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  1. Dear Cecil and Forum Members You may recall, on 28 July I posted a question regarding my sinus/post nasal drip problem which I have had since October 2002. Cecil suggested I move my bed away from the window. I did this last Monday. I also ceased taking my homeopathics that day to see what would occur. Within 24 hours 98% of the mucous in my sinuses had dried up and I now rarely cough at night time or in the mornings. The difference is quite staggering actually. My husband now gets a good nights sleep, rather than being wakened up by me coughing my head off. He of course is thrilled to bits ! I was sleeping on the favourable mountain star #7, but as Cecil always says, shapes and forms take precedent. Be guided by what this knowledgeable Master says, you will NOT go wrong. Cheers Glyn
  2. glyn

    Bedroom Layout

    Thanks for your response Cecil. yes I have positioned the bed as per your sketch, NOT in the coffin position. The bed does not have a bed head. I personally do not like bed heads. The door is not in the middle but in line with the head of the bed which I know is not good, but we sleep with the door partially closed. Phil and I do however move our pillows so I sleep to the west and he to the east. We both sleep well this way. I have restless sleep if I sleep to the south. I shall monitor my sinus problem now. Maybe the night air caused me to get this problem, producing excessive mucous. In fact the window is quite low and my body is right in line with the opening. I could literally fall out of the window and as previously mentioned, in summer the window is wide open. Only a flyscreen protecing me from falling !!! I love hearing the sound of the waves as you know we are right on the ocean. Thanks again and continue with your "words of wisdom " in the forum. I laugh so much with some of your responses !!! Kind regards Glyn
  3. Dear Cecil Attached is a sketch of my bedroom which I trust will assist you to answer my queries. Not too clear. The bed is along the north wall next to the windows. I want to move to the south wall which is parallel to the second bathroom which does not have a toilet in the room. The entry door to the bedroom is from the west. Thanks and kind regards Glyn
  4. Hi Cecil Anyway, I am gua #7. Main bedroom has 737(N) and 519(NE) We sleep mainly 737 sector under window which is closed at night during winter. Window open wide during summer.Both M/S have external support. I have had chronic sinus/post nasal drip/cough for past 10 months. Thinking of applying small taiji to this room and therefore should move to southern wall where M/stars 6 and 8 reside. However, ensuite bathroom runs the other side of this southern wall. Toilet sha however will not be a problem. Sleep with head pointing to fu wei direction. Of course, all remedies for #5 are in place. Have been here 3 years, no other probems. Your comments please Cecil.
  5. I am gua#7. Bedroom takes up two sectors. North (737) and NE (519) where remedies are in place. Forms support #7 and #5, although #5 near window. Bed is under window on north wall away from #5. Window closed at night time during winter, open at night time during summer. Very large bed so husband and self sleep with heads pointing to good directions, sleep head to toe. Only other wall is the south wall of the bedroom with ensuite on the other side. West and east walls have built in robes. If I apply small taiji to this bedroom, the best place for bed would be on south wall where South is 628 and SW 846. However as stated, ensuite bathroom on other side of south wall. If I slept in this position, instead of my head pointing south, I would sleep so my head points west (as I currently do) but my body would then run parrallel with ensuite. I have had post nasal drip and chronic intermittent cough for past 10 months. No medical problem. Just very annoying. Cough worse at night and early morning. Otherwise health good. Can you see a cause of my PND in this set up ? Should I move bed to south wall ? Thanks
  6. glyn

    Period 8

    Thank you Cecil for sharing your thoughts on this matter. I am in total agreement with you. Far too many people believe feng shui is the magic bullet for all their "ills". When I tell them this, some can get quite annoyed ! And usually these are the people that have got themselves into a mess. Sadly in this day and age we all seem to want instant gratification. Cheers Glyn
  7. glyn

