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  1. The link has always been pointing to the login page for our Online.Geomancy.Net. Based on the information in that resource page. The Flying Star report is found in the member area of the site. So you need to login to access it. Just create a free account if you don't have it, and then you can access it. Hope that helps.
  2. I tested the link http://www.geomancy-online.com and it's working. You can also use this alternative link. It might be some errors earlier today when fixing some issues with the redirection links. URL: http://login.geomancy.net
  3. Hi Everyone! 1) Lovesigns.Net is now Mobile Friendly Finally, our sister site Lovesigns.Net layout have been updated to the same responsive layout as the rest of the site! So our entire resource sections Geomancy.Net+Lovesigns.Net+Palmistry.Net and other resource section will now have a same uniform layout and navigation look. 2) Our resource intensive Geomancy.Net+Lovesigns.Net+Palmistry.Net will now support Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a fast and light weight version of the site that will load very fast for mobile devices as it removes a lot of unnecessary bloated contents that are required for normal webpages. These AMP corresponding pages will be shown by Google on their mobile search network, as they will prioritize AMP pages (if available) before normal Mobile Friendly pages on mobile search results. Users will have an option to switch to the normal Mobile version of the webpage if they are presented with the AMP pages. Right now, most of our content resources is AMP ready. Only Forum.Geomancy.Net and Online.Geomancy.Net sections will not support this, as Google AMP does have limitation on FORMS especially password submissions. So there is no way to let users login with AMP version, hence we are not supporting the Google AMP on these sections. Which isn't necessary as well, since Google AMP is more for fast content browsing rather than content interaction (as in tablet/desktop browsing). 3) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) expanded from just www.geomancy.net to across all our domains and shortcut links. With the push to make the internet safer for all, there are lots of support for validating and making SSL certificate more easily available to secure multiple domains in order to enable the secure web browsing. Otherwise, in the past, it's costly to get a paid certificate just to enable ssl encryption on a domain. This means all our domains (Lovesigns.Net/Palmistry.Net) and shortcut links (login.geomancy.net/date.geomancy.net etc) have all been re-configured to support https browsing directly from those domain names instead of redirecting to a https:// link within www.geomancy.net content. This is makes allows us to directly secure the shortcut domain link all the way from one link to another without needing a shortcut redirection from non-ssl (ie http://login.geomancy.net) to a specific ssl link page within the www.geomancy.net website. I have also harden the SSL protocols so that it can achieve at least an A rating in Qualys SSL Labs (https://www.ssllabs.com) that is possible based on the depending on the server OS and SSL technology available. This is to ensure that all the vulnerable older SSL protocols are locked-down, especially since we are now fully enabling https through all our sites. 4) Further refinements on Geomancy.Net - Main Page I continued to further refine the main page so that it's less cluttered with description and yet still makes all the important link available right from the main page. Plus, some re-organizing of order of the contents, so that in mobile devices, they flow from one section to another when they are related. Navigation Menu links also have been updated with the new https shortcut links (rather than the http redirection shortcut links). I plan to continue to improve to re-organize the navigation menu so that they group related links similar to how the main page was re-organized. Such as new Forecast section which is popular, so it deserved to stand out as an important section. With this updates completed, I can now focus on re-vamping and re-coding of the Online.Geomancy.net section. As it is, the existing reports still works well on the mobile devices. But I am still looking to see how best to improve and enhance it. Hope you enjoy the updates! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  4. Hi Everyone, 1) Daily.Geomancy.Net - Free Comprehensive Daily Chinese Horoscope & Ba Zi Feng Shui Forecast is now Mobile Friendly I have revamp our popular daily forecast layout to a responsive template and will now be suitable for viewing with your mobile devices. It should be easier to read and take up less space than the earlier layout. This Today's Detailed Forecast link is now available on our main page at the 2017 Forecast area for users to enjoy on the mobile browsers. However, the daily forecast chart will not be shown on the main page on mobile browser as it will take up too much display space. Previously, this link and chart was only made available for Tablet and Desktop browsers only. URL: http://daily.geomancy.net With the new responsive templates ready in the Online.Geomancy.Net, we are also ready to update more of our reports to make it fully mobile friendly just as our Geomancy.Net or Forum.Geomancy.Net websites 2) Palmistry.Net - Our Palmistry Resources is now Mobile Friendly Our palmistry site is also fully converted to a responsive template, and is now available for viewing on mobile devices. URL: http://www.palmistry.net 3) Re-updated all our other sites with a latest revision of the Layout Template As there were some further optimization tweaks and bug fixes on the Latest Website Templates and the Navigation Menu, which I removed off the Navigation Menu title, giving more space for the navigation menu especially for mobile browsers. This latest version have been updated to Shop.Geomancy.Net, Pictures.Geomancy.Net and other sites. So there continue to be a consistent look and feel throughout the site. Hope you enjoy the changes! