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  1. Ms Brende

    Mr Bende

    Dear Mr Lee, Are angled bay windows that stick out from the home a concern on the front of the house? Also are sliding back doors problematic in any way? Thank you for all your great insight! Respectfully, Ms Brende
  2. Ms Brende

    Mr Bende

    Dear Mr Lee, Wow I can't believe that the house numbers don't effect the single family home and only apply to high-rises/apartment units.. If that's true then what numbers or what situation has the greatest effect on the home beyond the rectangle and square? Also what areas is it best to avoid having water lines? Guessing its South since that represents Fire? The House is facing south.
  3. Ms Brende

    Mr Bende

    Greetings Mr Lee, Thank you in advance for your very important advice! 1) Regarding accessing/buying a house, do we base the "House Number Report' on the date the house was built, or the date we plan to buy the house (2020)? 2) As we move forward in time will the Date ranges (for Example: 2024-2043) have an effect on the homeowners or is it still based on the original date that the house was built? 3) Will repairs or remodeling effect the house expression? and to what extent? for example painting add new flooring etc. or does it change when a new room is added? 4) I am wanting to understand if I need to look at all three periods from the date of the home build for example if it was built in 1987, to today 2020 and even into 2024-2043? 5) Also what does under period 7, represents lots of wealth. Looking so forward to your expertise Master Lee!!! Respectfully, Ms Bende
  4. Greetings Master Lee, Regarding drain pipes where is the best place for the drainage to go? Out the water area?
  5. Greetings! I am looking at purchasing a house that is a perfect direction for the breadwinner of the family, however the frontage is in the Death direction for the spouse. WIll this really effect the spouse? Can Death mean transformation or is it truly illness, disease and death? Looking forward to your perspective. Ms Brende
  6. Greetings Master Lee! Thank you for your great response. I see the process of evaluation in very in depth. If we purchase the 1 home consultation and we realize we need to do more home evaluations can you keep the price at the 2, 3 home price? Also what is the cost of doing an optimal layout for a home incase we decided to build a home? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Ms Brende
  7. Ms Brende

    MS Brende

    Greetings Master Lee, I recently discovered your site and just love it! 1) Regarding a new home purchase, I am wondering what to do about a house we like since the property has good front door frontage for me (SE) but not for my husband. We actually have opposite directions in everything. Wondering if my husband entered the house from the back door (NW) would that correct the problem for him? 2) Also the location of the bedroom is an irritation for one of us is there anyway to remedy a location issue since there are no other bedrooms better for us? 3) What do you recommend regarding the FS steps to purchasing a home? What does a consult cover? Looking forward to your insight and thank you in advance. Sincerely, Ms Brende
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