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  1. Hi master, can you help me to determine my house facing? I'm confused because we enter mainly through the garage (blue arrow) and enter through the home via "back door." The actual front door is indicated by the red arrow but is mainly just for show to upkeep the neighborhood looks. We use it sometimes but since the garage is in the back, it's more practical to use the back. Does this change the facing? Thank you!
  2. Hello Master, I'm looking to purchase a new home and came across this property and wanted some advice on if this will be an auspicious home to buy? I have asked several people with conflicting advice. Some say the water in the back of the home is not good Feng Shui but I've also read that if there's a water view in front, this could be consider the frontage? There are mountains on both side in the distance and the ocean is about 5 mins away driving. The river in the back/front of the home actually flows into the ocean. If I bought and remodel this house for period 9, should I have the auspicious double 9 facing the river or the other way around? It is the home with the white roof and yellow pin marked. Thank you very much
  3. Since 2 a timely star in period 9, will this make the combo 7/2 & 2/7 a favorable combination? Does that mean the center will be more favorable?
  4. I've read a lot about it is preferable to have a regular square of rectangular lot. I have not found very much source on larger plots of land though. My question is if my house is on a large irregular(not of any shape) lot (~20 acres) and much of it is not used as you can imagine. Does this affect the energy of my home negatively? Is there a way I can demarcate it so that it seems like the house is one a regular size lot?
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