balance as much as possible where possible. However, you don't have to go overboard in that you look into the feng shui aspects of things. Feng Shui should be like find out the issues, fix it and move on with life. As ultimately, the human luck which depends on your own hard work plays the final influencing factor. 3. So as long as, find suitable house/sectors of rooms to use, or you fix up most of the issues such as the leaks and problems in the earth luck, activate the good areas in the home. Generally, everyone staying in the house will already benefit from it. Especially, when you fix up the sectors with colours to help balance the sector etc. Finding the best sleeping/work/study position for each person to use. This will already improve the luck as people spend time in the area. So this is something you can already do for your family without them having to do anything on their own. 4. As for the individual ba zi, yes colours/shapes of clothings etc are certainly something that's easiest to consider. This is again only one aspect, there is the career element, the people around you, favourable directions and so forth. So the goal is just to try to have more of certain elements etc. However where decor colour scheme of room/office/common area that they use are balance generally, even if you don't wear the favourable colours all the time, there is no big issue. 5. In terms of feng shui, everything can be broken down into five elements. If you really want to do, this, you could also may consider some gemstones jewellery:- Garnet - Fire Amehyst - Fire Aquamarine - Water Diamond - Metal Emerald - Wood Pearl - Metal Ruby - Fire Peridot - Wood Sapphire - Fire Opal - Earth Topa - Earth Turquoise - Water 6. However, Feng shui is not about any specific items or jewellery etc. So you don't really have go to the extreme to specially make or wear a certain jewellery just to add the elements they miss. Generally, if you fix most of the feng shui issues especially the earth luck that should be enough. The rest, while it is good if they can follow, but it not, shouldn't be an issue as well. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  10. Hi Adrian, 1. Yes, that's correct. 2. That's why I kept saying that those type of chart is only focus on a portion of what you need to do. Without first strengthening your favourable weak element that you lack <20%, you won't be able to control your wealth. 3.1. Your earlier 10-yearly big luck (2009-2018) and 5-yearly medium luck (2014-2018) is not with you. Hence, you only had the yearly small luck from 2016-2018 3.2. Your current 10-yearly big luck (2019-2028) have big luck changing in your favour. Even your 5-yearly medium luck (2019-2023) and next 5-yearly medium luck (2024-2028) are in your favour. However, you would lose your yearly small luck, except until 2028-2030 when yearly small luck swings back in your favour. 3.3. Overall, that means you still gain more luck from big and medium luck influence. This upcoming luck period should generally have more luck on your side, so things are more likely to go in your favour no matter what you do. 4. In your case, you currently have big luck with you for next 3 decade. However, you will either only have 5-yearly with you or yearly small luck with you but not both. So there is no period which you can enjoy all 3 big/medium/small luck for maximum luck boost. But it would still definitely be better than your earlier luck period where big luck was generally not in your favour. So generally, you should have better luck overall, just not the very best possible. 5. Since more luck is generally on your side than in the earlier period, things should go well no matter which career option you go for. Usually, when luck is on your side, that is usually the better time to go all out in your career as that's likely when things will go well for you. Just watch out for some bad years or years that have clashes which would indicate more challenges in those years. 5.1. So generally this would be a good time for option 2 and 3, ie join another company with good potential, as to whether you want to do side line job, that depends on how much spare time you can spare and the opportunity cost of doing so. If the side-line doesn't impact your existing job, then I don't see why not so as to earn extra income. 6.1. As for option 4 of starting a business, well I can say that only a handful of people have a businessman type of chart. So for most people, they will find better prospects by working for others vs starting their own business. However, if you can find the right partners to complement your chart, possibly you can consider this. 6.2. This option 4 is not going to be easiest since your chart is more of a work for others type of chart and that your big luck isn't the very best. That's why you can't find a luck period with all three big/medium/luck with you despite being in a big luck. Which is also one factor that is needed for a successful businessman type of chart. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  11. Hi Adrian, 1. Actually, those concepts you mentioned are nothing but the results of certain charts conditions based on a certain five element percentage present. 