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  1. Dear Robert, what do you think about a house facing 160? degrees fire, south. S 2 3 7 7 9 5 6 2 4 E 1 4 3 2 5 9 W 5 7 9 6 8 8 6 4 1 1 3 8 N The double seven give wealth and health to the occupants during this period? and what happen in the next period (eight)did this house lost the good wealth and health?. Your Friend Waldo Cervantes *La amistad...es una lluvia de flores preciosas* Poes?a N?huatl
  2. Dear Robert, The center of my chart is: Base star is 6 Mountain star is 5 Water star is 7 Yearly is 1 Thank you again in advance. Yours Waldo cervantes
  3. Dear Robert And Cecil, I have a question for you, about the best way to take the read of a house. In your site your proposal is from the center of the house, read compass to the main entrance. Others Masters say look the facing of the house, (where the building is most larger)not necessary the main entrance. Other say, the front is where the most light in to the building. What is your opinion in this important topic. Your friend Waldo cervantes *La amistad...es un lluvia de flores preciosas. Poes?a N?huatl
  4. Dear Robert, first sorry for my delay answer, because I traveled to Buenos Aires, now i back, My house is: 6th period Wd3/Hn3 335? S/F Quadrant XuanKong Center (5, 7 - 6 yearly 1) In the center I have the dinning room. F NW (6, 6 - 7, yearly 2) here is the room of my youngest son. N (1, 2 - 2, yearly 6) here is the main entrance. part of a Bedroom NE (8, 4 - 9, yearly 4) The games room, guest, friends, fireplace E (3, 9 - 4, 8) Games room S SE (4, 8 - 5, 9) Kitchen. S (9, 3 - 1, 5) Interior garden, dinning room, and big closet. SW (2, 1 - 3 - 1, 7) Here is the master bedroom. W (7, 5 - 8, 3) Here is my oldest son bedroom. This is a very unfortunate structure: Fu Yin. Star #7 red is imprisoned at the center. Mountain star #1 and water star #2, are in my bedroom. Mountain star #2 and water star #1, are in my main entrance. In the East of my house I can see 2 big volcanos, they are 100 Kms. from my place. (Ixtlaciuatl and popocatepetl one is active, Mexico, City). I buy this house in 1994, I divorced 7 months later, my business begin to have many problems in 1995. I married again 2 years ago, but I am separated from my wife now, and always when we try to come back something happen and we start fighting. The only thing which I can do is put a fountain outside the house in the East, and a mountain (one meter high soil) in the West, outside too. I already put metal in my bedroom (salt water in a jar with 6 metal coins and a 40 cm. piece of brass), and in the main entrance I put some metal too. (in there place already exist a water pond with Koi carps). Can you give me your opinion and the possible cures for this house? Thank you very much in advance. Waldo Cervantes
  5. Dear Friends, I just finished an annalisis of a Xuan kong chart, I will like to receive your feedback about it. House build in 6th period 335? I supoused is a very unfortunate structure. Divorce problems. and pour wealth in this house. what do you think?
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