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  1. Hi Master Cecil, I'm a bit confused. Which is more serious? Kitchen in SW or in NW? "It is also a pity that the kitchen IF especially the stove or toilet bowl is at SW sector. If possible, SW sector could be a bedroom. As a kitchen can also drown the "indirect wealth " of the apartment. Especially also if it is at storeroom." "5. As most kitchen are at the "back" of the apartment; please take note that especially SW and SE apartments: Best to avoid the Kitchen especially the stove at NW : Fire at heaven's gate which usually has a detrimental effect on the male breadwinner's career - and with that can trigger off marital issues." When the block is NE facing, the kitchen is in SW sector. When the block is SW facing, the kitchen is neither in SW or NW sector. Kenny
  2. Hi Master Cecil, I have done some drawing based on your advice. For Sky Ville, if one wants to choose SW facing, the kitchen is in the NE sector of the house. If one wants to choose NE facing, the kitchen is in the SW sector of the house. Can I safely say both are safe since the kitchen is not in NW sector of the house? For Sky Terrace, if it is SW facing, the kitchen is in NE sector and if it is NE facing, the kitchen is in SW sector. So I guess Sky Terrace is pretty safe since the kitchen is not in the NW sector. I have also further narrow it down by using the auspicious house number free report. I remember you have shared with me before the front door of the house is very important to the breadwinner. Does it mean based on the layout, I still have to further narrow it down to more specific unit whereby the front door is more suitable for the breadwinner of the house? My best direction is N,S and SE. So I guess I have to look for a door that is these direction? Hope I am not asking too much. Kenny
  3. Hi Master Cecil, Do you think Skyville has a better SW facing? http://www.hdb.gov.sg/hdbvsf/eampu12p.nsf/0/09DECBTOQT1_page/$file/09DECBTOQT1_map.htm?open&ft=bto Kenny
  4. Hi Master Cecil, For this Dawson BTO case, Is it possible for me to engage your professional service (House Hunting: Can or Cannot Buy?) Kenny
  5. Hi Master Cecil, I think my question should be since the BTO flat is not built yet, how can one seek your advice to determine which block, which unit and which design is the most suitable for the entire family? Or perhaps, do you have such professional service for us to engage? Kenny
  6. Hi Master Cecil, I have one more question. For this BTO case, the house is not built yet. How can I engage your professional service to determine whether can buy or cannot buy? Kenny
  7. Hi Master Cecil, Based on your observation, that means for Sky Terrace, blk 89 unit 02 & 04, blk 90 unit 10 & 12, blk 91 unit 18 & 20, blk 92 untit 30 & 32 will be a better choice since the main windows or living room are facing Margaret Drive, which is North facing? Another question, how do we actually select the so-called right unit for everybody in the household? For example, in my current house, you had mentioned one of the rooms were not suitable for sleeping and thus, we use it as a wardrobe. How can we avoid that when we select a HDB flat? Especially a BTO? Regards, Kenny
  8. Hi Master Cecil, Frankly speaking, I'm just thinking to apply or not. My current flat was FS by you and everything has been fine for us. In fact, I must say there were a lot of positive development in my wife and my career. Right now, we have a little one running in the house and we realized our current 3 room is no longer big enough to accommodate all of us. I'm just simply afraid of getting these new flats with bad design. May I know what is your advice on this? Regards, Kenny
  9. Hi Master Cecil Lee, HDB has just launched 2 BTO at Dawson road and I was checking the typical floor plans for the 2 sites. I realize that the main toilet is either in the centre or very near to the centre of the house. I remember I read somewhere that toilet in the centre of the house is bad fengshui. Do you have any advice for any would-be buyers for this flat? I have the intention to apply but seeing the floor plan gives me a 2nd thought about it. Here are the URLs: http://www101.hdb.gov.sg/hdbvsf/eampu12p.nsf/0/09DECBTOQT1_page/$file/09DECBTOQT1_map.htm?open&ft=bto http://www101.hdb.gov.sg/hdbvsf/eampu12p.nsf/0/09DECBTOQT2_page/$file/09DECBTOQT2_map.htm?open&ft=bto Kenny
  10. dear master cecil, just wonder. after burning the charcoal in the stove, where do we keep it in the house thanks Kenny
  11. Hi master cecil, sorry that i had forgotten to tell u. we bought blk 130. it is a 3 room flat. Kenny
  12. dear master cecil, after many months of house hunting, at last, my girlfriend and I had found a flat that is only two blocks away from where she is currently staying now. can you comment on the shape and form FS in this area. it seems that this place is in quite high demand. does it got to do with the shape and form FS in this area? we bought the centre corridor unit on the 17th floor, which is facing blk 125. http://www.streetdirectory.com.sg/map.jsp?x=27013.6000&y=29694.8000&postal=150130&level=7&star=&heading=130+BUKIT+MERAH+VIEW%2C+HDB+HENDERSON+HILL+%28150130%29&building=HDB%20HENDERSON%20HILL&res= your comment in this area will definitely benefit many of us here. will be contacting you soon too on-site consultation cheers Kenny
  13. dear cecil, please take your time to reply section by section because i guess, a lot of us can learn from it. for those buildings that you had mentioned, their shape is pretty clear cut as related to FS. This is because they are either tall and thin(wood) or like rocket(fire). they do not have funny shape like those of HDB flats. for example, the primary school that you mentioned that has a shape of a gun, i think it needs a FS eye to see it. or else, we won't have notice it and will not have understood how it has affected the couple. i think when it comes to shapes and form FS, it really needs a well-trained FS eyes to see it. wouldn't you agree? 8-) Kenny
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