1.1 The key to this understanding is: the fundamental goal of trying to achieve 20% of each five element ( 20% x 5 = 100%). 1.2. As my initial post already covers this in detail: where the fundamental of applying favourable elements you lack most that are <20%, followed by unfavourable elements that you lack most <20%, while avoiding adding more of elements you have >20%. 2. In addition, my initial post of deriving what you need actually is the most personalised to your individual chart based on your individual five element percentage. 2.1 That is because each chart is unique with different five element percentage, hence even two weak metal charts may need different order of elements to balance it depending on which percentage it lacks most. 3. Thus one should be focusing on what that individual really needs rather than based on these type of chart conditions. Which is ultimately what that type of chart condition is suppose to try to do when a chart is similar to that. However, you must remember that condition is for a particular chart with that kind of percentage and condition. 4. Only those who don't really understand the fundamental of how such type of chart types will need to base their analysis on such theoretical examples. 4.1 Often than not, they don't cover all types of charts since each person's ba zi chart is different and unique. 4.2 That type of concept is unique to a only covers certain portion of the condition that results in that type of chart only. 4.3 Hence, one may not be actually fixing the entire problem. 5. Sad to say a lot of people just blindly learn the concepts without truly understanding the fundamental reasoning behind it. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  12. 1. Frankly, our free report isn't limited in anyway. So if it determines you are as a Strong Wood, then you are a strong wood. 2. Only difference, is the free report doesn't show you the details of your Chart such as clashes/harms/joins that affects the total number of elements present in the chart, that will ultimately affect the Balance of Five Element Chart which is extremely useful, as otherwise everyone will keep asking us for advise on it based on the percentage available. 3. Yes, no doubt your Wood is extremely weak. In your case, to determine if you are a weak or strong wood. You have to determine the total elements making you strong is > total elements making your weak. 4. In your case:- Element Strength Percentage 4 Water Strong 45.7 % 1 Wood Extremely Weak 2.9 % 3 Fire Weakest 17.1 % 4 Earth Weak 34.3 % 0 Metal Strongest 0 % 4.1. Elements making you strong = 4 Strong Water (45.7%) + 1 extremely weak wood (2.9%) = 48.6% 4.2. Elements making you weak = 4 weak earth (34.3%) + 0 Strongest Metal (0%) = 34.3% 4.3. Fire element will exhaust your wood and also strength the earth so it cancel itself out in the equation. 4.4. Since Total Elements making you strong (48.6%) > Total Elements making you weak (34.3%), therefore you are a Strong Wood. 4.5. Your Strong Wood is not because of having lots of wood, but having too much water at 45.7%. Hence, you are a Strong Wood. 5. There are a more of things to consider when determining your weak or strong, so without a detailed calculation, you will not be able to determine the strength of birth accurately. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  13. Hi Elros, Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Glad that you found the report comprehensive. Please see my replies below:- 1. Honestly, I have no idea how other people analyse your bazi, but I can tell you that depending on the how comprehensive and detailed the analysis was done to determine your five element percentage. If they do not consider all the factors such as even combinations between some elements that result in changes of elements, the clashes/harms that occur. Often than not, they can get your element strength incorrectly and also the breakdown of the percentage incorrectly, resulting in different interpretations. 2. Based on your current ba zi chart from our analysis, your percentage breakdown is as follows:- Element Strength Percentage 1 Water Weak 5.7 % 8 Wood Strongest 75.5 % 2 Fire Strong 15.1 % 0 Earth Extremely Weak 0 % 1 Metal Weakest 3.8 % 3. As a weak Metal person, the elements:- 3.1 That would make you a Strong Metal would be Earth (0%) + Metal (3.8%) = Total 3.8% 3.2. That would make you a Weak Metal would be Wood (75.5%) + Fire (15.1%) = Total 90.6% 3.3. Water 5.7% element helps to strengthen the elements that make you weak, while exhausting away the Metal that makes you strong. Hence, this cancel itself out in the balancing equation. Hence, we don't consider it as part of the initial balancing equation when determining your initial element strength. 4. Since total elements making you weak is 90.6% > than the total elements making you strong is 3.8%. Hence, you are a weak Metal person. As there is no way your 3.8% elements can overcome the overwhelming 90.6% elements that make you weak. As the ratio is like 1:30, too unbalanced. 