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  1. Hi Master, I am helping my buyer to source for a landed house with his ideal land form of FS, he listed the main criteria that must have LDRT (left dragon white tiger 左青龙右白虎,前朱雀后玄武)Where the the dragon must be higher than the tiger, and there must be a ming tang 明堂 in front and kao shan 靠山 at the back. I would like to know: 1. Must it be a slope/ hilly road? must it be the ground that is higher or it can be a taller building at the left hand side also count? 2. when it comes to bright hall (朱雀),can it be the foyer in front of the main door or must be the land opposite th
  2. Hi Master, I'm living in a HDB TOP in 1997, my block main entrance facing direct E, same as my living room window look out, but my main door look out is W, so my flat is consider sitting W facing E? Doest it mean if possible, I should move house since the period has change to 9 since last year? My luck has be worse ever since I move in from 2012 anyway, it has not bring me wealth and harmony in relationship.
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