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  5. Hi Everyone, Thank everyone for their feedback and patience as we revamp our website! I am pleased to announce a New and Improved Main Page launched. Our site has a wealth of resources and tools, however it was never easy designing a main page that can bring out the contents in an easy yet organized way. However, I believe this latest layout brings out our original "Learn and Apply Feng Shui navigation menu concept" in the old site design, better than ever before. At the same time, the new layout still allowed latest updates to be featured prominently in both Desktop and Mobile layout! 1) New & Improved Main Page The new main page organizes and groups related sections together in the same visible area. Such as:- Daily Forecast + 2017/2018 Forecast Main Feature Content + Latest Site News Learning Resource + Personalized Reports + Get Expert Advice Home Consultation + SG. Property Reviews House Hunting + Auspicious Dates + Other Related Resources Each section contains all the useful resources in a list, along with related sections placed side by side (on larger devices). This makes it easy to find all the useful resources on site in that section as well, as have related sections close or next to each other to continue browsing other sections of the site. This makes all the "key" site features available right from the main page with many tools that users may use every day available at a glance. For example, those looking for the daily forecast, can focus on the daily forecast section with everything related there. Or those looking for house Hunting Resources, can zoom in to the property reviews or House Hunting sections etc. So that just visiting out main page and you will be able to find everything you need. In addition, certain features like Daily Forecast / Main Feature Content are hidden away in mobile devices since they are a little small for such contents. This makes it better for mobile browsers as well. 2) Improved Navigation Menu (Right Collapsible Sidebar) When we re-launched our brand new site, the sidebar was white which sometimes doesn't make the navigation easy to read vs the rest of the site content. And it initially I used used an accordion type layout which works nicely on desktop and tablet, but I noticed, that on some smaller mobile devices, the space was quite narrow to show the content properly. Since then, I have improved this and changed it to a more darker theme and adjusted a nice font size comfortable for both desktop/mobile devices. In addition, a floating menu is used on larger desktop, so that there is no need to scroll the sidebar just to find the next level of menu which is very suitable for browsing with the mouse. And in the mobile/tablet, a scrolling style navigation which allows for finger swiping support is used. This makes the navigation menu a lot better to use in the respective devices. 3) FengShui.Geomancy.Net & other shortcuts In order to keep a more recognizable site presence, instead of a longer "Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net", I created a new shortcut url "FengShui.Geomancy.Net", that will be the branded throughout our entire network. This is not only serve as a functional shortcut URL to "www.geomancy.net" or "geomancy.net", as well as, a shorter site branding for the entire network especially for search engines. There were also a few other shortcuts added/updated to make it easy to link to those useful sections of the sites, such as our these following useful shortcuts:- URL: http://daily.geomancy.net - Comprehensive Daily Forecast URL: http://dates.geomancy.net - Free Auspicious Dates Report 4) Back-end Server Caching and Database Performance Tweaks Since the new site launch, I have been re-tweaking the various site CDN, database and Cache performance. I believe the current setting is now very highly optimized to ensure that users will have a fast and smooth loading site! Hope you enjoy the changes! There are still more changes coming, and we will announce it as they are available. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  6. Hi Everyone! Firstly, Geomancy.Net would like to wish all users a Happy and Prosperous Year in the Year of the Rooster! On this joyous 2nd day of CNY, not only are we opened for business. But is now smart-phone/tablet friendly! We thank everyone for your feedback on site issues (if any) as well as patience as we tweaked and improve the site since the soft-launch! 