    Period 8

    So Cecil, unlike other well known practitioners, coming into period 8 is not cause for panic? My clients have read bits and pieces from books available to the public,have shown me ,and goodness me, the trauma expected is beyond belief. That being the case, at least 33% of my client base would have to sell home. How do people in this profession get away with all this doom, gloom and creating panic ? Cheers Glyn
  8. Thanks Cecil for the compliment. However, I am only as good as my teacher ! Cheers Glyn
  9. thanks Cecil. I personally thought it may well be the north. However on throwing the matter over to two other fs practitioners, one said west and one said north. Now I can go ahead and plan for period 8 and weaken 737 which is at the facing which is now north.. Fire you mentioned last time and not yin water as I had planned. Red carpet at entry ? Candles upstairs in the north part of the living room ? Perhaps a candleabra burning many candles. Cheers and thanks Glyn
  10. Hello Cecil Thought I may throw this to the forum........ My fellow colleagues over here cannot agree on the facing of this townhouse.Any input appreciated. There are 3 townhouses/condos on the block of land. Opposite the group on the west side is the Indian Ocean. All townhouses are indentical in structure.The middle townhouse is the one in question. The west side of each unit consists of a brick wall with corner windows in the SW and NW.Apart from these windows, the west wall faces directly on to the back wall of townhouse #1. So standing due west from townhouse #2 you see the backside of townhouse #1. Full ocean views are available from the corner windows in the SW and NW. Because the sun sets in the west and can very hot here in summer, the developer obviously chose not to have windows on the west side to take advantage of the stunning views. However, as mentioned, the views from the NW and SW windows are quite stunning. Along the north side of the townhouse is a balcony. Again full views of the ocean. The entry door is in the north but facing NW. Further forms.......to the north is a 3 storey apartment block which the balcony faces. Again, as mentioned, full ocean views are available from every part of this balcony. To the south, a two storey apartment block, to the east a 3 storey home, to the west townhouse #1 and then directly in front of townhouse #1 the Indian Ocean. A common driveway runs along the side of the three townhouses from west to east. The street address is that of a busy coastal highway running north - south. The question.........what is the facing ? Is it west or north ? I have constructed two flying star charts for the building but find the charts not definitive enough. The family and the two children have enjoyed good career and financial success since moving here, a modest win in the lotto as well. Over to you.........Cecil ??? Kind regards Glyn
  11. glyn

    Period 8

    Thank you for your response Cecil. I actually had been thinking of using still water in a large urn to weaken the metal. I do take your point however about it strengthening the wood. I shall try fire. I will be using a red mat plus many red candles in the upstairs northern sector where 737 resides. . Should look most attractive. Of course caution will need to be taken when the monthly #2 and #5 visit. Now when do you feel the fire element can be introduced, now as the #7 is weakening or from February 2004 ? Kind regards Glyn
  12. glyn

    Period 8

    Dear Cecil Star #7 will revert to its evil nature come period 8. Apart from making sure there is no moving water where water star #7 resides and no mountain where mountain star #7 resides, what in your opinion is the safest method to weaken its evil effects come 2004. I have 737 at the facing, both stars being supported by forms. Thank you Glyn
  13. Cecil, I must say I thoroughly enjoy your caricatures. They are straight to the point and in many cases very amusing. Keep them coming ! Glyn
  14. That is fantastic Cecil. Did it have anything to do with the planetary line up which occurred on Friday ? It was supposed to be the end of the world according to some.....but we are still here..funny that !!!!! Is it the same month each year that the tide is the lowest or does it depend on certain factors ? Glyn
  15. Hi Cecil and list members Given this particular topic, I would like to share with you an incident that took place in December last year. My cousin purchased a new house and as he was living in the country at the time asked me to attend settlement..(.when the keys are handed to the new owner) and to check the FS of the house. This I did and the Lopan I noticed would not settle. My young son was with me at the time and wanted to know what on earth was happening. We had not encountered this before. The house was dark and we sensed something awful had happened here. We could not get out of there fast enough. Anyway, I went home and did a Flying Star Chart of the house. In the NE sector the stars were 4 3 2 which represent "violent incident involving a woman" and "Malicious sexual entanglement involving a woman ". It is a period 5 house. Being a very curious person, I made several enquiries to the relevant authorities and found out that a woman was raped in this house several years ago. She was not killed. So, the NE, a dark or yin house and a Lopan needle that would not settle. All very interesting.The horrid energy of that incident was still in the house. My cousin has moved in, renovated the house, FS cures in place, and to this date, nothing untoward has happened to him. Cheers Glyn
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