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  1. Hi Master Robert, thank you for your explanation .. 1.. i'm living on the 16-level 2.. have no balcony, living room windows are from wall-to-wall (3m- wide), thus i think it doesmake sense to refer that as the 'facing' 3.. but beside the living room, is the bedroom 1, then bedroom 2 which both bedrooms also have the same windows facing as the living room and also almost the same width .. do i need to take that into consideration? 4.. possible to re-generate my PAID report? how much would it be to re-generate? if not convenient, kindly email to me .. thanks 5.. if the new facing is 'worst' off than the current report .. should i use the current facing instead?
  2. Hi Master Cecil, have generated the online report years back basing on the actual "main door" .. but recently when i read thru the forum, you mentioned that if the actual main door is not open most of the time, we could use the windows as the "main door" ..now i'm confused .. how do i determine which to use?or can i 'chose'? do i need to do something to 'signify' that the windows is my "main door"? appreciate you advise .. thanks
  3. Hi Cecil, i'm planning to buy a new car .. the car dealer is 'pushing' me to close the sale ASAP, saying that it is not good to buy car during lunar seven month! is that so? any specific things to take note of? appreciate your advise.
  4. Hi Cecil, Would appreciate your advise on how to know if certain date is auspicious to you or not? If I do know my personal element, which other element do I need to know?? the HS/EB for the year, month & day?? If a particular day is auspicious to me, is the a different to what kind of "auspicious" will it bring to me...a day that brings me luck for business , or a day good for exams or ...?? Please advise
  5. Hi Cecil, Hope I've given you the right info that you have asked. (1) Final Analysis Your Birth Element is the Earth element. You were born in the Winter season, when your Earth element was Weakest. You have an additional 3 Earth Element to supplement your Main Element. You have 1 Fire Element that help your Main Element to grow. You have 2 Wood Element that destroy your Main Element. You do not have any Water Element. Therefore, your Birth Element is a Strong Earth. (2) Big Luck (10-year) / Seasonal Luck This period falls under the Spring season. Favouring West directional luck period, which happens to be the Metal element. As you are a Strong Earth, this is auspicious for you as it helps to weaken your main element Earth. Thanks Warmest Regards.
  6. Hi Cecil, I'm planning to buy a car, but the color of the car is maroon. As from the pillar report that I've purchase, maroon/red is not one of my auspicious color, but as it is a used car, I don't have a choice on the color. Is it okay to ignore the color? Please advise. Thanks & Regards
  7. Hi Cecil, Please find attached the picture for your advise.
  8. Hi Cecil, Would appreciate your advise on my office table with my back facing the windows. In fact it is a big piece of glass without frame throughout the office. From the window view I can see the sea. The view is said to be very nice, but is is inauspicious with my back facing it? Any remedy? Thanks Regards.
  9. Hi Cecil, I read some articles from a fengshui shop somewhere near Sim Lim, that ancestor's tablet are not suppose to be placed together with any deities, at the same altar. Is that so? and it said that it can only be placed in the kitchen,where in the past, that's where the backdoor is. Any advise? Thanks Warmest Regards
  10. Hi Cecil, Is there any issue on mounting a fan on the wall beside the windows and above my fish tank ? Since there are some "rules" on the placement of clocks, so just to be sure that its okay to place my fan there. Thanks Warmest Regards
  11. Dear Cecil, Would appreciate your advise on the above. As you have mentioned, water fountains are used to "generate" beneficial "chi", how? The flow of the water? or the sound of the water? What about a fish tank with a "overhead filter"? water is flowing from the "overhead" filter back into the tank, and it does have the sound of flowing water? What would be a good flying star location to place a fish tank? I'm a strong earth person. Thanks Warmest Regards.
  12. Hi Cecil & Robert, As per advise that if there is a M-7, W-7, B-3 star in my study room, it will be better to activate the mountain star. But if there is a fish tank at that location (hobby)can I still able to activate the mountain star? To activate the mountain star, is to use a "earth" element paper weight or "big" object, but how do I place the object? on the floor, on the wall or??? I can also hang a painting of ?? calligraphy ??or picture will be better? what size? Pls advise Thanks Regards Gong Xi Fa Cai
  13. Dear Cecil, Does that implies if I've a auspicious location at a different area as compared to the main door, I can change the facing of the house by putting the house number at that location. (e.g. #7#7 is found facing North, and main door facing SE, by placing the house number at the North, which is the windows of a study room, I can do a flying star analysis base on north as my facing? Dear Anon, This is the general belief amongst some Feng Shui Masters that the door with the house number on it is the main entrance door. Although, some of these Masters did not mention that placing the unit number at another location can change the `main entrance door'. This is implied by them. Here, symbolism is important to Feng Shui: where the unit number `shows' that it is a main door. In my opinion, I would recommend the placement of the unit number for such purpose. Warmest Regards, Cecil
  14. Hi Robert, Cecil, With regards to the facing of a house, I read somewhere that by putting the unit number of the house to another location (e.g. Windows or another door) you are changing the facing direction of your house. Is it true? Any reason for this? Thanks Regards
  15. Hi Cecil & Robert, Can I activate a water star in a room with a fish tank? I happen to place my fish tank just beside my room's windows and that sector also happen to be a B-2, M-7, W-7. The fish tank have been there for more than a year,and I have a water pump that pumps the water from the tank up to a filter box, then back into the tank, which create a "water flow" like a water fountain. I'm a strong earth person. I know you would normally advise to activate the mountain star than the water star, but since I have already got a fish tank there for sometime is it possible to utilise it? Can I also place a picture of a mountain beside the fish tank to activate the mountain star too? Please advise. Thanks. Regards.
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