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  1. Dear Master, I'm currently renting a condo which is on the slope of Loyang valley. To get to the main door of my unit, one has to first climb up a flight of about 6 steps and down 2 flights of stairs (13 steps followed by about 4 steps). The long stairs leads straight to the main door. Main door faces the stairs coming down. It faces Northwest (looking out). Inside the unit, the main door opens directly to an open terrace which is the back of the house. This terrace (looking out) faces SE 127'. This terrace leads to the back garden and onwards to the rest of the valley (pool and other units). So the whole condo is built in a circle, around the side of the valley. The access to my unit is as described: from the main road/car park, one flight of stairs up first, and then 2 flights straight down to the front door. There are 2 units sharing this stairs. However, my unit faces directly the stairs coming down. Also, I've a pot of 25-year old lotus plant. I understand I have to place it on the left side of the front door to ensure fidelity. However, there is no space. Can I place it on the back terrace? And if so, which area should I place it? Please advise on how to manage the various the feng shui issues. From my very limited knowledge, I've indicated some issues here. Issue #1: long stairs going down to main door Issue #2: no space to place pot of lotus plant on the left side of the door or anywhere, except at the top of the stairs which leads to my unit and the unit next to mine. Can I place it at the back terrace instead? Issue #3: Main door opens straight to back terrace, which leads to garden, and pool beyond. Thank you.
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