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  1. Many thanks for your advice on my various queries. The further information you asked for is as follows: The cherry tree is about 5 metres in front of the front door and is quite small - only about 2-3 inches in diameter on the tree trunk. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. 1. I have a small cherry tree which is directly in front of the main front door. I understand this blocks the chi from entering the house. Have you any suggestions of a cure to this? 2. I also have a fish tank against the south wall of the house - does this clash with the fire element? 3. my bedroom door faces the bathroom door, and the living room door faces the kitchen door. What can I do to cure the fengshui? many thanks
  3. My front door faces between south/southeast but I am a northeast person. My northeast spook/disaster line runs through the front door; and in general, all the bad locations for the house as a south/southeast facing house clashes with the good locations of my personal northeast house and vice versa. what can I do to cure this? Please advise specifically also as to how I could cure the fact that my spook/disaster line runs through the front door. many thanks
  4. From Lilian Too's Feng Shui Book, I appear to be a SW house person - female, born July 1966 whereas from your webpage, I am north east house person. Which one am I?
  5. My house has a flat roof. It is very slightly sloping to the front and back to allow rainwater drainage but it is normally described as a flat roof. Are there any cures for this as I have just read that flat roofs are not desirable and not considered good fengshui. Also, my front door faces the back door with the door of the garden room in the middle i.e. 3 doors in a row, and also front door faces back door in a straight line. Any cures for this? Many thanks for your help.
  6. I have read your webpage on the 8-house theory but am still uncertain as to how it is actually applied. E.g. If I am a SW person but live in a South facing House, by superimposing the template for a SW house onto the layout of the South house as directed by your webpage, where does one go from there? how do you deal with the readings? does the good and bad locations of the house itself take precedence? In particular, if the irritation line of the South house is also say the prosperity line for the breadwinner living in the house, do you regard the sector as an irritation sector or regard it as one's properity sector and activate it accordingly? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  7. What I am slightly befuddled about is how to assess the direction of the main front door. The Eight houses webpage says "the direction which the main door FACES" whereas other pages tell you to determine the direction of the main door standing from the centre of the house and draw a line to the middle of the front door, which can give two different directions altogether. I am thinking of installing a new front door which will face NOrthWest in addition to the current front door faces NorthEast - does that change the entire orientation of good and bad location of the house? In any event, my masterbedroom is in the southeast part of the house which is the irritation/spook/death/etc line. What is your advice?
  8. I live in a basement flat where the front door is actually beneath the steps which lead to the flat above me on the ground floor. The front door faces North whereas I am a NorthEast person. By my assessment, the death line runs through the front door. The house faces a road straight ahead of it and it also has a huge tree right outside in front of the house. I realise that there is very strong shar chi from the straight road and that a tree in front of the house blocks the flow of chi flowing into the house. Question is whether the tree blocks the shar chi from the straight road or whether it is double whammy having the shar chi from the road and the big tree as well? Is there anything I can do to remedy the bad fengshui situation other then the drastic measure of moving out? (p/s: the tree is very big and old and has a tree preservation order on it so it is not an alternative to chop down the tree). Another question is that as it is a basement flat, the living room window looks out unto a half wall which is where the front garden is. The back of the flat also looks onto a half wall. I appreciate that it is good for the house to back unto a wall but what is the remedy for the front window looking unto the half wall? I am very unhappy now that I learn of the bad fengshui of my house. Please advise urgently. Many thanks
  9. Attached is a drawing done in Word 97 for Win95. I hope that assists. Thank you for taking time to consider my problem. I look forward to your advice.
  10. The house I live in is rectangular in shape, a 3 storey house with an an integral garage built into the ground floor of the house. There is only a back garden room on the ground floor. I am experiencing difficulties in determining where the centre of the house is as the garage takes up most of the ground floor and leaves an "L" shape and the front door is at the end of the corridor is where the long arm of the "L" is and the garden room is at the back on the shorter arm of the "L". If I divide the "L" into two parts, one part where the corridor is, from here, the front door is facing North East. If I stand in the middle of the garden room at the back, the front door is almost north facing. So what direction is my front door facing? Many thanks
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