1) Site Wide SSL Implementation To allow users a secure and seamless browsing experience between all our resources: be it web pages, forum and report generation. As of 30 Jan 2017. users visiting our normal http (non secure pages) will be automatically redirected to https (secure SSL pages) automatically. Including, our older related domains alias (3dglobe.com/infoserv.com.sg etc), will automatically redirect to our main secure geomancy.net site. This is to prevent any SSL warnings if https url isn't geomancy.net. 2) Back-End Server Software Update on Online.Geomancy.Net Online.Geomancy.net is our engine for generating your reports and is transparent to you. However, in order to support SSL; we needed to make template changes in our Reports to support the latest version. I have checked all the reports and fixed all the necessary template that needed to be changed. This is also the first step for us to an upcoming Major Revamp our Reports template, later in the year. However, should there be any issues, feel free contact us at support@geomancy.net. 3) Tweaking the New Website to optimize the pages for faster browsing Using data from our soft-launch, we tweaked the servers configuration to improve the performance of web pages utilizing server and browser caching to improve the site performance. As of 30 Jan 2017, we added two CDN resources for our www.geomancy.net/online.geomancy.net website. This allows us to load commonly used external files (like images etc), from our CDN servers located closest to you. This will improve the loading performance of the site. In addition, we tested numerous server optimization settings and caching settings and have now implemented the one that works the best for our site. And did a one-time re-optimization of all images on the server to further reduce the file size. So the site should load a lot faster now. 4) Redirection of older pages to the new pages and archiving of old website! As the new site is now working well and can fully replace the old site. The old website has been archived away (archive.geomancy.net) while most of the older pages have been automatically redirected to the new links to support older and existing links. 5) Updated content pages that doesn't fit well on mobile devices As we were testing our site, we have fixed up pages that didn't work well on mobile such as our Yearly Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast, broken links or report links that didn't work properly after the initial soft-launch. I am pretty sure most of the issues have been fixed now. However, should there still be any issues, again just let us know: support@geomancy.net 6) Integration of Common Site look throughout most major sections of the site With a new responsive layout design, it's now possible to better integrate a common look throughout various sections of the site. However, as this site has hundreds of thousands of resource, it's impossible to change everything immediately. Hence; appreciate your kind understanding in this area as it has to be revamp section by section. Our next projects are for revamping in phases of our sister sites:- Lovesigns.Net Palmistry.Net Online.Geomancy.Net - (Redesign and coding of a new report section, this will be hardest to change since it's not easy to reformat a report that was designed for Desktop and A4 Print into a mobile friendly layout) Otherwise, most of the site is now revamp. We will still continue to improve it over the next few days! We like to once again thank everyone for your support and patience as we revamp our website. However, I am sure you will enjoy the site better with these changes!
  7. Hi Everyone, Our popular Comprehensive Chinese Horoscope and Yearly Feng Shui Forecast layout has been re-optimized to better support Mobile/Tablet browsers. After we updated our latest revamped website layout, I noticed that the year forecast pages wasn't showing well on mobile devices (iphone/andriod). So this will make it more mobile friendly. Users who had issues viewing the 2017 forecast previously, can now view the updated link:- URL: http://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/yearly-forecast/rooster-2017-chinese-horoscope-feng-shui-yearly-forecast And our forecast is so comprehensive that we have added and published the upcoming years forecast 2018-2030. Just as we have published our 2017 forecast many many years ago! So have a sneak peak:- URL: http://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/yearly-forecast/chinese-horoscope-feng-shui-yearly-forecast It's indeed challenging reformatting desktop / printer friendly layouts into smaller devices. Hope you enjoy the updates! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  8. Hi Everyone, Welcome to soft-launch to test out our brand new website for the upcoming Chinese New Year! Our old website layout has served us well for many years since the last major revamp and was highly optimized for desktop browsing. However, it's time for another major revamp for our 20th Year Anniversary on the internet since the site was launched in 1996! Our new website layout has been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly and highly optimized responsive layout to support mobile/tablet browsing as well as desktop browsing. Content will also be more integrated so that a unified search can search through all the resources from various sections of the site. New Website Features Integrated Content Management - Allows us to easily organize the thousands of resources on the site. Live Search Bar - Search for any content easily and on the fly New Collapsible Navigation Menu - A more standardize mobile friendly navigation menu which doesn't occupy a lot of space especially for mobile browsers - You can filter the menu you want just by typing for the key word (ie "Dates" etc) Responsive Layout - The layout will optimize the content for depending on your browsing device resolution which will allow users to enjoy our site on moible/tablet devices This is our 2nd phase of our major site revamp, following the recently upgraded forum. There are still some sections of the site that will be updated and improved in later phases. Hence, the old website and links will continue to remain available until the entire site is completely revamp before it will be archived away and old links to be redirected to the new pages. Meanwhile, should you have any problems with the new site, you can access our old site from this link:- URL: http://archive.geomancy.net Hope you enjoy the update!