5. Hence, as a weak Metal:- 5.1. Your favourable elements would then be Earth (0%) the element you lack most followed by Metal (3.8%). 5.2. While Unfavourable elements would be Wood (75.5%) and Fire (15.1%). Where Wood should be avoided as all cost as there is way too much, way beyond the ideal 20% range. Fire element while it is your unfavourable element, it is still below 20%, so you can still add some Fire when you have added sufficient Earth and Metal element first. This is because the goal is to bring each element percentage to 20%. However, you cannot add Fire without first adding Earth+Metal, as Fire while it will exhaust the Wood, it will also destroy your Metal. Hence, unless you boost your Earth+Metal first, adding Fire on it's own will only melt your already weak Metal, as the Fire will be further boosted by the 75.5% Wood. 5.3. As a weak Metal, Water by default will also exhaust your Metal and make Wood Stronger even though it will help to control some Fire. However, the production effect will already make your Wood much stronger and in turn the Wood will continue to make the Fire strong which negates the impact of the Water destroying your Fire element. 6. So in order to balance your five element, you have to add in this order:- 6.1. Add Elements you lack the most which is Earth, why? Earth will exhaust the Fire that weaken you while converting it into helping you produce Metal. Then it will in turn help you to produce more Metal, making you a Strong Metal. And finally, it will destroy the Water which will eventually weaken you. So in this case, Fire and Water percentage will be subsequently weaken while Earth and Metal element percentage will increase. 6.2. Add the next Element you lack which is Metal, why? Metal will exhaust the the Earth while helping to strengthen the Metal. This will in turn help you to be strong enough to destroy the Wood element that you have too much off. Metal will also help to make the Water stronger and control some of your excessive Metal, which in turn help to destroy the Fire that is also weakening you. So in this case, Fire and Wood percentage will subsequently weaken, while Wood and Water will increase. Although water is still your unfavourable but at 5.7%, there is still room to have a bit more as the percentage is still below the ideal 20%. But you cannot add Water by itself without Earth or Metal first. This is the same as you cannot add more Fire by itself without Earth and Metal first. 6.3. Wood element you should completely avoid, as you have way too much. Generally, >50% is already very bad, but at 70%, that's way too much. Hence, adding the Earth+Metal will reduce this. 6.4. Fire element while it is your unfavourable element, but as you only have 15.1%, it's still below 20%, so adding some Fire will still help exhaust the Fire element and convert the energy into producing Earth, while also helping to keep Metal in check. As the goal is to have 20%, you also don't want your Earth and Water element too be too much, as that will again bring everything out of balance. So in this case, by adding Fire, the Wood percentage will reduce, but the Earth percentage will increase. Eventually, your five element percentage will start to be closer to the 20% range for each five elements. 7. So back to the question, why would some people recommend Wood and Water as your favourable elements. This would be incorrect, because Wood will make your Wood percentage too strong, while water while it help to destroy the Fire element, but it would also make your Wood too strong. So I think they either didn't get your five element percentage breakdown correctly. I think it could be more likely because they didn't consider some of the combinations of elements which results in changes in your initial element. 7.1 Because if you look at your initial ba zi chart. If I take the raw elements. You would probably have:- 3 Water (But 2 of these water got converted to Wood, resulting in 1 Water) 4 Wood (But got 4 additional one, resulting in 8 Wood) - This addition of 4+4 = 8 is why your Wood element percentage is so high. 3 Fire (But 1 of these Fire got converted to Wood, resulting in 2 Fire) 1 Earth (But 1 of this Earth got converted to Wood, resulting in 0 Earth) 1 Metal (No conversion, so 1 Metal) 7.2. I think because these weren't considered, so the five element percentage calculated from the initial element would be very different. Hence, probably why the recommended elements were different. 8. However, as you can see from the above explanation, we used a series of mathematical percentage, a clear understanding of Elements (Productive, Destructive, and Exhaustive cycle), and priority of most favourable elements to least unfavourable elements in order to balance the element. This would give you much clearer and understanding of why our recommended elements are in this order. This is fundamental of how our site applies various different concept by prioritizing which needs to be assess first and so forth. 