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  1. Dear Robert, Great job for all the enhancements. Allow me to comment that it will be even more useful if this additional analysis and information is accompanied with easy-to-understand explanation, meaning how do we make use of such information to our advantage, because sometimes I find it hard to "apply" if we do not really understand all the "technical" analysis. Regards, Rose
  2. Dear Robert and Cecil, Interesting analysis on Bill Gates. Actually, what interests me more would be to look at another man who was born on the same day as Bill Gates. Theoretically, this guy could also be as rich and as successful as Bill Gates, right? If anyone knows of such person, please share your views. Best regards, Rose
  3. Irene mentioned that there are 4 power elements in his chart. Which are the deities classified as power elements? Authority and Determination?
  4. More questions for the Chinese coins: Will any so-call Chinese calls that are round, with a square hole at the middle serve the purpose? Or are there special ones? When I tried to look around for the Chinese calls, I found some in the shops that sell Chinese joss-sticks. They cost as cheap as thirty cents. And I was told they are probably faked ones, as the real Chinese coins would probably cost more. Apparently, those coins that I could find are from the Ching Dynasty, as they have the Ching Emperor's names on one of the faces. Please enlighten. I read with interest Robert your cure of the coins. Here in Perth it is not possible to get chinese coins with the hole in the centre in order to put the red ribbon through. What do you suggest as an alternative ? Regards Glyn To reply: mailto:flying-star.1274@forum.geomancy.net To start new topic: mailto:flying-star@forum.geomancy.net To unsubscribe and participate only via Web Forum: 1. Login to http://forum.geomancy.net/~geomancy with your account. 2. Select "Mailing List" from the welcome page. 3. Uncheck the mailing list you wish to unsubcribe, eg. "flying-star". All rights Reserved. Copyright Geomancy-Forum.Com
  5. Dear Robert, There is something I don't understand. Please read below: From: "Robert Lee" Similarly, if this person is a weak Fire, and this main door happens to represent that the office is a water element. Do you think that this is good for a weak Fire? Yes, I would think so and in fact it would give the owner a great boost! Question: As Water destroys Fire and this person happens to be a Weak Fire, what is the reason behind that you mentioned "it would give the owner a great boost", as I would assume the opposite. Rose
  6. Dear Cecil and Robert, What do Competitor deity and Emotional Intelligence deity govern? Competitor sounds negative me. I have two of each of these deities. Is that bad? How about Friend deity? I have no Friend deity. Again, is that bad? For the new Symbolic Stars, is it very hard to encounter them? I don't find any of the Symbolic Stars at all in any of my 10-year luck pillar. In the yearly analysis, the first time I encounter any is at age 53! Thanks and best regards, Rose
  7. Dear Cecil, What would you classify 1. Glass products (Earth? because of Silicon) 2. Genuine Leather products 3. Artificial Leather products Rose
  8. Dear Robert, The test data for 1. Strong Earth vs Weak Fire 1st Person: 12 May 1973 2nd Person: 20 Apr 1975 Result: Weak Fire destroys Strong Earth Result makes sense when reverse the order of the 1st and 2nd person. 2a.Strong Metal vs Strong Earth 1st Person: 16 Nov 1972 2nd Person: 12 May 1973 Result: Strong Earth destroys Strong Metal 2b.Strong Earth vs Strong Metal (reversed) 1st Person: 12 May 1973 2nd Person: 16 Nov 1972 Result: Strong Metal exhaust Strong Earth, and need Metal and Water Hope this helps you to debug. Rose
  9. Dear Robert, I have been trying out the beta version, trying to analyze how different elements interact. Here are some that I don't understand why: 1. Comparing Weak Fire vs Strong Earth The result is Weak Fire destroys Strong Earth. Why so? 2. Comparing Strong Metal and Strong Earth The result is Strong Metal exhaust Strong Earth, need Metal and Water to improve relationship. I supposed the Water is to exhaust the Metal. Why do we still need more Metal? Best regards, Rose
  10. Under which element should we classified plastic products? Or the only way is through their shapes and colours? Thanks.
  11. Dear Cecil & Robert, I am also reading the same book by Lillian. There is something that really troubled me: She emphasized in her book (pg. 112) that the correct way to analyze the interactions of the stars is to examine the relationship of "each of the secondary star numerals with the main numerals first" before examining the relationship of the "secondary stars with each other." Is that right? Thank you and best regards, Rose
  12. What are the Main/Unexpected Funds deities for? How different are they from Main/Unexpected Wealth deities? Thanks, Rose
  13. inauspicious so the priority is to reduce all inauspicious influence. Where did you obtain this information? ------> Source of Info: pg 62 of Lillian Too's Flying Star Feng Shui. I believe she was concentrating on only the base 2 mountain 3 combination. Isn't thar dangerous to analyze the situation only partially? What so contradictory about it? Water destroy Fire, but Fire destroy Metal. ------> What I meant by contradictory refers to the different cure proposed by Theory 1 (Use Fire) and Theory 2 (Use Water). Here again, the source of theory 2 comes from pg. 62 of LT's Flying Star Feng Shui (similar here, as she was concentrating on the base 2 water 3 combination) ------> There are very limited books I could find on Flying Star. I've got two, both from LT: Chinese Numerology and Flying Star Feng Shui. After reading them, there are several confusing aspects that troubled me, as they either appear incorrect or do not make much sense to me (like those questions I have posted to your forum in previous mails). Thank you so much for indulging my many questions. Best regards, Rose
  14. Dear Cecil & Robert, I am confused about something, as my knowledge on Flying Star is limited. For the natal chart of NW3 of period 3, there are two bad sectors identified: a. North: base 3, mountain 2, water 4 Theory 1: Look at the mountain & water stars 2(strong earth), 4(weak wood) earth is controlled by wood, so need METAL to control the wood Theory 2: Consider the 2/3 combo of mountain and base stars 2(strong earth), 3(strong wood) Cure by placing a large urn of water here Questions: Theory 1: don't we need to consider the weak wood is too weak to control the strong earth? Theory 2: why water? water enhances wood that can then continue to destroy earth? b. South: base 2, mountain 1, water 3 Theory 1: 1(weak water), 3(strong wood) Need FIRE to weaken wood Theory 2: consider the 2/3 combo and can be controlled by large presence of water Questions: FIRE and WATER seem contradictory. Which is the right one? Is there any precedence among Mountain vs Water stars Mountain vs Base stars Water vs Base stars?
  15. Dear Cecil, Yes, I understand what the "birth chart" of a house is about. My questions were directed more towards houses built in the next period. For these houses, the reigning number used is then #8. So, does #8 continue to mean Future Prosperity in those charts? or should it mean Current Prosperity instead at that time? In short, I was asking do the numerals have different meanings for birth charts of different periods? e.g. Does #7 always mean Current Prosperity for all houses built/renovated in all periods? I apologize if my questions seems confusing. Actually, the more I read, the more I myself become confused, as sometimes I find so many different answers to the same questions :( (Different masters teach their students differently I think) And it is hard to judge which is the correct one. Thank you and best regards.
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