  9. Honestly, this depends on the interaction of the luck pillar and your main pillars. You have to consider things like the 10-yearly big luck, 5-yearly medium, yearly small luck whether they are on your side. You also have to consider whether the year generally have any major conflict and whether it is favourable to your five element or not. Whether there are clashes/harms/punishment/self-punishments etc. All these have an impact whether the year is good or bad, and whether there are challenges or not. Without reviewing those in details, it is hard to tell you whether it is auspicious or not. For this, you may need the Ba Zi Premium report to be able to tell more. URL: http://www.geomancy.net/products/po-bazi/po-bazi.htm Of course, having a suitable name that helps improve your five element will help in some way. As the more well balance your five elements (ie 20% of each element), the better your overall luck. However, often this is more effective for a newborn or at least when he/she still haven't attended school. This is because the likelihood of the chinese name being used the most is during the school days. After that, it may not be used as much especially if you have western/christian names. Hence, once a person reaches adult age, a name change may not really have as much of an impact as when you are young. This is because a person has 3 forms of luck:- 1) Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have. 2) Earth Luck - Luck from your home and surrounding. 3) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. So effectively, your heavenly given luck only covers 33.3% of your overall luck. And a name change will likely only affect about 10% of this 33.3%. So that means the name only covers probably about 3.3% of your overall luck. So the effectiveness of a name change when you are an adult is very low as compared to when young. Hence, unless there is some situation where a name change is absolutely necessary, I often won't recommend it. You may even find working on the home/office feng shui which covers about 33.3% of your overall earth luck is more effective. If you really want to look into this, then probably the service that will best help you would be the ba zi with expert review. URL: http://www.geomancy.net/products/po-bazi/po-bazi.htm Only when you analysed the full chart, will you know how it impacts you, whether a luck period is good and so forth. Without, it's hard to give any advice. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  10. Hi Everyone! I am pleased to announce that the entire website has been successfully upgraded and migrated over to the new server on the latest server OS and latest software. Should there be problems, feel free to contact me. This update was necessary as some software that was with the site since 1996 needed a major update to support the latest OS. This especially as our forum contains a wealth of knowledge and posts, finding a suitable replacement to migrate over was not an easy task. However, I am pleased that we have found suitable forum replacement that will support our site for many years to come. I have just updated all the integration link so that the login to the new forum will be as seemless as the old one. All the external forum links should automatically redirect to the new forum links. So everything should be quite seemless for the users. There will still be more tweaking and customization of the various updated sections so that we can implement more site updates to enhance the site even better Thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy the new updates!
  11. Hi Everyone! If you can see this new forum and post, it means that you are now on a brand new forum software. Our old forum has served us well for many years since 1996, however it is outdated and obsolete. So I had to find a new replacement forum that will continue to serve our site's need for many years to come. All the data from the old forum has been converted and migrated over to this one. So our valuable forum posts and data will continue to be searchable here. This new forum is friendly to both web based and mobile based browsers, with many features such as private messaging and so forth. So it will enhance user's experience on the site. There are still many sections of the site that I need to upgrade, so once everything is fully migrated over the new server. I will then re-customize the forum template so that it will integrate well with other parts of the site. Meanwhile, I have already updated our online system to be able to link to this forum. So everything should continue to work seemlessly. Enjoy! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  12. Hi Everyone, I will be performing a major server migration on the our site, to have a major overhaul update to all the existing software to support the latest server OS. Our old forum especially have served us well since the site was launched in 1996. But it also needs to be updated to something even better that will continue to support the site for many years to come. Hence, our old forum will be migrated to another newer forum software. Hence, this will be the last post on this old forum database, after which data on this old forum will be archived and be replaced with a much more updated forum software. The rest of the site software will also need to be upgraded in order for it to support the latest server software. So this will be a pretty major update. The upgrade will be done in the background, and I will update different sections of the site at one time. Due to the nature of this update, I am using a temporary server to test configure and transfer the configuration before it is moved to a permanent new server. And some tweaking and integrations between the new modules may need to be tweaked later, including re-customising of the layout and templates of the software. However, I don't expect too much of a disruption. In fact, users should still be able to continue to access the site while it is being upgraded. However, I may need to disable sections of the site which is being upgraded or transferred. This will be done in sections so that not all the site will be unavailable at the same time. I am sure users will enjoy this update once the update is completed. Thank you for your patience. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  13. Hi Lanie,
  14. Hi ISylvia, Thanks for sharing the information. The site has 2 servers: the main one and a secondary backup & mail server. Sometimes, the main server for some reason or other needs to reset. When it does so; our secondary backup server kicks-in. The backup server forum messages and database is only updated at predetermined period. Thus, messages found on the backup server is seen to be not-updated at all. As such, you may have logged in when the main server is "down" for a short-while and thus, it may seem that the forum messages are not updated. Once the main server goes on-line again; it will "return" to the norm. Hence, it is not an issue. Appreciate very much! Thanks for letting us know. But, it should not be an issue. I am posting this so other users will know why this happens. Warmest Regards Robert Lee

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