9. Based on your Balance of Five Elements for Age 32 - 41 (2019 - 2028) 1 Water 8 Wood 3 Fire 3 Earth 2 Metal 4.8 % 64.5 % 19.4 % 4.8 % 6.5 % 9.1. While Earth (4.8%) and Metal (6.5%) percentage is now 11.5%, it is still against an overwhelming Wood+Fire at 83.9%. But of course, it is a bit better as the percentage is reduced from 90.6%. 9.2. Don't forget that each year, your percentage will still change a bit. But even with the additional yearly influence, it is unlikely that there will be enough Earth and Metal as the percentage is just too much with a nearly 1:8 ratio of Favourable vs Unfavourable odds. But better than the initial 1:30 ratio. So I think to consider Wealth/Power element career is unlikely to be a good idea for a chart that is as unbalanced as yours. 10. As for type of elements in career etc:- 10.1. management in software (Fire?) - Programming and Project Management is generally more Wood element job scope, which Wood element is not the most favourable elements for you without Earth+Metal. Software is in IT technology which is Metal+Water element job industry. Metal element portion is good for you, but water element is not so good without Earth+Metal. Since there is some Metal element so the job industry is still considered suitable. 10.2. strategy consultant (Wood?) - Consultant is Wood element, which again is not the most favourable type of job scope without Earth+Metal. 10.3. Real-estate software company (Earth/Fire?) - Real Estate is property which is Earth element. Software company is more IT technology Metal+Water element. Since there is Metal, so the Water element while not your most favourable will still be okay. 104. a part-time loan signing agent (Metal?). - Loan should the Finance related so it is Metal element. Metal is one of your favourable element so it is suitable. 11. Chinese Name Analysis requires a fair bit of analysis to really be able to comment properly. As there is more than just the elements based on the character shape. The Name stroke group that your entire name falls under would also need to be considered. But yes picking a good name does help improve your five element percentage especially if done from birth. As the name is with you when you are born. Everything your name is called, you benefit from the name luck. But it only covers a small percentage of the overall luck. 12. A person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck, of which each luck comprise of about 33.3% of your overall luck.:- Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have (based on your Ba Zi etc) Earth Luck - Luck from your home and surrounding (Feng Shui of your Home/Office etc) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. 13. So Chinese Name forms part of your Heaven Luck, which accounts for about 5-10% of your 33.3% of your Heaven Luck. So in reality, it will only forms about 1.6-3.3% of your overall Heaven+Earth+Human Luck. So while it is important, it usually only beneficial when done from birth. As the time you are likely to use the Chinese Name is when you are still in School, as your family and friends would be calling your name every day while you are in school. Once you are working, most of the time, because of the use of your Western name, it's likely that your full Chinese Name may not be even used. So even if you do change it, but no one knows or call it, it won't be effective. Hence, I normally won't recommend making any name changes once you are an adult. Unless of course, your career depends on it such as as an Actor/Actress who is known by their Name. 14. So yes, while changing a name will certainly help improve it if your name is important for your work. Otherwise, you will find it more worth it to focus on improving your Earth Luck (ie your Home or Office Feng Shui) which influences 33.3% vs <3.3% (Changing Name). 15. Anyway, back to your question. Based on my experience, if you plan to only change just the character to retain the same pinyin, the odds that the name change will result in a better Name Stroke Goup etc will be quite slim. Often than not, unless you are not restricted ie can change the entire name, it would give a better change of getting a better name stroke group. Most name depending on surname have the highest name stroke group at about 80-96%. Most name stroke group usually will fall between 40-60%, so odds of an matching an existing name that will be better than the existing one is very slim if there is further restriction on the characters strokes etc. Chances are it may improve only by a bit of the combinations of the characters are good. 16. But you got the correct idea that if you can change a character that sounds the same with one that have a better element, that may help. How much really depends. Without working out the details it's quite different to tell you for sure. But again, like I mentioned. I doubt you will really see much of a different since the impact on your overall luck is going to be very small especially once you have reach adulthood.
  14. The Future Forecast in the above Ba Zi Expert Review Forecast report will be available in this package:- Or any of the Ba Zi Premium reports Bundles:- https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/3-ba-zi-life-reading-services/
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