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  1. Thank you Master Cecil! All the best! If I need further professional help, can I contact you via whatsapp? Have a great day ahead!
  2. Good Morning Master Cecil! Thank you for your response and happy I was able to convey the right message this time! Nearby properties are also farm such as crops and fighting cocks. See attached: Do you have any concern on the frontage since the opening is quite narrow due to the river being partly inside the lot? Where is the best spot to build a farm house in this property? Thank you again Master! Overwhelmed by your response!
  3. Hi Master Cecil, Trying my best here, hopefully this time there is a head and a tail:) We are planning to buy a 2 hectares land overseas but the land shape is as attached. I have indicated the road and the frontage. The right side is still a part of the lot (it was divided by the newly contructed public road) There is also a river at the side of the property flowing through until the other part intersecting at the frontage area. It is an empty land with fruit bearing trees and vegetables, no structure as of yet. Hope this is more understandable! Thank you again!
  4. Hi Cecil, Thank you for your response! This is just 1 whole lot separated by the road. There is a small live river near the frontage which I also highlighted in the lot plan. Apologies as I am new to this community, please help me to advise what crucial information is needed. Again thank you and more power!
  5. Apologies! did not realize that! how about this one?
  6. Hi! We are planning to buy a land, the shape is irregular and wanted to know whether there will be an issue? thank you in advance for your response!
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